#553 The Life You Live is of Your Choosing

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

It is time to continue in the flow of your life, accepting that this is where you are now. The questions to ask the self are these: How do I elect to deal with the situation I find myself in? Do I acquiesce and remain aware of the ever-present energy as it guides me? Or do I resist the process of my journey and refuse participation for some reason? What are the deeper reasons for making the decisions and choosing the steps I take in my life? Why do I do what I do? Who is in charge of my life?

Ultimately, the challenges we all face in our lives upon that earth relate very specifically to us alone, though the challenges may be posed by those outside of us. If we keep ourselves isolated from society, with little human contact, that too presents us with our own inner dilemmas. Why must we constantly face challenges? Why can we not simply exist, free of such interruptions? Why must we constantly be making choices and determining what is right? Why must life be so difficult?

These are questions that I hear quite often among those of you who reside upon the earth plane. I can only answer from my own perspective and the journey I have taken thus far. Life upon that earth is full of challenges because it is the greatest feat, the greatest gift, and the greatest opportunity you will ever receive. Your earth time is your learning ground where you have the opportunity, during each lifetime, to assemble all knowledge, in an understanding of energy and the true journey, to reach a point of evolving beyond that place. It is truly a most exciting journey if you become aware of its potential and the possibilities that it offers you.

Do you find it difficult to grasp the ideas of energy and energetic discourse and connection? Is it too farfetched to speak of everything as energy and everything as meaningful? Is it too much to ask that you trust that your journey is, no matter how difficult or seemingly mundane, the perfect journey for you to take at this time?

I am full of questions today! The last one I will ask you is: Have you discovered what it is that you, as an individual entity, are supposed to learn from this life? Study your life intently for the answers. Each one of you has a core challenge to discover and resolve in that lifetime. It may be the same challenge that you have struggled with for many lifetimes, or you may have decided to return with a fresh challenge, having already completed others. The choices to face challenges and to elect to evolve are yours alone. With enlightenment (meaning gaining clarity, awareness, and access to all knowledge) you are also presented with options on what to do next with your energetic self. Whether to elect a new lifetime upon that earth, or to go on to the next level of being is your choice, and this is what I stress next. The life you live is of your choosing.

This topic has been touched upon by many upon that earth who have visited the upper realms of awareness. I can stress that this choice of life challenge is, most often, made in full awareness. It is made by your spirit because it is ready to take on such a challenge to further train the awareness that lies waiting, in each of you, for nurturance and cultivation.

Today, I leave you to ponder the many questions I pose. Only in deep inner questing will you discover who you truly are and why you are there. But remain equally certain that the life you live, the people you meet, the circumstances you are in, and the challenges you face are all part of your own plan for growth. You are the choice maker. You are your own ultimate challenger and teacher. You are your own greatest asset and partner. You are your own greatest gift, offering your self the answers you desire.

Close your eyes and go into your inner silent self. Find the answers to every thing you seek, ready and waiting for you to unearth them. For they have been but slumbering alongside you, waiting for you to recognize them again, as they appear to guide you on your journey. Every thing you encounter has been encountered before, set up by you. Now it is up to you to decide how to proceed, in actuality, based on all the decisions and choices thus far made. You are an evolving being, living an evolving life, unfolding each day toward clarity and growth.

See what happens next. See if you recognize the circumstances. See if you know exactly what to do, without thinking, but by the guidance of your inner self knowing what is right. Good Luck!