#257 A Fire Within

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you for the very short message yesterday. I didn’t want to type a long one, (I was feeling lazy!) so I specifically asked for “a word.” It took me a bit of time to understand what it meant for myself. I hope others discovered its meaning in their own lives. I feel like you were challenging us to do some processing.

You got what you asked for, Jan, but at the same time did I attempt to trouble you with my term, an attempt to confuse you, so you would have to do some inner work.

I had to look it up in the dictionary.

Well, that’s one way to go about it, but then you have to determine what it means to you. As with all of my messages is it most necessary to turn inward, and that is what yesterday’s brief but incendiary word was meant to do, start your inner fire, your desire to grow, and to discover what your inner passion truly is.

Okay, so for me it was about inner conflict and getting past it to a place of calm intent.

That is only one aspect of the challenge. Then to discover the fire within is the other aspect. This is what all must discover and reckon with, for the fire within, the passion of the spirit is waiting to be fed and brought to life. And yes, this fire, once fueled, will bring conflict, especially to those who fight against it, seeking to stay in a place of familiarity, rather than go with the unfamiliar, exciting and fulfilling though it may be.

So, do not disregard the flames of spirit within, for this is what a seeking life is discovering, uncovering, and feeding, so that it may flare up and burn down the old facades, so that new life, full of passion and desire, may take over. Then once the old has been razed, will the fire within settle down to a warm glow, and nestle in to a balanced and steady source of inner spirit life.

Intent will then become more focused, more contented, and more able to be utilized. You Travelers, who have been reading my messages, must continually challenge your selves. Yes, I know that you may read a message one day and “get it,” but then by the next day you’ve perhaps forgotten it, or jump eagerly for the next message. But realize that I have been seeking to teach you, day by day, a new way of living, and a new way of seeking. Many of you will see that there has been a progressive and cumulative process going on here that seeks to teach you how to take over your own practice of growth. I can only offer techniques, ideas, guidance, and perhaps a few unusual perspectives, but it is fully up to you to take on the challenge of really using what you are learning in your own life.

So, my short statement of yesterday, thanks to Jan, did seek to incite a little fire within. Did you wonder what I was trying to say? Well, in reality, I was offering you the opportunity to take over for a day. You already know what questions to ask. You know how to use your energy for growth and intent that is meaningful and good. And you already know that I expect you to work hard, and to always go innerly with your questing, no matter what is happening outside of you.

Today you might like to continue the process of conflagration within. That is up to you. But I push you always to grow, and to consider your place in that world, and what the meaning of you, and your life is now. So, that is where I leave you now. What is the meaning of you, and your life, in the context of conflagration as a term of growth?

Study your inner self for the answer. You may have concluded something yesterday, but don’t stop there. Keep going until you discover what the fire within is intended for in your life. And then allow it to do what it must in order to release and allow your passionate spirit to take over. You may be surprised at what you discover about your self and your true passions.