#688 Predictions from 2006

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Over the past few days some of Jeanne’s early messages about man’s use and misuse of the earth have been coming to mind as we have watched the antics taking place in the Gulf of Mexico around BP’s almost comical efforts to stop the oil flow. I went back into my journals, to unpublished channeled messages, and found a couple of instances where Jeanne warns of Mother Earth reacting to the greed of mankind. Here are a few excerpts from those messages:

From September 6, 2006 she writes: There are events happening within governments right now that will create havoc and they will be partners in disgrace, and disappointment will be rampant as the plans become realities. In enacting devastation there will be a great loss of life and many will wonder in dazed thought how such a thing could happen. But little will they realize that it is necessary. This is a chilling concept that will be refused. But the truth of the matter is that with great destruction comes great change, both internally and externally, and this is what life on earth now needs. Change is the only motivation at this point.

She goes on to say that human error will cause great harm and loss of life. Then upon such devastation will fall natural consequences, she says, that will further precipitate the changes that will be unbelievable in scope, but in the end will reap rewards. I know this sounds terrible and tragic and to many it will be the final end upon that earth, but for many it will signal definite and final growth, the opposite of final end.

She goes on to say: Even as I send these messages so do I also send messages of hope, for that is how it will be. There will be change and there will, as a result, be further change. It is inevitable.

From September 13, 2006 Jeanne says: Mother Nature revolts… There will be a time of destruction, partly man’s fault, partly instigated by the reaction of the earth to that which man has promulgated upon her surface. This will lead to a calming down of all tensions upon that earth and a forced new world will be in order.

Later in the same channeling she says: There are no accidents. The way things are now going upon that earth are not accidents — this is certain. All is connected.

I end with an excerpt from a message channeled on November 17, 2006: This planet is in an uproar. Do not doubt me on this, for there are now many signs of this, and the destruction that man has created is causing anger and his rule will soon be toppled and he will no longer reside as king upon that earth. For now does Mother Nature seek back her throne from the imposters who do not respect either her or their fellow men.

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