#193 Each Day Do You Embark on Yet Another New Journey

Dear Readers of Jeanne’s Messages,

Please see the News and Notes posting Introducing: The Book of Us, posted on November 20, 2007. This message from us will give you some insight into the process that we went through in making our decision to publish the story of Chuck and Jeanne’s thirty-year relationship and Jeanne’s continued journey in infinity. We offer you all the opportunity to read The Book of Us, posted on our website as a free download. Thank you again for your participation in this amazing journey. Please pass on the news of this publication to those with whom you feel it may resonate. Here is today’s message. The next message will be on Monday, November 26th.

Dear Jeanne,
Today feels like a special day. The Book of Us is posted on the website now, to much affectionate response from some of your most dedicated readers, their messages touching us deeply. We have felt so intensely responsible for publishing it at the right time, when the energy was right, and we feel such grateful anticipation for being able to finally launch it as part of this amazing process we have embarked on with you. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving; so thank you from us for your continued guidance. Is there anything you would like to say today, on this special day, and in anticipation of tomorrow, the day of Thanksgiving?

Each day do you embark on yet another new journey. Each day holds within its nucleus the opportunity for change and for growth. This is what is being offered through these messages, the opportunity to learn about something new, or to view the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

My life as Jeanne Marie Ketchel is yet to be explored by many, but as it is read will it be judged both softly and with a brittleness that will confront many personal insights and issues of choice. Do not judge me too harshly, for I made the choices that suited my deepest issues and challenges. I chose to take an unconventional road, the hidden path through the jungle, with many dangers, but also with so many opportunities hidden along the way. To choose the jungle over the pristine path of medical procedure as practiced now, especially in the United States, was not really all that difficult. There are no cures for any diseases upon that earth; there are only cures of the inner spirit. There are no opportunities that are totally right if the inner spirit does not truly find resonance.

My own path held so many valuable jewels, diamonds along the path that would have left me an unfulfilled and unevolved being had I not proceeded as I did. I chose the way of spirit, and I succeeded in the ultimate cure, and the final healing of my soul’s journey through many millennia, achieving awareness at the crucial moment, able to attire myself with clarity in order to maintain my place in that time of transition.

The ultimate challenge is to evolve, and that may not include a cure for the human body, but only a healing cure for the energy body. That became my greatest challenge, to emerge from that human life with my energetic awareness in tact, and thus achieve the total healing of my long and arduous journeys through the many life times I had spent upon that earth.

If you are inclined to study my life in this context will you perhaps understand that this clarity of purpose, though it was not always clear to me, did eventually become my focus as I detached more and more from that life in human form and re-attached my energy to what was to come. My preparation was well done, if I do say so myself.

I wish upon all of you the courage, the energy, the conviction, and the daring to continue the journey of your spirit, at all costs, no matter the consequences, holding on always to that inner knowing, whether with clarity or with a veiled, unclear sense of rightness; stay always upon that path and you will achieve your own life’s goal. For all have a goal for that life now being lived. I wish for all to discover what that goal is, to be enabled the opportunity, with that discovery, to take it beyond that life, and work toward discovering the challenges and goals of the next life. I urge you all to ask always for clarity, for the veils of disguise and distortion to be lifted so that you may always know the path that is right for your own taking.

I humbly place my life before you, documented with openness and truth. Speaking in my stead, these two generous companions have given us all the opportunity to continue this mission of awakening and growth. May you learn what it means to make choices, to be aware, to navigate life, and to consciously protect your right to choose, no matter what the circumstances.

On this eve of the great day of Thanksgiving that so many of you will be celebrating, I choose to continue the path that has always been right, not only for Jeanne Marie Ketchel, but for all of humanity, the path of evolutionary growth far beyond the confines of that earthly reality. Give thanks for the journeys you all take, for the choices you all make. Look with compassion and love upon all journeyers, and accept your own place in that life you now live as meaningful, evolutionary, and totally acceptable. Do not waver from your knowing of right spirit-centered direction, staying committed to that inner you who points out the path even though the day may be clouded over, fogged in, and the air barely breathable. So does your inner guide know, instinctively, how to proceed.

Trust this inner knowing, and invite now upon your self and your families, near and far, the ability to not only listen to this voice of right knowing, but to follow its guidance. May the world change as a result of your efforts. Happy Thanksgiving!