Chuck’s Place: The Magic in You

Carlos Castaneda looked out at us and said: “Suspend judgment and see what happens.” That was in July of 1996 in Los Angeles. Fifteen years later, I can report that through suspending judgment a world of magic has revealed itself to me.

I am no longer restricted by the conclusions of the rational mind to interpret life and make decisions. I comfortably see that all things are interconnected and that guidance for my next move might equally come from a flip of the coin, from a song in my head or a pain in my body, or who I next encounter.

Suspend Judgment...

As I wrote this last sentence, a call came in from someone flabbergasted by a dream that literally sent them flying out of the dream into a bedpost. I see, in this synchronistic event, spirit affirming my intent in this blog to validate the magic and action of its intent. This is how I read energy, this is how I track spirit. My point here is that I let my life be guided by these occurrences; rationality is simply no longer comprehensive enough to reveal the full truth of the world.

This orientation may be my advantage as a therapist. Though I respect convention and state-of-the-knowledge, I find them way too limiting in their tools of healing. I find spirit’s guidance the true winning ticket.

I know that everyone who sits before me is guided by their spirit. I totally trust that. In fact, I am certain that spirit has had them encounter me at this time because I welcome spirit and validate its guidance. Much of what I do is help those who consult with me to recognize and appreciate the action and intent of their spirit for their own healing.

To arrive at this place we must first clear the debris of judgments that blur or misrepresent the facts in life. My flying dreamer questioned their sanity and wondered about the need for a psychopharmacological assessment. I helped them experience the awe of their spirit’s literal knock to awaken to change.

All that stands between you and the magic in you is the cloak of judgment sealing off the treasure within.

Suspend judgment, welcome the magic!


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