#529 Ten Choices in an Evolving Life

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

My Dear Ones, it is now a time of renewal. It is a time of focus on that which is most meaningful, taking forward with you now that which you have learned during the recent time of death and demise. It is time to leave the old and fully embrace the new. Whatever this may mean in your individual life, I suggest the following:

1. Embrace the self each morning as an evolving being, saying: I am an evolving being.

2. Forge ahead without fear, trusting the knowledge of self that you gain each day as you continue your inner work.

3. Allow for further growth by continually challenging the self to change, to shift out of complacency, to go for the gold inside, even as you seek the gold outside.

4. Find the path of resonance. Though it may not be the easiest path so will it, in the long run, be the most meaningful and fulfilling.

5. Focus on discovering always the true potential and spiritual purpose for your life. This may be varied and many-faceted, for as you shift and grow so will your reason for existence shift as well.

6. Do not forget that you are an energy being who is upon that earth for as long as necessary. Your time there is sacred; do not waste it.

7. Allow the self to feel love on a personal level and on a universal level. Do not inhibit this most necessary and tender aspect of the human self and the spirit self to flow freely to and from you. Allow love to come to you, as equally as you allow it to flow from you. For though this may, at times, be difficult to find outside of you, it is right there waiting inside you, waiting for the big moment when you truly allow it to permeate your energy being and flow naturally to and fro, without compromise, judgment, or discretion.

8. Do not harbor negative thoughts about the self or others. Do not carry anger or dispute, for in so doing is your energy compromised and turned from giving and taking love.

9. Abide by the rules of life that are most conducive to a spiritual being, even as you struggle in your daily life, remaining open to the energy that is available to you, each day, as you breathe your heart-centered breath of love and compassionate understanding for self and others.

10. And, finally, trust the signs in your life so that all else stated may make sense and become truth, so that you may connect with inner self in partnership with outer self, energy with resonant energy, and truly live the life you are destined to live, with conscience, with heart, with physical ease, permeated with love, gratitude, compassion, and guided, because you want to be a being who evolves.

These are choices to make in an evolving life. I know that it is not easy to figure out how to become a being of spirit in that world. I know it requires strength of conviction and detachment, yet do I also know how fulfilling it truly is. Do not forget to take the self on the journey, for spirit alone cannot take an evolutionary journey. Every aspect of who you are must accompany you, so do not cut off your truths. Take them with you, resolving your conflicts as you go. Do not leave anything behind, for then will you have greater discomfort to deal with. Face your truths, gather your energy, and deal with who you are now, so that you may truly become who you are meant to be. This is good!