#8 Alignment

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

I speak of alignment, both in the individual life, and in all things upon that earth. For centuries, has alignment had impact, as there has been eternal interconnectedness, both in the past and stretching also into the future. For all things are connected and have impact on all other things, both upon that earth and beyond that known reality.

Find your balance daily. This I speak of often, for it is the way to learn to perceive your own world differently, to begin to understand that there is a vastness that lies beyond your own little sphere, your own little world, and it is available for your exploration. But you will have little access to it if your balance upon that earth is not maintained.

By balance, I mean, not only the placing of one foot in your earthly reality, and one foot in your inner reality, as I have spoken of, but also placing your entire body state in conjunction, in alignment, with all else in the universe. Your own universe, your own world, requires this of you, but so does the greater reality of all worlds expect this also of you. For your alignment affects all other alignments upon that earth, even as your energy does. You have affect upon that earth far greater than you can imagine.

By your insistence in staying local, in your world of trouble and dispute, of discontent and disharmony, do you disregard all that surrounds you and in so doing do you disrupt the flow of life as it is meant to be.

Do not stand so solidly stuck. Begin to look around you, beyond your own troubled self, and begin to alert your keener self to all that surrounds you. Your world is but a microcosm of the greater world. Begin to understand that balance in your own micro world will spread its energy to the micro worlds that surround you, and as this energy spreads so does the world become better balanced, and alignment begin to take place, as all things upon that earth are affected by the displacement of imbalance, and the new balance that is created affects all in nearness.

As this phenomenon spreads so is there adjustment taking place on other levels of reality. As you begin your own process of alignment, thinking even of your own spine as needing adjustment, even by simply standing straight, aligning your own body, so that you begin to notice that your balance becomes better and your inner calm finds a resting place in your body, so will you notice that, in so doing, have you changed your outlook and your internal energy as well.

As you do this so do you begin to change your expectations too. Your life now has awareness of expectation. What now? Now that I have found this balance, what else is there for me to discover? This is your awareness waking up to possibility and, as this happens, so will you begin to understand what I mean when I speak of alignment on a greater scale. For now are you alert to the universe; you become expectant and desirous of experience beyond your own microcosm, and you become ready for it simply by being aware.

Think of alignment in life as learning to accept the aspects of life that approach you daily as new steps on your journey. Do you choose to become weighted down by them? Do you choose to let them bother you so that you lose your balance and your place of alignment? Or do you choose to swiftly access them, and deal with them with new awareness? To do so is to remain in alignment, aligned with your life as it flows, and you flow with it.

For I have spoken often of life as a journey, and yet is life also a river that flows rapidly alongside you every day of your life. There are many things in that river that you desire, that you jump in to grab, to attach to, and to experience, because you must have or experience them. There are many things of beauty, and many dangers, too, in that river, yet do you desire them, and risk everything for them. But, as time passes, the river and its treasures may become less important and less appealing.

You may begin to prefer the path alongside the river for your journey now. You may begin to find that you are less drawn to the bounty of the river, and discover that calm walking is more to your liking. In such a case, are you experiencing alignment and understanding that you can let most of what the river offers flow past, that you don’t really need what it offers, and in fact, your life will flow better as you allow the river to flow past with its goodies, for they no longer appeal to you, nor do you wish to experience such things any longer.

If you choose to walk the calm path beside the river, and even though it swirls and entices you and beckons you to leave the calm shore, yet do you not attach to its enticement, so have you achieved good balance and the beginning of alignment with all things. As you allow the river on one side to go its merry way, and the energy of possibility and awareness on the other side to become known, so do you live in balance and harmony, learning to discern that which is important to attach to, what is important to detach from, and what is important to open up to. In this new state, will you become a Riverwalker, and you will walk in harmony with me and my group, who offer you this opportunity to live life differently now, with a calm pace, as you walk this new path between your old reality and your new possibility.

Do not be afraid to leave the things of the river in the quick pace of it, for they will not go unused. But do decide whether or not you are done with them, and whether or not you have put back all that you once needed and desired, fully aware that you no longer need it, and aware that you are choosing now a new pace of life. I show you this path that winds beside the river as a new way of life. It has been here all along, not as a refuge, but as a known path that you have had access to all along, but you had to be ready for it, for it is a path that will lead you eventually away from the river of life as you know it and introduce you to new life.

