#551 A Day of Reconciliation & Action

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a Monday morning message for all of your readers?

My Dear Ones, today is a day of reconciliation. It is a day to realize your transgressions, issues, habits, denials, regressive behaviors, and the repetitive signs showing that you continue to be caught in old patterns, but it is also a day of punctuation and growth. Reconciliation comes to guide and to further you along your path. Do not regard the self as a failure when reviewing the actions and thoughts of the self, but accept the possibility that, individual though you may be, you are equally part of the collective whole.

In order to release the self now into a place of progressive recapitulation and spiritual growth, it is important to understand how the collective whole works to guide and challenge you. Though you may feel that your challenges belong to you alone, be certain that they are afforded you by the same energy that gifts so many others with their own challenges. Do not dismiss others as less challenged, or not in need of guidance as you may think you are, for that is not appropriate behavior for an evolving being. That is the ego delving into self-pity and self-immolation.

Today, this day of reconciliation asks several things of you:

1. Dismantle the aspect of ego that interrupts your evolutionary flow. For each one of you it will be a different aspect of the outer self, but it is nonetheless present to test and tease you. Perhaps it is so well trained in its testing ability that you don’t even know it as ego.

2. Use recapitulation of the ego self to shift from this place that continues to hold you captive. Use it wisely and truthfully to prove to your self, once again, that you have an issue that is most prevalent as a recycler of your energy, repetitively reclaiming it, feeding off it, and generally stealing it from you. This may be in the form of an emotional habit, a physical habit, a mental habit, a greedy habit, a passive habit, or any repetitive habit that continues to emerge as your buddy and your torturer.

3. Reconcile with the inner self on a continual basis in order to maintain a constant connection.

4. Do not reprimand the self for engaging or not attending to any of the above suggestions for growth, but do acknowledge that it is time to take the next step.

This step may come in any form that is personal and directly related to your most prominent issues. However, fully understand that the collective whole and the energy of the collective whole stand behind each and every one of you, and this energy pushes now for reconciliation, ego release, inner attention, and a new step forward; one that has long been procrastinated over, mulled over, pushed for, and held you long enough in a place of indecision.

This step is known. The action that is right has already been revealed. Now is the time to move on. Without regret must you make your next step, My Dears. That is what the energy of reconciliation, recapitulation, and the collective whole is asking of you. It is very good energy today, in spite of your idea that it may not be. Your fears will be allayed as time goes on, for you will experience release as you edge your way closer to this energy that is present to guide you. Ask it to help. Call upon the energy of the universe, the collective whole, and the inner self to guide you through this current moment of reconciliation with the ego self.

Step out now. Take the next step in becoming the true you. It is the right time to take some action that is truly transformative, ego busting, spirit building, and evolutionarily monitored and guided.