#565 Truths are Scrawled Across Your Awareness

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

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Dear Jeanne,
Today I had planned to ask you to continue talking about good and evil as regards what has been happening in America, as our political, social, economical, and spiritual processes are so greatly suffering right now, having come to a head brought on by long held beliefs and long ago made decisions. On the other hand, I also feel inclined to just let you go where you would like today. So, I leave it up to you as we connect. I await your choice of subject for what seems most important for today. Okay?

Yes, thank you. Today the prefix trans- is much in the news, coming from me, but you will also find it repeated much over the next few days, for this is a time of transformation, transfixion, transition, transportation, transmogrification, etc. In many ways, this is another moment of culmination leading to breakthrough, as many of you are finally “getting” what you should be getting about your own life, while at the same time many in the masses are also getting what they must get.

You see, this is a revealing time. Truths, having been previously exposed and subsequently reburied over long periods of time, have been dug up again. As you state, My Dear Jan, and I know this is of great concern for Chuck as well, the truths of America have been kept hidden for decades. This time of culmination, for America, means that the layers of dirt covering these truths are being swept away with greater force now, the power shifting to the exposing rather than the burying team. At first it may not appear this way, for you may say that evil and disregard for the intellect of the masses has far greater control still, but you must also remember that a great awakening has been taking place among the masses and the rumblings of this awakening giant are more than beginning to be felt and heard. Do not doubt the intelligence of this great giant as it comes out of slumber, as it awakens to full consciousness and roars aloud the truths it carries, long buried with it. It is not a dreamer emerging from fantasy land, but the bearer of truths awakening from forced burial, buried alive by those who could not face their own truths.

This time of transformation, now so ready and eager to turn and shift the consciousness of the masses, is taking place all over the world, on individual levels. Many more are choosing to attach to the long buried truth. Many more are accepting their own roles in upholding the lies of their own lives and the lies promulgated by those around them. The hidden is no longer attractive. It is quickly losing its power as truth emerges, more clearly defined than ever.

Now, within each of you, your own truths are being written, scrawled across your awareness, and you cannot deny them. I ask you to pay attention to them and allow them to lead you now, rather than turning your back on them, and walking away, saying: “Later, I’ll attend to you later.” If you attempt to turn away, they will grab you by the arm and pull you around to face them squarely, saying: What are you so afraid of? I am your truth! I belong to you and I have been waiting so long for you. Do not turn away again, for now that I have emerged and am present in your world I will not retreat. You must work with me now, not against me. You must be honest and truthful with your self and transform your life into all that it is meant to be. I have emerged out of the darkness and I am here to stay, present in the light. You cannot hide from me; so please, be brave and unafraid of me. Work with me, for I am you!

This is the message that is reverberating around the world, as truths are emerging, dusting off the dirt and sand and gravel of the years of burial, saying: Look, look at me! I am your truth. This may sound like a frightening encounter but you know, each of you, that it is, truthfully, the only encounter you need right now, and it is not as scary as you might think. If you allow your self to sit down across the table from your truth you will know its rightness in your life, and not only its rightness, but the fact that it is going to lead you forward, as you have never been so properly led before.

This is transformation in action. Your acceptance of your own long buried truths, your standing up to them, sitting, merging with them, wearing them now proudly upon your weary shoulders will give you new energy, new light, and new voice. This ability to get beyond the old graveyards and the old turning points of dismissal and denial of truths is now going to guide you forward. Turning toward the truths, embracing them, and pivoting in a new direction with them as your mantle, exposing them for all to see, will lead you in a very new direction, in all aspects of your life.

This will, in turn, begin to have repercussions in America and around the world. If not one of you turns from the truths being revealed to you as an individual, if you accept them and go in a new direction with them, you will not tolerate the old cover-ups, the old denials, and the old habits of others either, and this will change not only your personal world, but your country and the greater world.

Truth will carry you forward. If you dare to accept your own truths, you are well on the way to not only recovery, but real transformation, transitioning and transporting your self forward on the momentum of truth alone. It has long awaited its opportunity to show what power it holds.

I hope this answers your question about good and evil, for that is what all have been dealing with. The positive and negative forces are always in conflict, until you acknowledge their presence, accepting the truths of both, absorbing the true facts of self, resolving the truths of your journey, fully accepting each step you have taken as necessary and truly your own responsibility, as your challenges alone, without judgment or holding others accountable for your life. This process of confrontation and acceptance will lead to true transformation.

In such resolution of ownership and reconciliation of the good and evil in the self you will be able to accept your truths, which you have thus far envisioned as evil aspects of the self, better kept secret and hidden. But they are, in fact, your most precious and necessary teachers, and it is up to you to face them, reveal them to the self alone, and make amends by recognizing them as most meaningful aspects of the self for growth, transforming what you once saw as evil into good.

Good will lead you out of the darkness as you transform your darkness into light. That is your challenge now. That is America’s challenge and the world’s challenge: to transform darkness into light, the light of truth born of perceived darkness, but in fact jewels of truth and deception coexisting simultaneously. Your challenges will lead you to the light, no matter how dark and fearful they appear!

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