The Intent Of A Soul Reading

That we may all blossom...
That we may all blossom…

The intent of a Soul Reading, on the part of the Soul Sisters, is to gather as much pertinent information as possible and, without judgment or censorship, provide you with information that might be helpful to you, that you might continue your journey more in touch with your soul, more aware of its intentions, and more openly communicative with it on a daily basis.

The Soul Sisters are gentle, loving, compassionate, and fluid communicators, though they are also not above pointing out where difficulties might lie. Their overall intent, after all, is growth and evolution. Their greatest wish is for all beings to awaken to the journey of the soul and attain fulfillment in life. Aside from the intentions of the Soul Sisters, your own intentions for ordering a Soul Reading by the Soul Sisters will receive the utmost attention and importance during your Soul Reading session.

What you elect to do with your Soul Reading is your choice. You always have choice. In fact, your life is made up of a string of choices. The Soul Sisters value your freedom of choice and will never tell you what to do, though they always stress taking responsibility for the choices made and actions taken.

The Soul Sisters seek to provide helpful guidance for you to work with in your own manner or in the context of a healing modality, such as with a spiritual guide, counselor, or therapist.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR