Soul Readings

Once upon a time an unusual friendship blossomed

The Soul Sisters, Jan Ketchel and Jeanne Ketchel, have collaborated since 2002 producing written channelings, audio channelings, and many in-depth question and answer conversations with Chuck Ketchel. Many of these insightful messages have been published on our Channeling page. In addition, our daily Soulbytes, posted each morning on our Channeling and Facebook pages, provide thoughtful guidance from the soul plane for the day ahead.

Please note, although Jan has access to the kinds of information that people generally address to mediums or psychics, neither she nor Jeanne contact loved ones who have passed, nor do they predict the future. There are many mediums and psychics who specialize in making such contact and predictions. In contrast, the intent of the Soul Sisters is growth and evolution.

Thus, the focus of a Soul Reading by the Soul Sisters is the journey and the intention of the soul. In their communications the Soul Sisters seek to bring us all closer to our kind, loving, and compassionate selves. They teach us how to open our hearts and our own channels, how to become conscious and aware beings ready to more fully give and receive in the life we are now living.

We encourage you to explore the process of Soul Reading in these pages before ordering a Soul Reading so that you understand what a Soul Reading by the Soul Sisters is and what it is not. If you decide you would like to order a personal Soul Reading by the Soul Sisters we are ready to receive you!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR