How Is A Soul Reading Done?

From the soul realm to you...
From the soul realm to you…

Soul Readings by the Soul Sisters are handwritten messages from the soul realm. They are done remotely. No in-person session is required. After many years of experimenting with different models, Jan has discovered that this model works best as she is able to go more deeply into trance for longer periods of time than when in the presence of others and the resulting communication is far superior in its depth and quality than when sitting and channeling in person.

To begin the process, you will be asked to submit a question. Typically, three hours are set aside to complete your Soul Reading. During this time, Jan is sequestered and totally focused on your question and the additional information you will be asked to provide about yourself.

Jan begins your Soul Reading session by going into trance. She doesn’t do anything special except relax and ask her ego to get out of the way so she can be open and available. Years of practice have enabled her to quickly detach from the world and slip into a deep meditative state.

Once trance is achieved, Jan discusses your question with Jeanne, her Soul Sister connection on the other side. Jeanne, as an evolved Bodhisattva-type being, committed to awakening others to the importance of the soul’s journey, has access to knowledge beyond ordinary reality.

Communication between the Soul Sisters is telepathic: nonverbal perception not limited by time and space. Jan reports that she does not sense her physical body or see in this world. Her attention is completely focused on capturing what comes through, as she perceives words and quickly writes them down. In most cases, Jan also receives visions, what she describes as multidimensional, multimedia, multisensory picture shows that appear before her. What is shown to be most important is quickly extrapolated from the mix and written down as well.

Jan’s challenge is to translate nonverbal communication and non-time-space imagery into human time-space understanding as quickly and as accurately as possible. Such translation involves, as Robert Monroe describes in his book Far Journeys: “…the transposing of non-time-space events and ambience into replicas of conscious human physical experience.”

Jan relies on Jeanne to connect her with the soul dimension and to maintain a clear channel while she downloads information. Jan utilizes her own inner visual acuity, her ability to remain calmly centered and undistracted for long periods of time, her vast knowledge of the spiritual realm, as well as her own expertise in travels through non-ordinary reality to hone in on and accurately capture and describe what has the most relevance and meaning.

All Soul Readings are given the time and respect they require. Jan is conscientious, sensitive, and real. She is only interested in discovering the truth. She and Jeanne take your soul and your questions very seriously. All questions and Soul Readings are private and confidential.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR