#105 Take Over the Steering of Your Ship

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message or word of guidance for us today?

Time to undertake now this journey you are on with concerted effort, diligence, and enthusiasm. Are you not riding your ship upon the waves of change? Are you not in the middle of life itself? Are you not finding yourself alone at the helm, where you should be? Well, accept the fact that you are in charge of your life, and there is no choice in that matter. Do you not live in your body, your vehicle upon that earth? Do you not inhabit it alone, with your spirit awakening inside you? Admit that you are there, upon that journey, upon those high seas, and those calm waters, and those raging turbulent swells for a reason.

Take over the steering of your ship. Direct yourself upon the course that is set, and allow yourself to truly live. Stop all the procrastinating, all the doubting, all the fearing, all the blaming, and all the crying. Accept fully now your journey, your place in life, and the course you are now on. Move now to make it work for you by enacting, not only change, but determination and conviction, with firm decision making, setting your sights on your highest good as your goal.

Be good citizens, not only of the world, but of your inner world, of yourself, and of your spirit. Become today the true self you wish to be, the self you are working so hard to be, and the self you imagine you will one day be. Be it now! Be all that you wish by enacting the necessary change, by accepting the known truth, by forcing yourself to take the first step in a new direction.

The energy of today, and I, Jeanne Marie Ketchel, who do offer you guidance, urge this upon you. Find your course, set your sails, plant your hands firmly upon the ship’s steering wheel, and firmly guide yourself now to the place you need and desire most. Do not look beyond yourself during this time of firm commitment to growth. Keep your focus and stay your course with your intent strongly pushing you forward on your journey. This is good for today. The energy desires firm commitment to growth. It desires steadiness and focus. It desires determination, but most of all it desires your spirit intent as the captain of your ship. Go with this energy for growth!

#104 Acquiesce to the Inner Self

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us all today?

Do not hesitate to embrace your own inner knowing. Though you may doubt its validity, do not doubt the truth of its voice. Though you may not wish to consider it, do not disregard it. Though you may consider it mere childish and wishful yearning, do not dismiss it, for the inner voice is the voice of truth, of reason, and of knowledge long held and long hidden, though your spirit has yearned for its expression.

Allow it now expression. Allow the experiences in your life to guide you to understanding its truth, spoken only to you, and tested on a daily basis as you follow the signs that seek to guide you. Your inner knowing does not seek to fool you, or to disarm you, but simply to allow you to flow more easily in your life.

Allow your life to flow more naturally now as you guide yourself along your path with your inner knowing as your compass and your innocence as first mate. Your ship will naturally follow the currents, and under the power of the energy upon the earth will its course be set and its journey effortless. You will meet controversy, and difficulty, and challenge, and hard times along the way, for that is life, but you will flow more easily if you allow yourself to flow with inner knowing as your guide.

Embrace your inner knowing and you will fully embrace your journey. Ignore it and your struggles will continue to hinder your progress. The best word for today is acquiesce, to the inner self, the inner knowing, and the inner guide. Allow this aspect of the self to fully emerge now. Trust it, embrace it, and see what happens as you flow with its guidance.

#103 Focus

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Stay focused. Stay firmly planted upon your path. Do not waver. Do not stray. Do not be pulled by what may cross your path or fly at you from out of nowhere. Do not become bogged down by minutiae, but instead forge onward into your future and your chosen path. You are leading yourself now with greater assurance, and your focused attention is serving you well. Do not doubt this or the course you have chosen, for all that you undertake is right for you now. Whatever choices you have made and decisions enacted must be fully owned, and accepted, and lived out in all manner of speaking in order to be fulfilling and give you sustenance for your continued journey.

Your way may not yet be clear, but it is direct, and all that is required now is continued focus.

#102 The Deeper Meaning

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message for us today?

Do not get caught by what you may perceive is going on around you, but investigate for the deeper meaning. The deeper meaning must relate to you and your journey, no matter what you are presented with. In the context of life, and presentation of life by others, must you continually ask the self for clarification and meaning relating to your journey. Keep the ego aside. Keep the desires aside. Keep the big baby quiet, and seek real meaning for yourself.

Your inner knowing will give you the answers though they may only be whispered, or difficult to decipher in the scrambled mix of inner chatter. Clear your own channel to yourself and allow the deeper meaning to become clear. Dig deeply. Take the shovel of your own curiosity and your own desire for inner knowing and dig deeply in the quiet of the self. All others around you must be placed upon the edge of your world, their needs, and desires, and problems on the periphery as you take your spade and quietly, with focused attention, dig a channel to your inner self and your deepest knowing. Here will you begin to hear, and to perceive, the meaning of all that relates to you in your life and on your journey.

Today is a good day for this contemplation. Allow for personal quiet and time of individual perception to be your focus for at least part of your day, or your evening. Withdraw with you shovel, and begin to dig deeper now. This is good, for what you discover may amaze you, or it may trouble you, or it may change your path abruptly, but no matter what treasure you dig up will it be the right gift to give yourself. Dig deeper for meaning in your life today. Examine everything you discover as if it had never been unearthed before, put it aside, and dig the next artifact of who you are, and seek the meaning of it, and so on. The excavation of the self is an extremely important aspect of growth. Do not deny this fact, but give it as a gift to your self. Pick a sturdy shovel and begin!

#101 Unscramble

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Unscramble now all that you know, all that you have received, and all that is placed before you. Decipher your life in the context of knowledge and balanced centered knowing, and resolve to fix your life so that your focus remains forward on growth.

Unscramble the meaning of my messages in your life. Find the significance of them. Unscramble the meaning of the signs in your life and abide by them. Unscramble your inner knowing and gain clarity now so that your direction and your progress are no longer hindered.

As you uncover your truths do not confuse yourself with new covers, but remain open and aware of yourself so that you may continually be available for clarity of vision, of knowing, and of purpose. Your life is under the direction of your own spirit, so take control and do not become bogged down by old habits. Your ability to gain clarity has been well tested already. Do not doubt this, but use it now to fully explore and enjoy life as you stay now focused on newness, on truth, and on your path of honesty with the self fully unveiled and adventuresome. Life invites you to live it fully now. And the energy of today invites you to take time to sort through the tangle of all that you have learned and absorbed through all these many messages. Organize, and gain clarity, and continue on, you good travelers. You are doing well. Continue your brave foray into the spirit self, into discovery of the truth, and of the real mysteries of life. See you down the road a way. Good journeying!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR