#169 Remain the Firmly Seated Buddha

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short note of guidance for us today?

Watch your moods, your swings, your elations, your joys, and your quiet moments of deep reflection for deeply felt resonance as you go throughout your day. Be alert, at all times, to signs as you recapitulate, reliving as you live, going back into your past, yet also forward into your day, attending to your daily tasks. Remember that you are always being tested, being shown what you need, and even being prepared to receive what you most need. Do not falter in your progress. Do not pile upon the self faults, or attempts to sabotage your progress, for all work is progress. Even as you take a step forward, may you slip back a bit, but this does not mean you have failed. Recapitulation and life work hand in hand, teaching you daily what you need to know.

Accept the process of recapitulation, and you accept the process of growth. The energy of now, of this week and the next, is full of gullies and hidden caves where your attention may wander, and your focus may fix upon. Far better to turn your gaze inward and remain upon the focused steady inner path than be drawn outward to explore these energetic cauldrons of desire and distraction. Remain the firmly seated Buddha even as the energy seeks to dissuade you from your focused intent. Watch the energy around you. It will seek you out, but that is not your concern. Just because it seeks, does not mean that you must acknowledge its presence. It offers nothing, though it will attempt to persuade you that it has pretty, tasty wares to please your every need. Turn inward, rather than reach out your hand to its plentiful offerings.

Allow your firmly seated calm to remain your anchor now as you weather the energetic pulls that are coming now in greater force. Be aware that this planetary activity will have affect upon your energy, and your personal calm, if you allow it to disrupt your quiet reverie. There is much that such energy seeks to convince you of, that you need it in order to grow, but that is not the case. Turn inward, and away from the tempting winds of such energy.

Inner calm, inner balance, inner focus will aid you as you go now into the coming days and weeks. Use your recapitulation as your focus. This will help you maintain your inner calm. It is a tool for growth, but use it also as a tool to prevent influence from outside to interfere in your growth. Use your recapitulation process to protect you from the distractions the universe will present, but use it, most intensely, to discover your own truths. That is your true intent now, and this you must remain steadily focused on as you go forward, daily, step-by-step, seeking new life, and new light.

I offer my advice, and though you may not recall all my words, seek to remember to turn inward and do the work of the self, repeating this mantra: Recapitulation will be my freedom.

#168 Sit Beneath Your Own Tree of Knowing

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of enlightenment and guidance for humanity today?

Sit quietly now, in calmness, as you read my message. There is a process of growth that all must undertake. This involves learning the qualities of the great Buddhist monks, of calm interaction with all things upon that earth, but most importantly, with all that struggles inside, as well. There is no gain if no struggle ensues. Do you not wish for enlightenment and growth? My sole purpose, and the purpose of my mission group, is to bring awareness, and to alert you who reside upon that earth plane to all that exists to aid you on your journeys. Your greatest aid, and your greatest accomplice is your own knowing. This is what we seek to teach you about, to teach you that it exists, and that you are fully capable of accessing it, at all times.

When I speak of challenging yourself daily, so do I do this with the intent of aiding you to learn your own awareness techniques, those that suit you best, and are viable options in the world you now live in. I offer a great many techniques, tools in fact, that you are given the option to use, to test, and to apply, if they resonate with you.

My guidance is freely offered, and you also are free to try it out for your own higher good, but I cannot convince, or force anything upon any of you. It is up to you to take on the challenges I pose. I offer techniques to deal with fear, with change, with distractions, and with the process of recapitulation. These, along with accessing you own inner knowing resonance, are tools that will give you further access to abilities you may yet only have an inkling of. Guidance freely offered, may challenge as much as guidance that you pay a lot of money for, yet do I not desire payment, or any allegiance. I offer what I know, and offer it through goodness of intent.

Beyond the focus of the self is there much more to access, both beyond that life, and from your grounded place in that life. This I seek to alert you to, so that those now upon that earth, those who stumble, those who desire, and those who seek may all have equal opportunity for growth.

There is no growth without hard work, and this I also have been training you to accept. Though stumbling blocks may arise, though distractions may insert themselves into your life, do not allow such interference to pull you too far from your path. I offer, now, today, this guidance: be firm in your own direction, be steady upon your own path, reach forward to your growth, which lies but a few feet out of your reach, and seek to catch up to it, one step at a time. Focus your intent, not outside of you, but always inside of you, seeking what is most resonant and helpful as you continue your journey.