Find your way today to alignment in some small way that is meaningful to you. Seek your own calm place beside your own busy river, and sit a moment upon a bench and allow the vicissitudes of life to flow swiftly past as you take a moment to discover what calm in your own life may mean for today, but also for your future. Begin a healing journey with me as we explore what all of this means. I invite you to come along on a path of discovery and truth like no other upon that earth. Remember; trust all that you are given. This will help you as you embark on a new journey with me as a true and steady Riverwalker. Welcome!

#7 Lone Contemplation

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Back down now to quiet contemplation as life around you begins to hibernate again after the flurry of holiday celebrations and expressions of human desires. Now, refocus potential inward, on spirit desires, and spirit growth. The time of contemplation now upon you and present, awaiting awareness, is of long duration. For this is now a time of lone silence as the world begins to deteriorate and show its ancientness and its own desire for evolution.

In this time of lone contemplation, find your own spirit desires in the midst of removal from the disasters about you. Find inner silence and let it guide you, so that your time upon that earth will be meaningful and helpful, upholding not that which no longer matters, but only that which now requires notice and nurture.

Find in your inner and outer balance the place of firmness that will enable you to remain aware and cognizant of both the outer world around you and the inner world of your individual spirit. Claim your turf, for it will be necessary to have stable ground upon which to view and work from, in order to maintain your awareness of vast outer reality and vast inner reality. To see clearly, from your balanced vantage point, will bode well for your ability to surpass the dread and despair, and instead, focus on future evolution in an outer world greatly changed, and in your own evolving inner world.

I foresee great change already happening upon that earth far into the future, but also already enacted upon that earth. Do you not notice your world is different now? Do you not hear the news-speak and have knowledge of the impacts of man and manmade products upon that earth? These are the messages that bring you knowledge, not only of the world around you, but also point out the validity of that which I speak of, that now is the time to point in a different direction, to no longer uphold that which man has determined is right, but instead, begin to uphold that which the inner spirit knows is right.

Allow the world around you to change as you change. For your own desire for change will bring about the proper connection that the earth so desires. Your own instigation and investigation of your own inner spirit will, in the long run, connect to over-imbalance of that which man has too long let loose upon that earth. I speak of greed and rampant disregard of the gifts of the earth, the unnecessary holding and taking of that which does not belong to any man, but to all men, and all who reside upon that earth.

This, the true inner spirit knows and seeks to rectify. The true inner spirit is a kind, compassionate, and healing spirit deeply interested in the evolution of the individual, and in turn, all mankind upon that earth.

This new year that you now step foot into asks for quiet contemplation as you tread lightly and gently upon the path that leads you forward. This new phase of life requests respect for all as the journey begins, and as it proceeds, with possibility for change and the potential for all to begin a new life. Focus now on spirit and you will find that you are guided correctly.

Begin your new year with inner contemplation and meditation, first, within the self, centering and balancing the physical self with the spirit self. Then, proceed outward, with awareness of your immediate surroundings, and bring that personal space into balance with the inner self. Lastly, include not only your own little world in your balancing act, but the greater world, as well. Pull the greater world into balance with your own spirit, and in this manner will you, and others who are able, have affect upon all that happens in the future.

For retain the knowing, that your own personal energy affects all that is in your nearness and all that is distant from you, too. For energy is but waves that flow outward and outward and ever outward. But energy also is captivating, and the possibility exists to draw in energy that is useful and necessary for a successful life upon that earth. To have affect must you become responsible for your own personal energy first, and then will you affect, positively, all energy, if you so desire. You may also affect negatively, if you so desire, and that, too, is always your choice.

How do you see yourself in that world? As insignificant? I doubt that, for all have ego, and this is the catalyst to allowing yourself to have true impact upon that earth. If you allow that ego to turn inward, into spirit energy, so do you give your ego the opportunity to have far greater impact, both upon the self, and the world at large.

Turn your disturbing ways now inward. Turn your sadness, and your disgruntled ego spirit inward, now, and become focused on building energy, and awareness of your spirit potential, and your world potential. Begin to have impact. Begin to give yourself permission to have positive affect upon the world, and you will discover that your balance will right itself, and your place will become more clearly visible as you allow for the possibility of all energy to flow in you, from you, and to you for a true spirit inhabitation upon that earth, with your focus, now forward, to change, and to evolution of a new sort.

