#564 Good & Evil Coexist

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
This is a long question about how to recognize, accept, and reconcile with the fact that good and evil, light and dark, exist in all of us. We understand that our time on earth is meant to learn about ourselves as energy beings so that we can evolve and not have to reincarnate. You continually put so much emphasis on our learning to experience ourselves as energy, but how does that resolve the underlying problem that dominates us and the world, especially America, which is the conflict of good and evil? How does our ability to evolve resolve the issue of this conflict of light and shadow in us? Does evolution itself grant us that resolution because, if it does, why do we have to work so hard now while in our physical form? Are you asking us to skip over this, to seek energy form without this resolution, only turning to our light and goodness in order to achieve evolution? I know that you have also talked about good and evil existing where you are. How does all of this figure in our search to evolve into energy beings?

Once again you ask many interesting questions, My Dear One. First, as you state, one must accept the fact of the self as light and dark, one part of the self much revealed and present, acting out in the world for all to see, the other part hidden, dark, shadowy, perhaps greatly known or greatly unknown.

Although I make such a black and white statement, almost as if you are cut down the middle and one side of you is painted white and the other black, so must you understand that within that simple statement lies two vast and separate worlds. These two worlds, so different, so far apart, exist, as you state, in all beings. To seek balance of self while upon that learning ground is to recognize that such a proposition is, indeed, true. To absolutely acknowledge the truth of the self in your inner work is to accept that you are, each of you, comprised of two kinds of energy and capable of both goodness and badness, to put it bluntly. Furthermore, within these two worlds of the self you have access to far greater worlds of good and evil, beyond your own personal experiences, challenges, and evolutionary status.

The learning ground of earth must first be recognized as a place of return. Many lifetimes working upon the issues of the self are necessary in order to evolve to a place of truth, and truth involves acceptance of the facts of good and evil as residing in the self, as you state. I cannot say that you are ready to evolve into pure energy at a mere command. Each of you must be ready to do so. As the world around you now crumbles and displays rampant exploitation and disregard for human life and nature, and as compassion and tenderness for life, on all levels, are lacking, so are you being given a mirror example of imbalance. Such an example may follow through with a total collapse and, if so, this is one choice being made by mankind, as a whole, in order to eventually evolve.

Now, to establish the self as truly possessing access to greater worlds is the next step to accomplish. Just because I state this does not make it so. I do not proselytize, but I do point out truths in order that those of you who seek greater awareness may have the knowledge you need in order to do your inner work. Within your inner work you are constantly confronting the dark side of the self: the saboteur, the hermit, the big baby, the prostitute, the thief, the liar, the murderer, the drunkard, the capitalist, the insatiable appetite, the addict, the inflated self, the despicable self, the proud self, etc., in all shapes, sizes, and manifestations. When I ask that you look into the mirror, I ask that you accept all of the evil, hated, and despicable aspects you see in others as your own truths, true aspects of the self.

This inner work is deeply tied to not rejecting these aspects of self, but to accepting and assimilating them, so that a balance is attained. By this I do not mean a balance of deception and disguise, as you mention is being mirrored in the world around you, but true balance, in full awareness and ownership of all sides, all things, all worlds.

This brings me back to what I spoke of the other day, as far as the access to all knowledge, to infinity, is concerned. For in accessing all-knowing you are confronted with the truths that much evil exists alongside much good; it always has and always will. There can be no total eradication of evil, just as there can be no total eradication of good, for they exist in eternity, in infinity.

As I propose that you learn what it means to become energy beings and evolve, so do I also propose a reconciliation of the existence of all things in the self, including this good and evil, this light and dark that we speak of today. Your inner work during each lifetime is essential to your evolution. Each lifetime builds upon the previous one. Each lifetime is a new evolutionary step as you attempt to resolve the core issues of your existence.

Your core issues may become challenges over many lifetimes, or you may resolve one core issue and elect to challenge the self with a new one. The choices made between lives are part of the key to evolutionary growth, but those choices are already being made while you are living out your current challenges upon that earth. Before death of one life you have already pre-determined your next life. You are already making the choices of whether you will evolve into pure energy or whether you will evolve into a new life upon that earth. You may be making these choices consciously or unconsciously. These choices may be made by your light side, or they may be coming from your dark side, as yet unlived, unexpressed, upon that plane and still needing release. Your deeper self, your evolutionary self, your all-knowing self, whether you believe it exists or not, is working on your behalf, at all times, setting up your life, your journey, so that what you need is presented in your path, so that you may make the choices you wish to make.

Now, I also speak of good and evil as existing in energy form. To evolve into energy does not absolve you of these two aspects, either in the self or in the world around you. However, your work upon the self in earth time establishes a balance, if you so choose. For you see, there are beings who elect evolution into the dark side, who elect to evolve as beings of darkness in energy form. All of these choices are evolutionary and no choices are wrong, though you may cringe at the thought that you or someone you know might choose to enter the eternal darkness. Do not judge such a choice, for as I have stated, good and evil must always and will always coexist, for without one there could not be the other.

Personally, I found that in order to maintain my own stability as an energy being I had to come up against that dark energy. I have learned to recognize it, to thwart it, and now, after much time, I have become protected from it by my own work on the self. I am no longer drawn to it, nor it to me in the manner that we were originally drawn to each other. This process was one of deep work in confronting the dark side of energy; my own continual inner work as I sought to attain my new evolutionary form. The inner work continues no matter what form you exist in. You are constantly making choices based on what you wish to challenge the self with and what direction you are interested in pursuing.

As you know, my choices have long been the pursuit of evolution, the teaching of evolution, but first did I have to learn what that meant. This process took many lives upon that earth, time between lives, time in evolutionary processes beyond earth time. Infinity offers access to everything. To evolve is not finite. To evolve is not necessarily to reconcile anything, for to die does not mean that you truly desire evolution into energy as your next step. This I did desire, for a long time, but others elect to return to physical form and perhaps they will eternally, for it offers their energy what it seeks. My energy had long sought new life on other planes.

I give you examples of my own choices because that is how I have learned how things work. You will all discover what you need to learn by the choices you make. The world, the collective world, comprised of so many energy configurations is connected to the choices offered by infinity too. What you perceive as now taking place upon that earth may evolve one way or it may turn another way depending upon the collective choice. I will say this: right now is an energetic time of great proportion. It has the potential to tip humanity in a new direction of good, if the truths of reality are allowed to be exposed for what they are.

The fact that each of you exist upon that earth, at this time, is significant. The fact the you, Jan and Chuck, have access to infinity while still in human form is just one example of the power of energy. Many are open, many are experiencing it as you do, many are seeking it. Trust in this energy must be attained. Balance in life upon that earth must be sought in order to fully understand what infinity means, and to fully understand what you open your self to as you seek access to it and make your choices.

Prepare yourselves with your inner work. Confronting the dark side of the self will prepare you to have greater awareness in accessing infinity and this is what you will need in order to make the evolutionary choices that are right for you. You may not quite know what they are, even though you think you do. Wait and see, as I did too.

NOTE: This will be continued in my next channeling session with Jeanne. I spent about an hour with her this morning and was forced to stop due to time constraints. I feel there is more that needs to be said, both that she wants to say more and that both Chuck and I want some clarification, especially about what is happening in the world right now, especially in America. To be continued…

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