Who Are The Soul Sisters?

Jan Ketchel, BFA, CH
Psychic Soul Reader
Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Jan Ketchel is an artist, writer, and certified hypnotist. Years of deep personal practice, study, and experience—in yoga, meditation, Buddhism, Taoism, and her own healing process through the shamanic tool of recapitulation, as well as out-of-body exploration—comprise her knowledge base, allowing her to walk between worlds and yet remain solidly in this one.

Jeanne Ketchel (1954-2001), was a psychotherapist with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, a practitioner of Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity, and an out-of-body explorer. She was a gifted ballet dancer and held a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. During her lifetime she was an impeccable warrior, a quick learner known for her visceral ability to instantly recall and execute a complicated dance or a complex karate or tensegrity form. Jeanne in infinity is an impeccable spiritual teacher, offering guidance to many.

Jan and Jeanne connected on a soul level in 2002 when, three months after she died, Jeanne appeared to Jan during a night of deep personal suffering. She calmed Jan with her radiant energy and offered beneficial guidance. It was a transformative experience and the beginning of their deep, though highly unusual, friendship. The channel that opened between them that night remains vibrantly alive and active to this day.

The experiences described above have been written about extensively in The Book of Us and in The Recapitulation Diaries. Those books are available at amazon.com and may be ordered through our Store.

Jan and Jeanne are not related, except through their Soul Sister connection, though they did marry the same man, Chuck Ketchel, but at different times, of course! They are, however, of the same energetic ilk, a disposition that is decidedly evolutionary in intent. They have no intention of settling for anything less than the next big evolutionary adventure.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR