Chuck’s Place: News For The New Year

Keeping the light alive…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Our blogs will venture into new arenas in 2017. My usual blog, Chuck’s Place, will continue to explore psychological, physical, and social interplays and synchronicities at individual and world levels. Jan and I will occasionally publish a blog on relationships, which we are affectionately naming The Monogamy Dialogues. Finally, I will be adding a new blog entitled Guidance From The Shamanic Line, which will address suggestions to those of our readers who are shamanically inclined and looking for guidance on an energetic dimension.

On that note, I offer this New Year’s suggestion: watch the new Netflix series, The OA. This series is like the shamanic Theater of Infinity, filled to the brim with jolts to the socialization system that keeps us in bondage. Outwardly, the world is rapidly moving into an extraordinary time of bondage with the forces of truth and light held in check. Powerlessness, however, opens up portals of extraordinary discovery. This is what the shamans call shifts of the assemblage point and discovering of the energy body.

In The OA the insinuation of the magical passes of Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity is blatant. The extraordinary sense of physical and emotional wellbeing achieved through rigorous practice, as well as a means to accessing the energy body, is beautifully captured. The value of the Petty Tyrant, the victimizer, as the one who forces the captives to lose their self-importance and become impeccable warriors in their intent is clearly outlined. Finally, the collective energy accessed through the magical passes to heal and overpower the dark side is strongly hinted at. These are evolutionary tools in a time of great planetary shift.

Of course, The OA is fiction, but what is fiction anyway but truth reimagined. If it grabs you, it may hold some truths to be discovered. The OA captures truths that are inherent in the human body, simply waiting to be accessed. These are not cognitive truths; these are experiential, energetic truths. And everyone must discover all truth for themselves.

The OA is intense, only go there is you are shamanically inclined. There are many roads to freedom. This is one of powerful adventure, no different from the most shattering of recapitulation journeys. In fact, it’s what the show clearly demonstrates, a recapitulation journey of outstanding impact.

Finally, we all look forward to the publication of Jan’s fourth book in the Recapitulation Diaries series, Place of No Pity, due in late February.

A Happy and Peaceful New Year to all,


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