A Weekend Update

Dear Readers,

Over the past three days we have posted a Friday Message from Jeanne (and Jan), an essay titled, Healing or Possession? by Chuck, and today we post a new audio recording which we made yesterday with Jeanne as The Prophetess, which you will find below this note. We are having a lot of fun bringing you these postings and we hope you continue to find them of interest.

We would like to say hello to our many readers from around the world who have contacted us and to mention that although we are not planning on having a book signing for The Book of Us it can be bought through our Store along with some other interesting items that we think are in alignment with our work with Jeanne. We continue to update the Store as we come upon new items of interest.

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on both the content of the website and The Book of Us. We are so pleased to be energetically available in this manner!

Jan and Chuck