#527 I Am a Being Who is Going to Die

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today, I am following up on last week’s message from a reader, as well as the current topic of death as advisor. In a response to Message #523 the following query was posed: “I don’t understand how I can truly live in my energy body when I am in my human form. Do you mean that I must cultivate out of body experiences?”

In general, I would like to ask you to respond to this question regarding establishing a practice of maintaining a balance between our inner spiritual world and energy exploration while we also seek to grow and evolve in this world, taking into consideration the shaman’s statement that Chuck spoke about in his Saturday blog #526: I am a being who is going to die. Can you give us additional guidance regarding this balancing act, in light of this statement of the shamans of Carlos Castaneda’s lineage?

My Dear Ones, in the face of death, would you live your life differently? If you knew, for certain, that you would die tomorrow, would you do, act, say, or accomplish something special? I pose these questions in order to jolt your awareness to the fact that, as the shamans of Chuck’s world do say: I am a being who is going to die. Each day you are, in truth, facing your death, yet do you ask your self the questions that I pose?

If you ask your self the question, “what will I do today as I face my death?” you may discover that you will live your life quite differently. Without awareness of death facing you each day, however, the complacency of everyday life removes the significance and the certainty of death from before your eyes. It is up to each one of you to open your eyes, remove the veils, and speak directly to your own mortality in this manner, each day, in order to more fully live a balanced life of awareness.

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would you make amends, take leave of loved ones, and prepare your self for what lies ahead? Or would you refuse to accept the possibility, even though it was so blatantly stated as a certainty? I address the certainty of it, as do the shamans of Chuck’s world. You are a being who is going to die. With that certainty in mind, how do you wish to live your life?

As Jeanne Marie Ketchel, I was given the gift of that certainty and I focused my attention on creating a balance in my life so that I could find enough strength to remain upon that earth, as long as possible, while simultaneously exploring other aspects of energy. I did focus upon the activities of certain death as proposed by the same shamans of Chuck’s world. I did embrace and learn from the wise teachings of many who had gone before, transitioning into energy, learning how to understand the process, with the certainty that I would be facing my death sooner than I would have liked.

In order to maintain a more focused balance in your lives, My Dear Ones, I ask you to pose not only the statement of the shamans to your self each day, but also the questions of how you will live now that you are aware that your own death transition is a certainty. Will you express your love and appreciation in far greater magnitude? Will you look for the beauty that surrounds you and envelopes your being? Will you show your self as fearless, impeccable, and a fighter, while at the same time you face the inevitable with the courage of an ancient one, who knows that death will come when the time is right? Will you seek better understanding of the need to detach and leave that world, while simultaneously seeking awareness in energy form?

Why must you wait for death to come knocking before you mature into such a warrior of life? You see, My Dear Ones, though you may, in fact, live for many years, your life may be richer, happier, more fulfilled, more loving and compassionate if you can hold in your awareness the certainty that your death is imminent. I suggest, as the shamans of Chuck’s world do, that such awareness alone is enough to shift you into better balance. This is the awareness that you seek, My Dear Reader; the perfect awareness to shift you into a being who is going to die, into a being who, by making that statement and keeping it uppermost in your mind, will discover that balance in life, body, and spirit, may be achieved.

To live your life upon that earth constantly preparing for your death, with awareness, is quite a gift. You are offered the opportunity of such a gift without having to deal with the challenges of disease. Or perhaps this may be the catalyst that you do receive, as I did, yet are you also being offered a healing opportunity each day that you remain present in that world. I ask you, My Dear Ones, to live your lives in balance, with this awareness, so that you may have the healing opportunities that will arise from such focus. With awareness that death is present at all times, your life will become a different life.

So, in conclusion, I ask you to allow the awareness of death to be the catalyst that shifts you into the balance that you struggle with. Once you accept death as your daily companion, teacher, and protagonist, so may you allow for it to show you the way to live. For you will, in fact, choose to live differently in the face of your demise. I guarantee you will live differently, even if it is to find your sadness, your connection to that life, and your habitual needs that so deeply seek to show you that they keep you grounded, while your spirit seeks to show you how to lighten your burden, and how to live a compassionate life, as a loving being.

In death do you face eternal life. Are you ready to experience that, even now, as you lift your feet and walk your path? Are you ready to look upon each and every thing in your world for the last time, in full awareness that this may, indeed, be the last time?

This is the lesson of the shamans of Chuck’s world, the wise ones who teach that you are energy now and forever, in life and in death; however, your awareness of this is overshadowed by the veils and structures of that world. Death may remove them and reveal your true potential, but why wait to access that which is innate and eager to partake of life now? Is it not ironic that in facing your death you are offered access to true life, the energy of eternal living?

I contend that in keeping awareness of imminent death in front of you, each day, your balance will naturally establish itself. As you look upon your world, with death at your side, you will almost automatically discover the impeccable warrior you truly are. Your alignment as body and energy will adjust itself, so that your puzzlement in how to become more balanced will resolve, for it is most natural to be balanced.

I am a being who is going to die. Keep your awareness of death at your door and act from this place of imminent demise and transition. Awareness of death is your catalyst to healing and living all of your truths. It is all you need to set you on the path of change and growth as you ask your self to face your truths, each moment of each day, fully aware.