What Is A Soul Reading?

We are rooted and yet equally free to explore the greater mysteries...
We are rooted in our lives and yet equally free to explore the greater mysteries…

During a Soul Reading, Jan sees, reads, and writes down information related to a soul’s journey. Although each Soul Reading is different, problem areas in your life may be addressed. A Soul Reading may suggest means and methods of achieving your goals and intentions.

A Soul Reading may tap into the journey of your soul through its many incarnations as well as the central challenge or problem it has assigned you in your current lifetime. This might be defined as karma: The reason why you are here and the work to be done. With this perspective in mind, the meaning of events and relationships in your current life may come into clearer focus in a Soul Reading, especially as you search for meaning and try to figure out why things are the way they are and what you have the opportunity to resolve and fulfill in this chapter of your infinite journey.

A Soul Reading may clarify past lifetimes. A Soul Reading may reveal the bigger picture of your individual journey, suggesting why you are here, hinting at your fuller potential beyond your personal history and your human experience. A Soul Reading may offer you a glimpse of yourself as a transcendent being on a far more expansive journey.

A Soul Reading has the potential to change your outlook on who you are and how you have thus far lived, especially as you begin to open your heart and mind to greater energies and deeper awareness, inside and outside of you.

A Soul Reading by the Soul Sisters offers deep psychological exploration with plenty of practical guidance for resolving issues and discovering meaning and purpose in everyday life. A Soul Reading by the Soul Sisters may also touch on the deeper truths of the self, explore innate potentials, and awaken inner wisdom. Soul Readings by the Soul Sisters are modern in language, idea, and content, yet they also tap into the ancient aspects of who we all are: Spiritual beings having human experiences.

A Soul Reading by the Soul Sisters never imposes, requests, or in any way commands or demands that you do or act in any specific way. Neither you nor your soul are compromised, injured, or taken advantage of by the Soul Sisters.

A Soul Reading is not a Soul Retrieval. A Soul Retrieval is a shamanic process whereby a shaman journeys to find a lost part of your soul and returns it to you. A Soul Reading, on the other hand, accesses information from the soul dimension that could be useful for you to know at this time in your life.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR