#438 Dream of Now

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today? Your recent messages have been very helpful, as you ask us all to assume mature responsibility for our selves during this time of change and to accept our pasts as meaningful and necessary, without regret, but to continue our process of self discovery with reflection constantly turned inward. Where are you taking us today?

[This channeling session begins with a visual perception of being on a country road. Just ahead there is a wide sweeping curve to the left and although I can’t see beyond it I know that a wide sweeping curve to the right comes next, then another to the left, and so on. The shoulder alongside the road is gravelly and there are empty fields on either side, with trees in the distance. Here is Jeanne’s answer to the question:]

Today, I suggest that you keep your wits about you, your eyes open, and your hearing tuned to what is happening outside of you, as you approach what you cannot see. Your future is just around the bend, yet you cannot imagine it, for you are blinded by today. I suggest slowing down. For if you take the process too quickly, so may you skid your vehicle upon the road of life, slipping off the road upon the gravelled edge, finding your self stuck in the weeds.

Your future is upon you at all times, and though you may wish to rush ahead to meet it, so must you walk or ride the path slowly, in order to learn what you must about your self before you can partake of what waits ahead. Just as you must work hard to earn your paycheck, or your rewards in life, so must you allow your self equal time to earn your spiritual rewards. But you must also keep in mind that you are offered spiritual gifts at every step of the way. Are you aware of this, that your spirit knows and recognizes them, sees them sweeping past the window as you drive too speedily through your life? You say, “I want to hurry up and get there!” But, as I have said, it is not the getting there that is important, but every slow step of the journey that is meaningful.

You must feel your pain, but you must not get lost in it. You must experience your disappointments and your losses, yet must you not allow them to swallow you down in their bitterness. You must not dismiss your challenges in place of electing some other option, for your challenges will find you, no matter how far you seek to run.

Your journey is laid out for you, already planned, already offering everything you need in order to evolve and to “get there.” Getting there, as I have said, is not what you think it means. At this point in your life, it is but an empty coffer. And I am pleased to tell you that it will always be an empty coffer! And you know what? That is the way it should be. Do not be disappointed, for an empty coffer is infinity, and possibility, and continued evolution. An empty coffer is acquiescing to true life, to the nothingness that means you will always find another golden door to step through.

Your rewards are presented to you every day of the week, in your daily lives, in your simplest gifts, in your smallest challenges, as well as in your greatest gifts and your wildest dreams. Do you dream of something? Some future outlook, where you imagine your self in a certain place, with certain abilities, feelings, ideas, well-planted and utilized?

Well, I suggest that you give your self those gifts now. Give your self the gift of your future now. Allow your self to accept the perfect you. Take on the challenge that your spirit offers you. Become who you wish to be, by allowing your self to acquiesce to that which is most resonant now, at this moment.

Do you wish to access your creative spirit self? Or do you wish to access your gently loving self? Do you wish to access your compassionate interconnected self? Or do you wish to access your outgoing external self more fully in the world? Do you wish to access your tender child self? Or do you wish to access your mature adult self? Do you wish to access your confident student of the world self? Or do you wish to access your introspective student of the inner self?

Whatever you wish, at this moment, allow that aspect of self to come into your day, into your consciousness, and into your presence. Greet the self you wish to become; ask and allow that self to join you now. Why wait? Why speed ahead and risk crashing? All you have to do is slow down and discover that, as you take your eyes off the road ahead and look beside you, that person is sitting right next to you. You may be most comfortable stopping for a while by the side of the road, taking in the presence of this self, allowing a conversation to flow, a meeting of selves to take place.

Perhaps you would like to get to know this self a lot better. This is the self you should be spending time with, this gift buried inside you, who has been waiting for you to slow down, so that you can see that it is not in the seeking that you find your treasure, but in the calm flow of everyday life, if you take the time to slow down and walk your path with awareness and attention to the desires of your spirit self.

I know that many of you, My Dear Ones, are finding your connections to your selves and to others in your lives who are meaningful companions, lovers, and fellow seekers. I know that you desire many things, seeking fulfillment, and always that little bit extra. But I ask you, today, to feel contentment in your place of residence, in your inner and outer place upon that earth, in your place of self now. For only in the stopping, or the slowing down, will you discover that you are exactly where you should be, where you need to be, and that you are learning all that you need to learn at this moment.

Can you ride with me beside you, as well? Can you accept my reasoning and my suggestions? Can you acquiesce to the security of knowing that what I say is true, that you are not stuck or truly frustrated, but that you are really where you need to be? Can you slow down and sit awhile in calmness, in heart-centered, self-centered, balanced calmness, and feel your own energy, your resident energy resonating with the truth of my words?

You may even find this suggestion to be too frustrating at first, too challenging to do, as you speed ahead in your busy lives. But if you take the time to slow down, or come to an abrupt stop, look at what you will see. Look at what is available to you. Listen to what will now become clearly heard, spoken, and conversed upon.

Listen. Look. Accept. Allow. Acquiesce. Your journey is now. Your work is now. Your reward is now. Your life is now. Your love is now. Your maturity is now. Your innocence is now. Whatever you need, want, desire, dream, or seek is present now, in your life of now.

Slow down and wait for your spirit to speak to you, to show you, to point out the direction, the speed, and the energetic connection you need in order to proceed on your journey with clarity, awareness, and knowing; the resident qualities of a journeyer. You have what you need!