As you do your recapitulation, as you test this area of growth, and begin the process with daily small steps, remind yourself often of that plane you seek, that inner calm that you already know exists, for it has been your companion before. Your recapitulation will remind you, perhaps not gently at all, but with a full force gale, that you have, within you, memory of everything you need to know. Accept your memories as necessary growth-oriented steps that will lead you, not into darkness, but always toward the light, and the place of inner calm, and inner knowing.

I continue to challenge you to growth, change, and the work of the self, with firm conviction and concerted efforts to by-pass, reject, and consciously disregard the outside feeders of your energy. Remain focused on the greater intent of your journey upon that earth as you recapitulate, and discover your inner truths. Do not shy from truth, for then will it but remain a cog in the wheel of progress and continue to interfere in your growth.

Stay in your calmness as you continue your trek upon that earth, as you rediscover who you are, and as you challenge yourself to grow and tackle the greater issues that seek your energy. Use your inner knowing, your calm steadiness, and your awareness of truth as your anchors, even as Buddha, and his followers do use such anchors in their own lives.

Your balance at all times is essential as you continue your journey. There is no other journey to take, my friends. For in truth, if you don’t find your path to your inner truths, facing them, and working your way forward to a greater sense of self this time, may you only have to do it again. That I, personally, can attest to, for, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, did I have the great task of completing my time upon that earth, and, believe me, it was quite a task. Often times, did I wish to shrink from the work of it, but in the end, my greatest task, my evolutionary growth, became my livelihood; and that I pushed myself to excel at, for I had within me the knowing of possibilities other than that life on earth.

I urge you all to consider your own future potential. Though I speak often of hard work and decision making, as you progress so must you remember that in energetic form is that term, “work,” quite a different experience from how you now perceive it. Life, and eternal life, reside side by side, but energetic form makes all the difference.

Today, I challenge you to grab on to your intent to grow, and sit beneath your own tree of knowing, and go deeply into the journey of the inner self, and see what you discover. Test the practices of the Buddhist way of calmness, for even as there are many such techniques so is this one quite easy to visualize and enact. Visualize your calm state of knowing, place your intent deep into your center of balance, and dare yourself to grow a little further on your path today. Sit in quiet contemplation, in centered, balanced calm, though there swirls around much that seeks your attention, and would love to feast upon your tasty energy. Go into inner quiet, and remain there, doing the work of the self, and you will do well.

#167 Take the Recapitulation Road

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Do not hesitate to take the Recapitulation Road that awaits you. Your future lies ahead, yet must you travel this road of the past in order to be fully aware and capable of living your future fully, and wholly. Whether you choose to hurry along it, or take it slowly, so must you not miss all that lies waiting along its wayside, upon its banks, and along its curves and stretches. There is no road more important to take in that life, for this road will lead you to discover and uncover the mysteries and the hidden truths of the self. Only then can you truly exist upon that earth, in readiness for evolutionary growth. Otherwise, are you stuck, and more or less doomed to repeat your hard-earned experiences in one form or another.

Aid yourself by bravely choosing the Recapitulation Road over all others, and in so doing aid the future of the planet, and partake in the evolutionary potential available to you. Your stubbornness, your reluctance, and your fear are not attractive. If you call yourself an evolving spiritual person, then must you do the work of such a being. Otherwise, are you merely playing games, and in truth, is that not acceptable behavior. Do you truly dare to step out into an amazingly extraordinary future by recapitulating so that you may find your truths? Or do you choose to quit on yourself?

Contemplate meaning and direction in your life. Why do you think you are there upon that earth? For your own pleasure and fancies? To gain wealth and fame? To grow fat and lazy? I doubt that you will find any of those results very satisfying, especially in light of the fact that there is so much inside you that continues to trouble you.

I urge you all to take the Recapitulation Road. It is the road that awaits you every day. You never know where it will lead, for it goes both backwards into your inner you, into your past; and it goes ever-flowing forward into your potential, your future, and your emptiness. In emptiness will you find energy and ability that you have no access to now, except perhaps in spurts of revelation, alerting you to the fact that you are a spiritual being.

