#683 Chuck’s Place: Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh Yes! Sorcerers & Witches & Shamans & Seers!

Words have power. Terms like sorcerers and witches conjure shady if not evil purpose. It was not until his final works that Carlos Castaneda decided to use the term “shaman” to describe his teacher, don Juan. Don Juan himself referred to his lineage as Seers. Seers are men and women of knowledge, who, through their unbending intent and ability to achieve inner silence, are capable of seeing energy as it flows in the universe.

The intent of don Juan and the seers of his lineage is total freedom, freedom to perceive, explore and live in infinity as energetic beings. These seers have no interest in malevolence or power over others. They view those kinds of practices as a fateful waste of energy, energy fixated on self-importance. These seers contend that total freedom requires impeccability and the purest of intent. To claim our full power as energetic beings requires utter sobriety, humility, and balance.

As a young boy, I inadvertently experienced myself as an energetic being when I used intent, through prayer, to have a direct experience of God. This experience was so shattering that I barely escaped total disintegration. There were no religious guidelines for this experience. Once I opened that door to experiencing myself as energy I could not control it, and I was terrified for years by its unexpected visits. I gradually devised ways to survive the onslaughts, but never felt comfortable.

I know, today, that I was led to Carlos Castaneda’s world as a teenager because the seers of don Juan’s lineage had amassed a comprehensive set of practices, through thousands of years of experience, to comfortably manage living as energetic beings, the possible but mostly unexplored essence of our beings, and this was what I needed.

Exploring our energetic essence is, for me, our true evolutionary potential. The world we live in, of solid objects, is in peril because of human being’s fixation upon self-importance with the resulting dominance of greed. Opening to our energetic potential requires a total revamping of our energy, first and foremost a total release of self-importance. The use of petty tyrants in the practice of detachment is a method the seers developed to aid in this process. In the practice of recapitulation we are led to energetic wholeness as we lift the veils and face our inner truth in its entirety, recapturing our dispersed energy. This practice does not allow us to hold on to illusions that result in a life of self-importance and greed.

What I see happening in the world of finance, politics, and religion, under the guise of solution, is actually malevolent sorcery practices, new permutations of greed; new trickery to exploit and gain power over others. Centuries ago, the seers of don Juan’s lineage exposed the limitations of those practices. Their practices have the true intent of total liberation from self-importance and the conjuring illusions, the current fixations, of our world. The survival of our fragile world is wholly dependent upon our evolutionary advance into a world of energy.

To avoid any confusion, to allay any fears, in my future writing I will refer to Carlos Castaneda and the teachers of don Juan’s lineage as seers, whose intent is total freedom, whose gift is knowledge on how to achieve it. But, all must discover this for themselves. Freedom is not an entitlement; it must be earned. It is not about faith. It is not about belief. It is about experience!

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NOTE: Words in italics refer to terms coined by the seers of don Juan’s lineage.

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