Kindle Update on Jan’s New Book

Here it is!
Here it is!

The Edge of the Abyss-Volume 1 is now available in both Print and Kindle editions! Simply click on the book cover icon in the left sidebar and you will be taken directly to the book’s page on Amazon.

We always invite our readers to write comments at Amazon and on our Riverwalker website and Facebook pages. Although we have elected to publish our books and let them go into the world in an energetic fashion, without advertising or self-promotion, we are fully open to the energetic flow of the universe in whatever way that unfolds. So, in all humbleness, we invite our readers to be energetically available to write reviews and spread the word in whatever way feels right, or not.

Volume 2 of The Edge of the Abyss will be published in the next couple of months. Jan has already begun work on the final edit.

Such an exciting time!

Thank you from both of us,
Chuck & Jan

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