#644 Mirrors to Boulders

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Yesterday, in my blog, I wrote about being bored with the mirrors theme. I think it’s a great visual to work projection from but, personally, I want to move onto another part of the inner work process. When you ask us to do our inner work it’s nice to have a variety of visual tools, at least that’s what I think. As I wrote about yesterday, in a dream, Jung presented me with a huge stone, a big gray boulder, and for some reason I don’t find that as boring as a mirror. Do you have some advice or guidance around enacting a shift in our inner work, which is really all that I was desiring?

My Dear One, you asked for a shift and you got a rock! Now that is quite funny! But seriously, in order to do inner work one must accept what comes to guide you and this is what you must remain open and alert to. It is not in the act of peering into the mirror or studying the boulder that you will grow but in taking what you find into your inner world and using it in a new manner that will aid you.

In spite of what is outside of you, all inner work requires an investigation of how you operate both inside and outside. In comparing these two selves you may arrive at what you need to do each day in order to shift in your progress.

I do not mean to bore you by suggesting that a mirror is appropriate to use at all times, but you cannot get away from the fact that mirrors exist whether you like them or not. Your own big boulder is also quite a mirror, for in some manner will you find your self in it, your diligent and curious self to begin with. I have no doubt that you will find your boulder as boring as mirrors after a while, and then what will you need in order to shift?

You see, the shift you desire is for deeper work and, yes, the challenge is to take the next step into a new part of the self, but how will you know where to go if that self is not yet revealed? In her dream, Jan has been shown the next part of herself. But in order to find it she had to be ready, and to ask for it. This is the process I suggest that you all attend to when you are ready to move beyond your current position. Just remember the following two things:

1. You must progress at your own rate.

2. You must learn to read the signs in your own life, for they will arrive to guide you in the most individually pertinent way, for you alone.

Look not for what someone else receives as guidance, but wait patiently for your personally meaningful gift. It will arrive in a most particular way to show you what to do next. And you may not understand it at first, but just wait, eventually you will, and it will hit you over the head with a big AHAAAA!

NOTE: When I had finished with this channeling Chuck decided, since today is his thirty-sixth wedding anniversary with Jeanne, to “pull a card for our anniversary,” as he put it, referring to the satin bag from their wedding day, in which Jeanne had stored many of the cards they had given to each other and received from others over their years together. Hoping to receive a “special” anniversary message from Jeanne, Chuck instead pulled a card with a picture of the Peanuts dog Snoopy on the front, wearing a sad expression, saying, “You’re leaving!” It was a good-bye card from the people Jeanne had worked with at Kenneth Clark’s research foundation as she prepared to go on to grad school. So, I guess, in keeping with Jeanne’s message of today she is giving Chuck just the message that is right for him to receive on this day. She is saying that, once again, she has left to go on to new learning and that you can’t go back to old familiar nostalgic places. It’s not where new life is. And you know what, it is exactly where he himself is; ready to move on to new learning! AHAAAA!

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