More About Soul Reading

Consideration of all the details...
Consideration of all the details…

During a Soul Reading, all of Jan’s senses are tuned to gathering incoming impressions from Jeanne and transcribing them, as clearly as possible, into words on paper. After a session, she will often recount other things that flew by too quickly to write down, including images, songs, smells, tastes, colors, etc. Synchronicities in the environment or unusual physical sensations in Jan’s body are also taken into consideration. She takes a holistic approach to the process of Soul Reading and considers everything that comes through as meaningful in some way.

Metaphor plays a role in Soul Readings. Sometimes a vision that comes through during a Soul Reading might tell a story that is metaphorical in nature, containing a lesson or making a point, at other times a vision might represent reality. It is often only the recipient who will be able to know the difference. Whether metaphor or reality, it’s the message that’s important.

Symbols also play a key role in Soul Readings. A study of symbols and their meaning is often advised, looking for what might have personal meaning but also taking into consideration a broader psychological, historical, and/or spiritual context. For instance, a clock might mean that it’s time to hurry up, to stop procrastinating and use time better, but it might just as well indicate that something will only be revealed over time, and so patience is necessary.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR