A Day in a Life: A Blip in the Universe

In the middle of the night I woke up and my thoughts went to what I would write about today in this blog. I fell back to sleep and dreamt that I was writing fluidly and flowingly. The words “write like a shaman” were spoken in a voiceover throughout the dream. When I woke up I remembered the dream but could not remember any specifics nor come up with a theme for today’s blog. Usually, I just sit at my computer and the words flow, but today that was just not happening, unlike my dream.

Then something unusual happened. I’d been sitting here for about an hour struggling with several ideas and had just gotten something down that made some sense when a blip in the universe caused my screen to go blank and, not having saved my draft, I lost everything I had written. Now, as I sit here even more frustrated and quite deflated, that dream comes back to me and I wonder again what it was that I had written in the night that flowed so easily and what I am supposed to learn from the two worlds I am encountering, the dream world and this present reality.

I’ve been feeling scattered lately, not quite my grounded self, the outer world taking my attention. Even as I sit here now and write I keep glancing outside. We are expecting yet another snowstorm in the Northeast and to tell you the truth I’m getting pretty tired of it. Yes, the ice-coated trees do glitter fantastically in the sunlight, but I’m getting tired of shoveling and I’m really looking forward to spring.

On Monday, in the channeled message, Jeanne mentioned that we must not take things too personally and yet that we must reflect on what we are personally being shown as we navigate through our lives. Today, I personally feel that I have been humbled before the power of the universe and nature. It can so easily take over, taking away what I had struggled so hard to write, letting me know that I’m just not that important. The pending snow doesn’t care that I’m tired of shoveling or that I’m cold. That’s just the way it is.

The seers of ancient Mexico would totally agree with the universe and nature. We are nothing and yet we are here, part of the universe, part of nature, as Jeanne also mentioned in her message. So, today I acquiesce to nature. I turn this blog over to the blip in the universe and sign off to ponder just what it is that I am being shown.

May the rest of the day unfold differently now, as I give a nod to the energy that pushes us to change—or not—it doesn’t really matter, because I have already acquiesced. What comes will come and I accept it!

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2 thoughts on “A Day in a Life: A Blip in the Universe”

  1. It’s early Thursday afternoon as I write this and I just came in from shoveling snow.. again! I hadn’t read your blog yesterday, as I normally would do, so as I sat to rest just now, I finally did so. I had to laugh while reading it since my recent experiences, though not exactly similar to any remarkable degree – except for feeling exasperation at the relentless snow and cold we’ve been having – did bring me a lesson that struck me as similar in the most important way… As I was shoveling the snow this morning I pondered the realization that so often my dreams seem to reflect a sense of confusion and struggle. At first the thought of this disturbed me, making me feel as though I’m hopelessly stuck and not progressing forward as I would like to think I am. But then, as every so often occurs, I remembered one of the first books I encountered in your waiting room as I waited to see Chuck. It made a very deep impression for just one special reason. It’s called “Learning to Love Yourself” by Gay Hendricks and in it he talks about learning to love yourself totally and unconditionally. What impressed me so much was the idea that we should love even the most negative things about ourselves. Love our self for them, with compassion, understanding and appreciation – not elevating them unduly, but loving them for the promise of further awareness perhaps yet to come that they hold, as well as simply being a precious gift, the raw experience of human life we have been given. Love yourself for being sad, for hating, for being confused, for being lazy, for hurting someone. We have been given these experiences too to learn from and cherish. If we can learn compassion for ourselves in these circumstances we find that extending that compassion to others is automatic and requires no effort. This is true forgiveness. We can not truly give others what we do not possess ourselves. So yes, I am confused, but if I can love myself for being confused, for being insecure, for failing to be wise and “evolved”, for having a “dark side”, then there is just that much more love I’ve found within me, and that is never a bad thing! I would even go so far as to say that it brings balance, the kind of balance that the ballerina in “The Black Swan” was so much in need of. The ability to love and embrace both what we see as our failures and shortcomings as well as successes and strengths. If I may quote Jeannie, “Suspend judgment”, “Everything is meaningful”! – Thank you Jan, for sharing your life with us with such honesty and love.

  2. Dear Tom,

    Thank you for your most thoughtful and interesting comment—I am deeply touched. It’s quite amazing the things that occur to us, especially as we shovel snow! If we can bear the tension of the task and turn it into a meditative process, as you have so successfully done, we come to some remarkable insights. For those who are not having the benefit of all this snow to send them into altered states, as Tom points out the mantras from Jeanne may be just the thing to get you there! Thank you for reminding me to laugh at myself a little more and love myself a little more too!

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