What Is A Soul?

We all have an inner flame at our core...
We all have an inner flame at our core…

We are multidimensional beings, made up of our physical body, our energy body, and our spirit. At the core of these selves is our soul.

The Physical Body: We are most familiar with ourselves as human beings, as physical matter. This is our outer layer, the animal part of our being that is governed by DNA and deeply instinctual processes. It discovers and interacts with the world through the five senses. We reside in this physical body throughout our time on Earth and leave it behind when we die.

The Energy Body: If we turn our attention inward we become conscious of ourselves as something other than matter. Our energy body self, though unseen and untouchable, resides in our physical body and is fully active and participatory in every detail of our lives. Expressed through our mental thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, and our creativity, it survives the death of the body.

The Spirit: Our spirit is a knowing and wise self. Residing at a deeper realm than our physical and energy bodies, this wise self is also present as we take our journey through life, guiding us and challenging us, coming to our rescue when we are in need. We may hear the voice of this wise self speaking to us very clearly during deep meditation as well as when experiencing trauma or extreme stress. It is often called the voice of reason, a calm, knowing, sober and absolutely certain voice. It’s the voice that tells us the truth, the voice that we sometimes disregard and might later declare that we should have listened to!

The Soul: At our deepest core is our soul, the being we are through all of our many lives. It is our greater wholeness, our oneness, containing all that we are and all that we have ever been. It is with us now and resides beyond us as well. It is our soul that has designed the life we are currently living. The soul is eternal.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR