Chuck’s Place: There Are No Advantages or Disadvantages

From the perspective of the seers of ancient Mexico, we are all equal. Regardless of wealth, status, privilege, health, genes, family; we all face the same ultimate adversary: DEATH! Seers choose to face this truth directly; hence, they focus all their energy on preparing for this inevitable encounter.

The seers teach gazing at and breathing in the sun’s powerful rays, while protectively shielding the eyes from direct contact with the sun, to become energized. Similarly, yogis teach breathing in prana, vital energy from the sun for the same reason. Wherever we are, on a beach in Tahiti or a prison cell at Attica, the sun shines equally upon us all. We can choose to be present and soak in the sun’s energy.

In this moment, pause, look for the light. Is it refracted on a wall or perhaps emanating from a bare lightbulb? Focus on it; soften your gaze, and breath in the energy of the light. No light? Visualize the sun in your imagination and breathe in its energy. There are no advantages or disadvantages.

We might pine to live in a different home, with different people, in a quieter place. Yet, if we find our home on a sidewalk square on the streets of Calcutta, with no other option, we are afforded equal opportunity to focus our awareness on releasing our abdomen and breathing in deeply the prana in the air that surrounds us.

As I sit and write, my senses are assaulted by loud vibrating machines interspersed with thundering hammers. “More good news to break up my meditation?” states an old reggae song, or are these noises promptings to lose my self-importance—it’s not about me. Why spend my vital energy on resistance and resentment? No matter what environment you find yourself in at this moment there is likely something that feels offensive. Do we attach to feeling offended, disempowered and resentful, or do we liberate ourselves by storing our energy and learning to go with the flow?

Our Western world is measured by progress. Where am I in relation to my ideal job, educational goals, financial dreams, family plan? Of course, it makes sense to immerse ourselves in all these goals, but we do well to realize that it’s all really just playing house. In the final analysis, it’s not about how well we’ve lived or loved, it’s how prepared we are for our ultimate encounter with death.

The seers suggest that we indeed immerse ourselves fully in our chosen lives—to be impeccable in fully living them. They call this the Art of Stalking. For them, stalking is the acknowledgment that you can be fully present and alive in your life, in fact, any life, but at any moment that life will completely dissolve, and it’s on to the next adventure.

Are we prepared to open up to this adventure, or do we cling stubbornly to this world demanding to reincarnate? Stalking means living fully, impeccably, yet with no illusion of permanence. To forget that we are all mere stalkers of lives upon this earth, to attach to the notion of creating something lasting, is to take the eye off the ball of our true destiny: one of inevitable, complete, and total change.

Fulfillment, in this life, is about fully opening to experiencing all that we fear in the lives we have chosen to stalk. This might mean to face and depotentiate our deepest hidden truths; to laugh at ourselves; to drop our protective shields and open fully to deep love, to sexual ecstasy, to deep pain and sorrow; to full breath; to energetic life beyond the body; to utter calm. These are the potentials of human experience that challenge us to become fluid, to let go with abandon, to fully prepare for the final leap beyond death’s door. These experiences are available to everyone.

Remember, there are no advantages or disadvantages. We all face the identical door. We all have our individual appointment with death. We all have, within ourselves and the lives we are in, all that is needed to prepare to successfully move into new life.

Take advantage of your opportunity, available to all, to breathe and take in the energy of the light.

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Until we meet again,

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