The world awaits the energy of all mankind to shift, from the self-centered ego place of oblivion to the spirit-focused state of inclusiveness, and understanding that all have impact. How do you choose to have impact? Where do you determine your energetic place is going to bring you? Do you decide? Yes, you do.

#6 Balance Your Surfboard

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message for humanity today?

Look now at this peak, as the year ends and a new one begins, not as a final aspect of life for a time, but as the beginning and continuation of all life. For life does not end, but is in continual flow, with ebbs and surges, as the ocean ebbs and flows. This is a time of surge now, as a wave surges and soon crashes upon the shore. Seek time to contemplate how you will handle the crashing of the wave upon the rocky shore, upon the sandy beach, or upon the grassy marsh that is your life. Do you reside in rough circumstances? Do you reside in smooth area now, of a life that is kind and slow? Do you reside in troubled times?

Find your equilibrium first, before you react to the circumstances in your own life, as this time of surge breaks into crashing waves upon the shore. Balance yourself on the surfboard that is your daily life and ride the waves now with balance. In this manner will you find that even the biggest wave may carry you far, and you will have neither fear, nor harm, if you can maintain your even balance. To be unstable, unprepared, and awkward upon that surfboard that is now your life will teach you much that you need to know. So, do not worry if your equilibrium is not perfected, and if you fall into the waves and find yourself ground into the turbulence that ensues, so will you learn that life will take you where you need to go anyway.

I teach balance to those of you now upon that earth, for it is necessary in order to more smoothly ride the surf, and flow through life, and avoid the collision course that life may urge upon you. But with firm balance are you better able to grip your board and survive well the thrills and trials of life.

I have warned that the times of lull will soon pass and that life will take on a new aspect of danger, and choices will be presented. With equilibrium and balance, with moderation in all things in that life will this new phase of deliberate awakening be better accessed and better approached. Do not worry as I speak of such approaching storm, for it is inevitable. The world now needs and desires change, and what the world wants, the world gets, and man must learn to accept and flow with the changes.

As you find your own balance in your own life, both in your external worldly life and in your internal spiritual life, so will you discover, that no matter what occurs outside of you, so will you be better prepared, and the impact will be as the flow of the ocean, and the riding of waves upon the shore will become natural and your ability to surf will develop well, and your natural talent to navigate that which comes into your life will innately and instinctively guide you to safety.

Do not run from the thrill of life upon that earth. Even as I urge you to go innerly, so do I also urge you to participate in as much life as you need in order to fulfill your duties there. Be the person you must be, for that is how you will evolve. Follow your muse, your own spirit, at all times, and live your life to the fullest. You will be impacted by the rightness of your spirit as you go, guiding you correctly and well, and bringing you to a place of universal love, compassion, and understanding, where life will eventually smooth out, and your vision will become clearer as the rough seas calm down. Eventually, will you walk upon the shore in calmness, in equilibrium, that will indicate your maturity into a life of true harmony, both with your own spirit, and the world around you.

I am not inclined to tell you much more today, except that I request a calm approach from your centered self, in everything you undertake. Watch the world around you, and learn detachment in order to learn the balance I speak of. In this manner will you function and grow to a point of perfect balance. Happy New Year, my sweet traveling companions! Be safe, be joyous, but remain always spirit focused, in your inner place of calm, and you will do well.

#5 All Things are Possible

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Go now vigorously into new life! Do not berate the self for that which has passed, but instead, move forward now, gathering momentum that will propel you forward into the study of possibility. The trust in possibility will guide you as you discover both the signs that appear to guide you and your own knowing of rightness and truth in your life. Find always your equilibrium, your calm balance, and work from this place of internal calm. Your place in the world will thus reflect this, and your doings will be impacted. Your living, your attempts to progress, both in that world and in your inner world will be also impacted by your calm state of balance.

Be open always to possibility. This means learn to trust that you are daily offered the opportunity to experience connection, to be guided correctly, and to have experiences that are meaningful, both to your spirit now on earth, and your continued evolution in infinity.

Trust all the gifts that you are given. Do you dare to acknowledge what your spirit strives to point out to you? Do you dare to accept guidance? Do you dare to trust that what you are now learning is truly meaningful, not only for this moment of reading, but also in your daily life, your reality?

