#1 Ancient Ways

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for us today?

It is likely that the energy now upon the earth will sustain the calm for a short period, unless those who are in power act too quickly. In such a case will there be chaos. But there is now, in reality, the possibility for a momentary stability to hold things calm until after the first of the New Year. Then, will there begin to arise again confrontation and consternation regarding the world situation.

Regarding the Middle East is there much bloodshed, not only momentarily, but in the future. The future is red for that part of the world; a red January, as the areas of ancient times bleed away the life that now resides there. Ancient anger has been unleashed and bodes not well, for it sits not quietly, but stirs up anger and hides not from its enemies nor does it seek compromise. Instead, it speaks of territorial disputes and closed-minded controls that disregard the true freedom of all human beings and seeks to block the human spirit from developing further. Ancient ways, convoluted by man do not serve man well, but instead conceal and deliberately disregard the need for growth of both the human species and the spirit species. I speak of hardness of religions and false ideas that have no place in evolutionary development. Compassion and pure love of intent for all mankind and for all spirit evolution have long been buried beneath the sands of time. This is the problem that holds that section of the world so bound and unable to compromise or resolve the bloody issues that continue to arise and destroy. The conflict there will resolve many issues simply in its violent behavior, but it will not solve the true necessity of forgiveness and resolution to become true spiritual beings.

The return constantly of those in earthly conflict and religious fervor inhibits soul evolution. The Middle East is laden heavily with this prime example of which I speak, the backlog of souls is heavy upon that land and there is now great distress in that region as a result.

A lightening will not occur except by force of man, and his attempt to further dig in and retain his place in the Middle East in the fashion that has been maintained since ancient times will not resolve the issue, but further inhibit mankind from true evolution there. True evolution in that region requires releasing ancient ways and ancient restrictions upon the spirits of man so that souls bound to continued return may progress into new life.

Please talk about religions, for you seem to imply that religion is the cause of strife in the Middle East.

Yes, it is obvious, is it not? Though few dare to point this out, for it is not kosher to speak of religions as bad. But in my opinion, there is no doubt that the religions upon that earth have created a backlog of soul journeying, simply by requiring dedication to what man has created for man. This is not what spirituality was meant to be, man did not create spirituality, but man did create religions and by so doing categorized spirituality, causing disturbance both upon the earth and in the evolutionary world of true spirit. To ban religion from the world is too drastic a suggestion, yet is it also the only way to solve both the world’s problems and the lack of spirit evolution as it should be.

The intention of all time is that balance be maintained both in living-time on earth, and in all worlds adjacent, and in evolutionary progress. Man on earth was provided with all that he needed to have the journey there that was necessary. Each individual is given a life plan and is given the opportunity to evolve. Man himself created obstruction beyond the challenges that were first intended.

Originally, challenges of spirit were present, but as man regressed and continually ceased to evolve the challenges upon that earth increased. As challenges increased so did the backlog of souls upon that earth. As man became further embedded in life there he also became farther removed from the original intent and this became the dilemma to overcome. As man distanced himself further from the original truth of learning spiritual lessons upon that earth, so did he become more fully steeped in dark challenges of life upon that earth.

The earth became muddied, the ability to reconnect with spirit veiled, and the result has now become extremely critical. Man has forgotten his original mission upon that earth, so deeply caught has he become in preserving what he believes is important, his attachment to the things of that world. Until he reconnects with spirit will he continue to be attached to the things of that world, including the negatives.

Now is the time of great awakening, for much has become apparent to those who have been able to evolve. We are many soul groups, as I have said, who seek to alert mankind upon that earth that there is life beyond life. Our missions are many and encompass all walks of life, and planet, and mind, as well as spirit.

We are succeeding well in alerting the sleeping spirits, those who are already seeking us, and those who have received hints, wake-up calls, and notices that we exist, and that other worlds and new life do truly exist. Those who have had the great fortune to recognize us are being urged to continue working in this new field and to begin to understand that yes, truly is there growth potential in this area. Do not dismiss the signs you are given. Do not turn your back on your experiences. Do not silence your inner knowing.

Your experiences are from ancient times, as well as when prophets brought visions and miracles to the forefront of life and made them have impact. In ancient times was there trust in such occurrences, but as they began to bring fear to those who were not ready so did there begin to be fear as man ceased to remember that this was the way of life and the way it was meant to be lived.

The question of remembrance is currently a problem as well, though instances of resonance, and the wondering if there is not some connection that is being missed, has led many to reconnect with their own spirits and seek reconnect with the lost ways of visions and magic as it once had been common.

The only way to return to purity of spirit and purity of life on earth is to slowly allow the individual self to refuse the constructs of the mind, the attachments to earthly demands, and the pressure of others to conform, and instead to listen to the speaking of the inner spirit, and in time will there begin to be connection to true ancient ways, the truths of man’s reason for living and the truth of the individual path upon the earth.

Until the man-created ancient ways are removed, like huge walls tumbling, will there continue to be blocked access to the ancient truths I speak of. The ancient truths are hidden inside each and every human now upon that earth, yet are there, too, ancient walls inside each person that block these truths. Man is confronted with blocks both inside and outside and this has caused difficulty both in hearing and seeing, and trusting the small sounds of the inner spirit.

Until you are ready to detach from the common beliefs and attach to your own knowing will you have difficulties. The shedding of old garments and a reconnection with the naked truth of the inner spirit will allow for revelation of all that has been hidden. The world really is full of visions and magic and wonder, and it is available all the time, but man has been so blinded by all that has been placed before him that he cannot clearly see, clearly remember, or even clearly hear, all that is truly right before his eyes.

Too much science fiction you think? Well, begin to see around you that many now question and now seek answers. That scientists seek, the religious seek, the common man seeks most of all, for he has become tired of the progress of the life that is led upon that earth and he knows, instinctively, that there must be something else to life. What is it, he thinks, this can’t be all there is? Why can’t I figure it out? Well, he can, and the key is inside, in the trust in, and allowing of, all that is revealed as being true, and accepting that the mind does not know everything, but the heart truly does.

Listen to the speaking of your heart, your inner knowing. Train to feel, to recognize your intuitive knowing. All have this great power within. All have the ability to access what Jan accesses. There are many upon that earth beginning to gain awareness of this aspect of themselves, they are trusting their knowing, their visions, and their inner voice guiding them to the right path.

Follow the path that leads to awareness, follow the path that brings you back to your own knowing powers, and that brings you back to connection with your spirit and your spirit guides, for this is the way to evolve.