Look for the spiritual experiences that seek to guide you along your way. Look for the signs that point you inward to the Recapitulation Road. And then look outward for new signs that you will be more alert to, and aware of, as you do the work of the inner self. For they will not be noticeable or acceptable to you until you have cleared away the inner debris, and freed your vision, and your knowing. You have much to be eager for and much to experience. Do not be afraid. You are only going down the inner road of the self, exploring your hidden treasures. You might be very surprised to discover that what awaits is nothing more than miraculous! How do you find this Recapitulation Road? Look for the signs. They are right there, inside you.

(A note from Jan: Jeanne is very confrontational in this message, but what she is saying here is that we are always on the Recapitulation Road. Every day we have signs that point us to our deepest issues. She is daring us to notice them now, and to investigate them, with awareness. She is also pointing out that we have no idea, really, where they are leading us, because the results of recapitulation are not what we expect, but, in fact, lead us to our wholeness.)

#166 Change

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have some guidance for humanity today?

I offer individual guidance that is appropriate for all of humanity to learn and grow from. The guidance I offer is to be taken in to the individual personal life, and allowed to be worked, and reworked, until there is the possibility of change. That is what must happen now on the broader scale, change must happen, but you must each desire change first, within the self, for there to be change on a greater level. How can you expect the world around you to bravely change if you yourself are afraid of change in your own life?

Challenge yourself first, then challenge those around you, then challenge the greater world to change. But there will be little progress if you do not dare the self to begin the process. Those of you who have been reading my messages for a long time now, have had the opportunity to enact change in your lives over and over again as this is what I most encourage, and most often dare you to embrace. Change is all that is needed to begin to experience the world, and yourself, differently. You have learned about fear. You have learned about energy. You have learned about your place in the universe, and the connection of all. But have you begun to put together your new knowledge, and enact change in your own life? Have you dared to acknowledge that you need change? Have you allowed yourself to soften your inner you, so that you can hear your truths being spoken, whispered to you? Or perhaps your inner you is screaming through the tough walls of old habits and ancient ramparts that have stood for so long, blocking your inner voice, so that now it is hoarse from shouting, and desiring your notice at last. Change is necessary. Change is desirable, and change is absolutely the next step if you are to get anywhere in that life. There will be no evolutionary growth if change is not allowed to begin the process.

Today must you disregard the old self, and ask the new self to step forward. Remember when I asked you to step out the door, clothed in your spirit self? Well, today is another opportunity to begin that process again. Each day do you have this opportunity, yet do you refuse, or fear the chance to change. It is but childish reluctance that continues to dominate. Refuse such control. Change!

To remain stuck where you now are, replaying over and over again the same old recording of your life will eventually lead to oblivion, and that, my dears, would be a disaster. Look to yourself for the means of change. Look not outward at others who offer the elixir to life, but look inward where you carry deep wells of truth, and the real waters of knowing. There is nothing outside of you that can match your own inner knowing, but how will you ever discover this if you do not begin to search for it? Change is now the most important of tasks. Change will begin the unfolding process that is most necessary for all of you, each one of you who now resides upon that earth. It is your duty to change, to begin the new evolution of mankind.

Accept everything as a sign that you must change now. It is important. What do you have to lose? And what do you have to gain? The answer to both of those questions is the same: everything. You have the opportunity to lose and gain everything, everything that now holds you stuck, and everything that now awaits your discovery. Do you choose to stay stuck, teetering on the edge of change, caught between the everythings of life? Or do you choose to make the move toward real growth? I dare you all to finally, and decisively, make the change in your life that is most meaningful for your spirit self, and your evolutionary growth. Whatever it may be, do know that change is inevitable, and far better is it to choose your direction and be one step ahead of the coming disaster, already well along on the path that will be presented to you anyway. Choose it now, or later? It does not matter, one way or the other must you make the choice to change, or not. Why not begin the process, and enjoy the results as soon as possible. Change is inevitable, but change can also be enjoyable and freeing if you choose it because you know you want it.

Study that today. Change? Are you ready for it? Do you accept your inner challenge to change yourself? Do you wish to begin the process of change that will enable you to grow, in ways you have yet no inkling of? Do you dare to allow yourself to go on a grand adventure into your inner you? I highly recommend it! You’ll find it fascinating, challenging, and deceptively easy once you open the door and begin the process. The hardest part is to dare. Dare yourself to begin the process of change. Change your thinking. Change your self. Change your perspective on life. Change your attitude about your course, your direction, and your progress thus far. Go now forward with a new face. Open the door, and step out into the world of change. Go with the flow of it, and allow yourself to discover something new about yourself today. Then discover something else, and see what happens. Allow yourself to begin the adventure of change and discovery. It’s about time, and you deserve it, for you alone, and that should be incentive enough!