Look at your world differently now. Do you wish for change? Then, opt for change and you will receive the signs that lead you to newness. The choice is yours. Do you choose to take a step, even a small step in a new direction? Please, I offer you this knowledge: that all you need to do to progress into new life is to dare, and to begin by stepping forward into that new life. Once you make even a tiny step do you then open the door to possibility.

All things are possible. Do not ever doubt this. Keep this as a mantra as you go into life, for it will enable you to begin to trust the signs that point your way, and allow you to accept them as important steps. With the door to possibility wide open are you offered glimpses into, not only your own future growth, but also the possibilities that exist for all mankind. But, the key remains choice, your ability to choose change, and to dare to accept it as it is presented to you.

Many in that life on earth prefer to remain in oblivion, unaware of their own spirit knocking on the door and asking to be released. Many prefer to keep the awakening spirit asleep or in quiet slumber, because the spirit requests change and presents challenges that may disrupt the steady life that one considers so important. But, does that life without spirit energy really offer anything fulfilling? That is the question that all eventually are presented with. The answer lies waiting. Many answer the question with renewed attachment to life on earth, digging deeper into the desires and platitudes that life on earth presents daily. Many others begin to hear their inner spirit as it wakes up and asks for acknowledgement, and desires expression, and not only voice, but action.

There comes this time in life for all, sometimes early, sometimes late, sometimes not until the very last moment of life upon that earth, but at all times is it possible to grasp hold of that spirit energy and live it. There is, at all times, the possibility of this spirit growth and spirit change to come awake inside you and guide you on your individual path.

Continue your quest to understanding how your own spirit works and how it offers guidance. For each of you have within you the possibility, and the capability, to hear what it is saying and to pay attention and to follow it, if you dare. Remain always calm and balanced, and in this state will your own inner voice become clearer to you, and may you dare to listen and to begin your own further awakening. Be brave. This is good.

#4 Rediscover Gravity

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message today?

Resolve issues of the self as you continue your journey, for all life upon that earth is part of a greater journey, the journey of the soul, the ancient spirit in all of us that gathers its energy daily and seeks experience there to fulfill its needs. Seek to resolve issues that block you from fulfilling this journey you now live. In your daily life resolve to notice, and attempt to tackle, with open awareness all that keeps you bound to old ways. In order to evolve, to complete a lifetime upon that earth, with truth and honesty must one make the decision to understand the meaning of that life more fully.

Discover gravity again. By this I mean, discover the reason for your own being on that earth. Discover why you are so firmly planted there now. Find your center, your calm center, and work outward from there investigating your lifeline and discover why you are there, what you have learned, and who you must become, for all have still the possibility of becoming more. This is part of evolution. You do not stop unless you choose. Do you say, I am a such and such, and stop there? Or do you choose to continue discovering who you are again and again? This would be the evolutionary choice. But first must one begin a process of recapitulation, re-grounding upon that earth, to clearly understand your journey thus far. To be open to continual growth must one be able to move onward, unburdened of all that has befallen one in that life. And this aspect of growth involves the clear understanding that what has befallen you on your journey was meant to be part of your learning, and part of your growth as well. Do you choose now to see yourself as a warrior, on a journey of the soul that encompasses who you really are?

I invite you to take an evolutionary journey with me and the many soul-journeyers who have chosen the evolutionary path. Once you have rediscovered your own gravity, understood your own lifespan, and clearly understand the path thus taken, then can you begin to unburden yourself of that earthly gravity and begin to experience other worlds where such gravity does not exist or weigh you down.

To begin experiencing life in a different manner is a fine way to begin the new year that is soon upon you. To understand life in a new way, to charge yourself with beginning life now as a true warrior, whether man, women, or child, but as a strong contender to live life with awareness now, is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy that life, for it is where you now stand and what you now need to accomplish for the completion of your soul. Allow your ancient spirit to guide you; even as I offer guidance so do you have within your own innate guide to lead you where you need to go. Learn to question your life differently now. Do not ask why is this happening to me with despair, but ask with wonder and anticipation. Fulfill your chores of that life and move quickly to your next task, evolve daily, if possible, and you will find that your life will take on, not only new meaning, but also new direction and joy.

I encourage you all to begin this journey now with me. I invite you into my world of adventure and growth. Be brave, my daring companions. You are not alone. We await your participation on this new journey. All of this is good.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR