#88 Why

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Nothing is inconsequential. Understand synchronicity and chance happenings as having significance and meaning in your life. Your own perceptions may not be enough to guide you, and so you need outside influences in the forms of signs and guidance in order to navigate life correctly and to remain properly focused on your path. Do not dismiss anything in your life, but do seek meaning in everything. To consider even the smallest sign as inconsequential is to disregard a jewel of guidance.

Stay focused on intent and direction of your path. Remain centered, calm, and in balance in order to be alert to the signs that seek to guide you. Use the word why often in your day to question your journey. Why, why, why, may lead you to properly decipher your whereabouts. I offer this to you so that you do not miss an important meaning. For you everything is meaningful. Keep this always in mind and question why.

#87 Incorporate

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word or phrase for today’s guidance?

Incorporate now into your very being the meaning of life, real life upon that earth. Look to the self for explanation and exploration. Do not fault others, but seek only the incorporation of your own being now, all that you have learned, and all that innately lies within. Seek convergence, seek to pull together inside you all knowledge, and discover how to utilize it now in your life by becoming spirit oriented, spirit driven, and spirit knowing. Your fascination with receiving guidance is a big part of who you are. Do not forget this aspect of the self, the innocent true spirit self who knows all. Use this knowledge wisely as you incorporate all you have learned into your being and your life on that earth. This is good.

#86 Awareness is Key Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word or phrase to offer us for contemplation and guidance today?

Do not forget that Awareness is the key to everything. Remain alert to all that seeks to inhabit your consciousness and your realm of reasoning; all that seeks to inhabit your worlds, whether you inner world or your outer world, that does not belong there. Inhibit invasion into the territory of your sanity and your sanctity of purpose and spiritual growth. Awareness is Key Today as there is a layer of heavy veils hiding you from your focused intent. Beware!

#85 Mastery of Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a new word or phrase to offer as guidance today?

Contemplate the words thus far given and add this to the mix: Mastery of Life. Give yourselves permission to embed in your psyches this most important of life’s necessities: To get it right this time. You live upon that earth so make your life really count, so that you may truly and finally evolve into spirit energy. What do you need to do, what do you need to confront in yourself to master that life you now live? With Mastery of Life will you attain glorious results, both there, now, and in your afterlife. Seek resolution; seek Mastery of Life. This I give to you today to contemplate on a personal level. This is all about you, so keep it personal, turned inward.

#84 Cooperation

Dear Jeanne,
Yesterday you gave your readers a word to ponder and you said that you would give another word today. What word do you offer today?

The word of ponderance today is: Cooperation. Find this the vehicle to solving issues, problems, and the dilemmas that plague you. It is extremely useful in all situations and will lead you to discovery of the self as individual, yet as also part of the collective whole. Without cooperation is there no growth, no balance, and no future. Keep it simple, but keep focusing on what it means in your life. You give, you take, you cooperate in order for smoothness, balance, and facility in life. Cooperate today.