#165 You are a Complete Classroom

Dear Jeanne,
Any words of wisdom for us all today?

Behave with the utmost of self-scrutiny. Question your every action; your every move, decision, choice; and all else that allows you the opportunity to learn. You are your own greatest teacher. Be the best student you can be as you study your own life. Be thorough, be diligent, and be increasingly competent in your search for wholeness by remaining steadfast in your conviction to grow. You will succeed if your focus is on growth and connection to your own inner self, but you will continue to stumble if your focus constantly plays outward, focused on others. Return your seeking light towards the self. Refuse participation in the rituals and festivals that steal your focused energy from your inner work. Refuse all that pulls you from your contemplation, and your calm meditations on your own life, and your own inner spirit needs.

You do not need to go so far afield in order to find the answers to your questions. You do not need to travel so far away in order to find healing and fulfillment. Your travels need not take you anywhere, except into your own inner realms. Study your own terrain. Look over the map of the self more often, rather than the maps of the outer world. Look into your inner questing self for answers, rather than seeking answers with those who know. There are many people upon that earth who do the work of the spirit, yet do you not need them, except as a sign that the work of the spirit is the true work of man, and the work of truth for all men to seek resides, not with others, but with the self.

You are a complete classroom, equipped with every learning tool necessary for a thorough study of the self, a never ending university of the spirit self. And your guide resides upon the throne of knowledge, awaiting your entry into the classroom. Step into your own classroom, prepared especially for you, with all you need, ready to serve you, to teach you, to enlighten you, and to test you, so that you may continually learn and prosper. The windows of your classroom do not look out upon others, nor upon the world around you, but instead reflect upon you only what you must learn about the self. The teacher is your own knowing self who seeks to wake you up, for you have stayed up half the night looking for distractions elsewhere. Such activity will only gratify your curiosity, but it will not satisfy your deepest need to truly know the self. How can you ever truly know the self, if you continually turn away from the self and look elsewhere for the answers, though they lie asleep inside you, just waiting for you to discover them?

I have spoken often of recapitulation as the method to use in order to begin to know the self. This must all use, in the classroom of the self, the best teaching method now available. It is the intense scrutiny of the self that will liberate you from the self of the past so that you may finally grow. But how can you grow, if you are stuck in the past? The thinking, judging, unknowing past that cannot release you to proceed on your journey, unless you return to it, and free yourself from its grasp. Only then will you be free to move on, and explore further, doing advanced research into other realms of energetic persuasion. To remain caught by the past will inhibit any growth, as the past has a tendency to pop up, at the most inconvenient of times, to thwart your progress. I suggest that the best work one can do in that life, is to free the self from the past, by confronting it, and releasing the self from its clutches. In order to do this, must you turn inward, away from all distractions, and fully enter every aspect of your life thus lived, and relive it, with clarity, free of judgments, free of others’ eyes, focusing on the bare truths that you have thus far avoided.

In recapitulation, is there total release of all past habits and distractions that continually seek to take your focus away from growth, and keep you bound to old comforts. Time to break away now from those old patterns of behavior, and begin the greatest challenge of your new growth period, the challenge of accepting the self as teacher, and student, and learning what you truly hold inside you.

Refuse the next pull to seek the elixir that will finally cure you of your pain, for there is no elixir that will cure the inner you, except the one you hold now in your grasp, and that is your inner knowing that the only one you must turn to is the self. There is no other cure, for only you hold the answers, the truths, the challenges, the beauty, and the bounty that is you.

Seek inner knowing. Seek quiet. Seek personal time, to go bravely inward, and see who you are underneath all that you have laid over yourself in order to get where you are today. Remove the layers of life, and rediscover who you truly are underneath. Recapitulate how you got here, and then continue that process as you proceed forward in your growth, confronting and questioning yourself, constantly, in order to constantly learn and stay upon the path of true learning. Your inner you awaits your entry into the research lab. You never know what you’ll discover once you begin the process of recapitulation. You may find something you never imagined, a hidden treasure, a buried truth, a fine specimen.

Go with courage, bravery, and innocence; keenly aware and alert; open minded, and accepting of all truths; and you will succeed as you go traveling into the inner you.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR