Chuck’s Place: Remote Viewing

Reach out and see what happens…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel taken at The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia

Jan and I spent a week at the Monroe Institute doing their Gateway Program, which uses advanced sound technology to induce Alpha and Theta brainwave states, the frequencies for out-of-body states, lucid dreaming and manifestation.

We were treated to extended meetings with Joseph McMoneagle and Paul Elder, the former of whom is considered the most evolved remote viewer in the world. Both had affiliation with The Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) Stargate Project, a psychic remote viewing program dedicated to locating such targets as hidden nuclear sites or finding important missing people.

The Stargate Project operated as part of US intelligence from 1978 to 1995 when, after all those years, the CIA disbanded the program, claiming that the psychic phenomenon of remote viewing had not been very useful. Interesting how many years it took to figure out how ‘worthless’ psychic ability is. I’m sure the Russians came to the same conclusion!

Remote viewing is a psychic ability that involves the viewer getting completely centered in their right brain, the physical download of the deep spirit self, where all things are connected as one, the home of all knowledge. From this place of all knowing the viewer describes and/or draws the scene that comes to them, which ultimately provides the physical location of a chosen target.

I’ve come to realize that all of life is a remote viewing of our future self’s promptings to notice, in the resonances and compulsions of our present lives, reflections of our soul’s intent. Too often we get caught in the near-sightedness and tumult of our present circumstance, missing or misjudging the broader clues of the puzzle pieces of our destiny as they bubble up in current life.

Indeed the person or circumstance we are currently fixated on is significant. On some level they are the current representatives of our soul’s greater intent. However, they may only be a step, a necessary challenge that must be mastered before our soul can bring greater focus to where we really need to go.

Too often we get too attached and misjudge a significant task as the fulfillment of our purpose in life. We resist the obvious signs that it is not really ‘the one’ we are really seeking. The energy that covets this projected reflection of our soul snares us and thus we are destined to journey into the abyss of illusion.

Oh, how wonderful those illusions are! We really should enjoy all our illusions. But when Spirit calls we do well to listen. As Joseph Campbell pointed out, sometimes ‘the call’ comes but once.

Suspend judgment. From a broader perspective all journeys are relevant way stations as we traverse the labyrinth of our soul’s intent. Turn instead with awe to the magic remotely presented and viewed in the unfolding movie of the Everyday of our Lives. Figure it out, and journey on!

View from afar,


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