#762 A Single Arbiter of Change is Enough

Written by Jan Ketchel with a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.


Here is the message I channeled from Jeanne before the sun came up interspersed with photos from this morning’s walk about an hour later. The sun was just rising, the mist gradually burning off. Nature accompanied with birdsong and the crowing of the neighbor’s roosters, while animals scurried away into the tall grasses and woods alongside the road. Life was in full swing already, death as well, the stench of something rotting in the woods as powerfully strong as the potent fragrance of wild roses. Nature does indeed show us what we need to learn, as Jeanne suggests in her message today. Here is what she says:

The rams paused to say hello

Look now again more closely at nature, for it holds the signs and guidance you need to progress in a new direction. It is time now to get serious about change and about the self as the arbiter of change. Be a changing being in both the world and within the self. You are all fully capable of making an impact on how things go from here on out.

You must hold yourself accountable—not with harsh discipline, but with thoughtful action and deep knowing of what is right. Only in finding out what nature needs and expects from man will things begin to change. Use nature as your guide as far as what is right.

Death too showed itself today

When I speak of doing things in a right manner, I speak of humble man accepting his place in all of life, in all of nature, part of the balance. The balance is out of whack, as you well know, and this is due to man’s interceptions in the natural laws of nature. The natural process has become contaminated with man’s greed, overuse, and disregard of nature. It is not about returning to nature but about shifting to alignment with nature by shifting into greater understanding of the place that man must take. Rather than determine outcome man must now sit back and study more deeply the process that nature shows each day. This is how man will learn how to be one with nature, under the guidance of nature, the most important teacher of all time.

Even the horse moving its tail creates a ripple effect

The thing that most people do not know how to do, once they observe and learn their lessons, is assimilating all that they do indeed understand, for the rest of the world may seem so far off, so out of balance in contrast. It may not feel like it is enough to be one single arbiter of change alone on a mission, but it is indeed enough. With consistent and persistent adherence to new rules of conduct one single human being has the potential to change the world. In constantly correcting the self to get in better alignment with nature, so will other things follow suit and change will eventually happen. By the ripple effect alone one person can impact many and many can impact far more, and so on.

The arbiter of change in alignment

Do not lose faith in the power of the energetic self, in the power of intent, and in the power of right action, for all things require these properties in alignment in order for survival. They exist and impact all of life, often without awareness on your part, but today I stress that it is time to bring in and utilize awareness as a catalyst of change.

Remain aware of the self at all times in the world—stay in balance—and if you forget, just return to balance as soon as you can. You are one with nature; remember that.

Thank you Jeanne!
Most humbly offered,

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