#295 The Gift of Knowledge of Energy

Today, Anonymous asks a question about energy.

Dear Jeanne,
I have found the topic about energy of the last few days very interesting and most helpful. Sometimes, my experience with energy is very disturbing. What I have experienced several times before, although I did not know what it was, and most especially this past week, is a feeling of very intense buzzing going on inside my entire body. It feels like every cell, every nerve ending, is vibrating at a rate that is so high that sometimes it makes me feel ill, as it will continue for days before it throttles back down to a more comfortable hum. Even in my most calm state of being, I feel it with great intensity, so, eventually, it becomes very distracting and draining, making it difficult to concentrate or sleep. Because it becomes so intrusive, I don’t feel that I am able to use it effectively at all. Is this energy buzz trying to get my attention about something that I am not aware of, or that I need to be aware of, or is it a matter of learning how to fine tune it?
Thank you for your continued love, support and guidance.

My Dearest Reader and Young Journeyer, do not ever avoid the signs that are hidden in such intense energy as you describe. There are lessons to be learned in every experience, and this you must remember. Do not dismiss your own intense energy, nor attempt to hide from it, or wish it away, but instead is it most beneficial to figure out where it seeks to lead you.

As with all such energy, similar to that which now encompasses your globe and your awareness, so must each of you seek to maintain your own calm and balanced center, as calm as the eye in the storm, the center of a hurricane. From this balanced center are you free to do your inner exploration. But if you are constantly drawn to the energy as it swirls around you, so will you inevitably suffer. Such intense pressure and vibration that this Reader feels is not unusual. But take your attention off what is going on outside of you now, and focus on your inner journey and the work on the self. For even though you are drawn to blame the outer energy for your problems and feelings of buzzing disintegration, so must you learn not to turn outward looking for answers to how you feel.

Your own body is in sync with the energy; that is obvious. But what does your body seek to tell you? Are you ready to hear? The universe and your spirit perceive your level of readiness, and thus they push you now toward noticing the truth of the self. One of these truths is the fact that you are comprised of energy molecules, traveling at an incredible vibratory rate. If you get to a point of actually feeling this, I say: Lucky You! Do not be afraid of it. You are being given a sign of truth and understanding of energy as regards the human condition and the human state of awareness. On a normal day may you be totally unaware of your self as energy. It has been presented by me and many others quite often, but until now has it perhaps only been a concept that you could not quite imagine or fathom.

Well now, My Dear Reader, you have been given the gift of knowledge of energy. So what does one do with such a gift? Do you panic and run? Perhaps that may be your first instinct, as is normal when scared by something so unusual; and the fact that it brings such intense feelings of unpleasant, and unstable physical attention may increase your fears. But My Dear Readers, this is exactly what you must have experience of in order to feel what true energy really is.

You will not disintegrate. You will not fall apart, or simply collapse from the intensity of it. But you will continue to suffer from it if you do not pay attention to the knowledge it offers you. Make an attempt now to understand, by your very physical experience as you describe it, what you are being shown. This energetic experience is available to teach and to aid you as you take your journey. As I have been saying quite often lately: You are energy! And here you have an experience of just that!

So what does it mean? It means you must be ready to have this experience. But the trick is not to get so caught up in having the experience and allowing the unevolved self, the old self who had no inkling of such energy, to get caught up in the whirlwind of it. For it can feel like you are caught in a whirlwind, I know.

But instead seek understanding now, by having this experience of energy, of your own reality in a new manner. If you are but such vibratory buzzing energy, then do my messages of energy make more sense? Are you not being shown what all must experience in order to truly understand what your own inner spirit already knows and seeks to bring you back to?

This is an experience of spirit. This is an experience of energy, true energy. And it is also an experience of the direction all must understand, for it is the evolutionary future, the energetic state that is your own energy body.

The high rate of vibration is due to your physical body and the outside energy of the Earth around you. You are constantly bombarded by all kinds and intensities of energy while residing upon that plane of life. By contrast, when you fall asleep at night does your vibration attain its more common and natural state, as your physical awareness is no longer controlling it or attempting to sabotage it. During waking hours are you densely compacted, and heavily influenced by the conventions of scientific knowledge and what you have been taught. In that dense state is none of this energy talk permissible or acceptable. Such ideas make no sense. But as you sleep, so is your energy body released from the confines of the physical and mental bodies, and thus is it freed to explore in its true energetic vibratory state. So the energy you have been feeling is not purely your own vibratory state, but it is complicated by the impact of the energy of the earth plane.

Do not remain in a place of wonder about this inner energetic state, or the outer energy either. It is time now to accept the facts that have been presented and the experiences that many of you have been having during this very energetic time. You are energy. That is the most important fact to acknowledge. Then must you realize that yes, as you already have pondered, it is trying to tell you something. Yes, of course it is! It is trying to tell you that you are an energy being! It is attempting to get your attention out of the body, out of the depths of that world, and show you another reality.

It is also asking you to go into calmness, a calm acceptance of this gift that you are being given. Accept its necessary urging, that it is being offered to lead you on your way, to help you over your doubts and your walls that keep you closed in and closed down. It is pushing you along so you don’t miss what is being offered. But most of all, it is giving you everything you need in order to do the inner work, the work of the self. And it is urging you to accept your awareness of the self as an energy being. That is the biggest gift that the energy of this time is urging upon you all, to accept that you are comprised of energy. It seeks your attention and your acceptance of this fact, and until you do will it continue to hassle you. For it knows you need this urging, but also it knows you are reluctant, doubtful, afraid, and unaware of the full impact that it will have on your life.

Until you can let it in, without fighting back with every cell of your physical body and your brain, will you have trouble with it. If you are feeling it, then it is Your time to evolve to a new level of awareness of your reality. You must be ready, or you wouldn’t be in such a tizzy about it!

I can see that many of you have gotten confused by this energy of late. You are getting caught in feeling it outside of you, getting drawn to suffer its consequences by not sleeping, not calming down to that heart-centered place of balance. And you are also fixating on the experience rather than what the experience is telling you. The message is that you are an energetic being, and you are most likely being offered this knowledge now, at this point in your growth, for a very special reason. So I can only suggest that you acquiesce to the knowledge being offered. And then see where it leads you. It will be along your evolutionary path, and that, My Dear Readers, is never wrong!

All of You Energy Beings, pay attention to your own experiences now, as being utterly meaningful during this time of energetic push. The doors to a new reality are being shoved open all around you, and inside you too. Where do you choose to step next? I suggest going into the inner journey.