#180 Turn and Go Calm

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for today and during the weekend for all of us who read your messages?

Do not be frightened by my admonishments regarding the high energetic state that now resides upon that earth plane. This energy seeks to aid you in your growth, in spite of its devastating potential. Do not get caught in fear of it, but do stay grounded in your own inner state of turning away from it. Use this method now more often as you go into the weekend, and the next few days will result in a good time of incubation as you free yourself from the outside attachments and distractions and allow you inner focus to aid you. By turning away, even in simple gesture of movement, by, in fact, physically turning, will you invoke inner calm. Turn and go calm whenever you are approached by energetic forces that seek your attention, that seek to disrupt, or feed from your energy. Turn, pivot, swing away, and plant yourself solidly on the new ground of the inner self, calling upon your own calm to descend, and protect, and nurture you in this much more desirable state of being.

This is the practice you should attempt to master now as the time of culmination arrives on the horizon. As this time approaches must you seek this firm stance, this inner calm, and utilize this turning ability to its greatest potential, for it will be your most useful tool as the culmination approaches.

As I have continually said, do not be afraid. Do not lose your self as the tensions arise and the breaking point nears. Do not allow your old self to sabotage your good place that you have worked so hard to achieve. Remain firmly planted in your adult self, with your newly honed awareness ready to perceive and guide you; and utilize all the skills you have trained so hard to become your instinctual reactions. Allow your calm and balance, your innocence and gentleness, your compassion and love, to be foremost in your heart as you proceed now into the coming culminating force, the fracas that has potential to erupt, and the last ditch effort of this potent energy to affect you.

You know what to do. You know what your own goals are. It is up to you to protect yourself, to be in control, and to evade the invaders. Place your intent firmly in your being. Close your outer doors to the wind that grovels and the energy that seeks inroads to your inner center. Guard your sanctuary, your inner sanctum, and remain innerly focused, even if wars of one sort or another rage on about you. Decide now how you will weather the storm, and visualize your release from the fury of it. Turn your back, sweep the energy from your nearness, and stay focused on your path and the journey to come. This is good for the next few days. Look upon this time with excitement, but do not lose your focus, or your calm, they are vital skills that must be maintained. Use them to pull you back from the door as you listen to what is attempting to grab your attention on the other side.

Do not be pulled by the tantalizing sounds of the cries of big babies, or the sounds of dying and pain that will scratch and weep at your door. These are but temptations and desperate, hungry attempts for your energetic sustenance. Allow yourself the tools of detachment to be now most useful: turn away, go calm, maintain your balance, your moderation, and your focused intent upon the path that is right for you. Use these skills, and the groveling and weeping at your door will eventually slink away, seeking easier prey.

Be aware. Be calm. Be true spirit warriors, protective of all that you have thus far gained. See what happens!

A Note From Chuck:

Here Jeanne is giving us another skill, a physical shift that everyone can do in some way. By physically turning in another direction, with the intent to go calm, you leave behind everything that you were just experiencing. Physical turning, shifting, is a powerful energetic movement that will change your perception, shifting you right into another world, instead of staying attached to the one that is drawing you. Use your own specific focus to stay in calm, even saying to yourself as you turn, “Go calm.” Practice it often to access the calm inner world where everything is different. Turn, pivot, walk away, and you will abruptly change your perceptions and your world. This physical action is a very useful skill, and can be utilized in many situations, even when alone and feeling off balance. Turn and go calm. It really can be that easy.