#428 Feeling Self/Energetic Self

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today we start a new week. What message do you have for us?

My Dear Ones, on this day, do not ponder or think too much about what is going on in your lives, as a conjunction of sorts now presents you with questions, dilemmas, challenges, and many opportunities for growth. I suggest that you get your selves into a good state of calm balance and that you attune your selves to the outer energy so that you may be able to read, by feeling, what it is offering you.

This time now upon that earth is certainly potent and fulfilling. You are being granted, quite succinctly and easily, the possibility that you have long awaited. Your challenge, however, is to recognize the gifts being presented to you as gifts and not as disturbing episodes or distasteful confrontations. This is a time when inner resonance and the ability to place your self in calm balance is most helpful, so that you feel and understand your inner resonance, the most useful and proper method of utilizing, acknowledging, and acquiescing to your gifts of possibility and progress.

Remember, gifts do not come in pretty packages. More often, the most useful and progressive gifts are wrapped in ordinary brown paper. Your daily lives may at first appear to be routine, but if you allow your selves to go to inner quiet, many secrets may be revealed to you now, during this time of transition.

Transition involves change, and change involves being confronted with something new or different, or having to do something you are not familiar with or wanting to do or confront. Change means standing before your familiar everyday self and understanding that the old way of doing, acting, and processing your life is no longer adequate, helpful, or desirable.

Much energy will now be felt in a restless manner. But do not use this restless energy in a dismissive or over exuberant manner. Do not simply run it off, or use it up with trivialities, or in a wasteful manner. Instead, harness it for your inner process and find out why you are being confronted with this restless energy of change. I ask you to feel it, rather than think about it. This is a time when your feeling self, your energetic self is your best processor of the energy.

In order to best utilize the energy, remind your selves often to go calm and innerly feeling of your own energy. Use this inner energy to guide you in the outer energy that may at first appear abruptly harsh, or challenging. In reality, is it just in need of taming by hooking it up with resonant energy such as you have.

Imagine your self on a busy highway, driving along with barely enough space to maneuver between cars, bumper to bumper traffic that at first appears quite problematic and stressful. But as you adjust to the proper speed, as you calm your self to acceptance of the place you are in, and as you temper your inner stress level to a calm steady flow, you realize that the traffic is moving quite well, people around you are in the same state of steady progress, and there is little reason to exaggerate in thought, feeling, or movement. You have acquiesced to the flow.

Then you realize you now have time to look around, to feel the energy you are flowing in, and you find it quite peaceful and perhaps even invigorating in a subtle way. You begin to feel quite happy, peacefully part of the energy that exists!

You discover that, as you take your energy down to this calmer level, you actually feel happier, more at peace with your situation, even though in reality you are stuck in traffic. You discover that it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is your inner energy, in sync with the outer energy that underlies the traffic jam outside of you.

Who has created that traffic jam? Does it really exist? In your new place of personal calm it may no longer appear to be a crowded highway, but instead a calm stream of energy, flowing quite peacefully, allowing for something new to happen as a result of this state of flux.

This is the position you are in right now. The energy upon that earth is ratcheted up to the intensity of a traffic jam on the freeway. Can you accept that fact, knowing that you are stuck in the middle of it and the only possibility of escape is to slow your own energy down to connect with the true underlying energy of change?

Once you have done that, then will you discover what is being offered to you. For during this energetic confluence many opportunities and possibilities are half buried, half hidden in the folds of your own personal energy system. Only you will notice them. Only you will perceive their significance, and only you will know what to do with them.

So for today, I advise a feeling approach to the energy, an adjustment in your traveling lane so you may feel what is sitting beside you, resonant with your truths, your inner flow of energy, awaiting your discovery. Remember last week, I mentioned that golden door of opportunity? You will only perceive it from your inner seat of gold, your own glowing spirit. This is good for today!