Chuck’s Place: Remain Calm

Keep the flame alive... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Keep the flame alive…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

The ocean has many waves. A powerful wave will wash ashore, but alas, soon comes another—ceaselessly. All waves have something to contribute.

The Obama wave has been an unprecedented wave of change. The Hillary and Bernie waves followed in its wake, but clearly the undertow of these waves have given way to the Trump wave, a very powerful conservative counterpoint to the unprecedented changes of the past eight years.

This is the yin and yang of life. When the power of what rules the earth becomes so great that it swallows the light of the heavens, that light becomes sparks of light in the belly of the earth.

Those  sparks of light cannot be put out, but they must accept their humble position and keep the candlelight alive, shielded deep within the heart. That flame must be tended; it is the flame of the eternal and it resides within.

In a time of outer darkness, go inward and tend your inner flame, a flame which will never go out. Appreciate that the outer changes we are experiencing are part of nature too and must be respected and valued.

Those changes must happen, and in time the next wave will appear, and the flames tended now will coalesce into a collective light that will steady the course with unprecedented clarity.

No one is at fault here. We are all part of the same world. Sometimes consciousness takes the helm, sometimes nature’s imperative. We are finding our way to new balance. Hold loving kindness in your heart that we might hold together and embrace the wholeness of our mighty earth dream.

With loving kindness,


2 thoughts on “Chuck’s Place: Remain Calm”

  1. Thanks, Chuck. Your words are much needed. Here’s a Buddhist saying that you might know, which I’ve been holding on to:

    Hatred never ceases by hatred
    But by love alone is healed.
    This is an ancient and eternal law.

  2. Thank you Mark,
    All have had their freedom to express their will, and we must value the outcome of that freedom even if the collective will expressed is in such deep opposition to the values and vision one holds. We are at a 50/50 split that can and must find reconciliation to bring us into the correct relation to the Tao. Hatred will only further divide and split apart our world. We will find our way to love but the challenge is great as we face our great divide. Become the love activist now. Begin within, face the polarity of ego and nature within. Peace, Chuck

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