#41 Petty Tyrant

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of us today?

I speak of internship today, of study of the principles of detachment and learning to be active in a new world. To become an intern in a new reality is the biggest gift now available to mankind. To learn to engage in practices long buried, but unique to humankind is what I mean when I speak of a new reality. All upon that earth have innate abilities, long buried and long denied, that now must be resurrected, and learned to be utilized, in order to grow in awareness and knowledge.

Study of the world you now live in is essential. Clarity of your own situation and your own reality from a new perspective is your first lesson as intern. Become aware of your life differently now. Note who exists in it as having important roles that will move you along to learn awareness, and recognize what those roles are and the significance in your life. Learn the meaning of petty tyrants, and the meaning of attachment to old ways, in order to enlighten yourself, and in so doing unburden yourself of old ideas that keep you bound in blindness and unawareness.

What is a petty tyrant you may ask? If you care to look it up in the dictionary, be my guest. But, my definition is much broader. For I determine a petty tyrant by how fiercely they hold on to you and seek to constantly feed off your energy, desiring your attention, your comments, and looking constantly for the means to hassle you and make your life miserable. This pleases them and makes them important and that is what they desire most, to be important in your life, the tyrant who wears the crown. And you become caught by the petty tyrant in the crown of power and neglect your own knowing as it becomes overshadowed by the needs and desires of your most hated enemy and your most diligent and unrelenting teacher.

Look on your petty tyrants as your master teachers. They seek to teach you the ways of detachment and warriorhood. Yet do they also seek to hold you fast to them so that your main focus becomes to spend your energy upholding their importance in your life. Do you choose now to learn detachment and become an intern in learning the means of growth and awareness? Or do you choose to continue to remain bound in servitude to those who seek to drain you of your energy for their own consumption?

In allowing the petty tyrant to gobble your energy do you deny yourself access to knowledge that is present and obvious, yet do you not have focus enough to notice because your attention is constantly drawn to distraction by the petty tyrants in your life.

What is a petty tyrant? What does it look like? What form and shape does it take? Human form, human shape, and human desires and needs of the best and worst kind are attributes of the petty tyrant. The most perfectly described human and the most despicable of human beings have equal opportunity to become a petty tyrant in your life. Perfection of attitude or perfection of despair, either extreme, or even much in between, is the sign of tyranny.

Look in your own life to discover the energy drain, the focus of your life. Where do you focus your energy? Who receives it most? Who continually asks for more rather than attend to their own needs and their own growth? Who continually asks for more, yet gives so little in return? Who refuses to grow?

Are you your own petty tyrant? This too is possible if you remain fixated in stagnation, unable to unleash your spirit, and caught in repetitive behaviors, attending to your big baby, rather than freeing your spirit into adulthood. Is your own inner child your biggest petty tyrant? Or do you allow someone else’s to destroy your growth opportunities?

Find the petty tyrants in your life and seek to discover what they teach you, what they are capable of doing for you in your growth. Study how you react to them as much as how they react to you. Bring your attention to your calm place of balance, your center, and from this place look coolly and keenly at all who intercede in your life and interrupt your own growth.

Next, look at your place in the lives of others. Are you not also a petty tyrant in the lives of those in your nearness? We all have the ability to be both tyrant and servant of a tyrant. We all have the ability to remain stuck in those roles or we may choose growth and clarity instead. I urge you to begin to examine your life outside of you now more closely to see where your energy is going. Find where your energy drains are and from your place of centering discover what this truly means.

This is beginning detachment on a far greater scale than previously experienced. This method of allowing yourself the freedom to truly step back and observe your place in your own life and the place you maintain in the lives of others is a significant step in learning detachment. Find your equilibrium and allow truth to enter your calm center as you see yourself in clarity now. As this clarity dawns upon you understand also that such clarity is going to be necessary to maintain in order to fully appreciate and notice all that exists waiting for your discovery.

So, today, begin to examine who or what exists in your life to truly act as your teacher, seeking to invite you to see life differently, and to learn detachment as an act of growth. In this lesson will you gain greater awareness of life as a journey, each of you on a separate journey, detached from even those you hold most dear. But, the question is are you allowing each other to take the ultimate and necessary journey or are you inhibiting growth for your own petty needs and desires, or because you feel you must attend to the petty needs and desires of those close to you?

Seek understanding of this concept of petty tyrant that you may already be familiar with but you will never be fully relieved of, for the petty tyrant’s job is to seek you out and discover where your weaknesses are and drain your energy through these weak points. See? This is how you train. This is how you learn awareness and become attuned to the mysteries and magic of life, the things that in true reality are available and commonplace, yet do you not have awareness of them in this way yet. I speak of knowledge that you have learned to dismiss or ignore as you are, continually, drawn away from your center, and your knowing, by the petty tyrants in your life.

Seek to destroy the connection to these tyrants. Seek to adhere to your inner calm and your inner knowing rather than constantly get drawn to fixation of them and the needs they express to you, making you see how important they are, and in so doing distracting you from your path, your truth, and your clarity.

With fewer attachments to the constant needs of petty tyrants do you allow yourself to see and experience your world differently. This will enable you to understand the meaning of the word warrior as someone who is learning to advance in awareness and learning to focus on spirit growth and truth of life and journey.

Stand alone now, as observer of life, both your own and those in your nearness. Do not judge yourself or others, but do seek clarity of you and your own situation, truthfully seeking to understand your place in the lives of others, and your job to allow others to take their own journey, so that you may free yourself to take yours. This is the biggest gift you can give yourself and others: remove yourself as petty tyrant and in so doing understand the meaning of petty tyrant personally in your own journey.

Find your calm and stay there. This is always step one as you undertake the challenges I pose to you. Continually do this and your internship will progress at a rapid pace, for your clarity will have the opportunity to be gained, and your awareness of truth will result.

Truth in all that matters, in all worlds, is the goal. Truth brings clarity, clarity brings awareness, awareness brings knowledge. Invite them in to your life one step at a time as you work your way through the process of your life as a warrior now. You are doing well. You are not allowed to hide anymore. Be brave and carry the flag of your crusade, your own peace symbol of inner calm. Allow others to experience this new you and your journey will become acceptable to others, even as you learn to accept it yourself.

Your guidance is assured. Your helpers are ready. Your place is secured for the next phase of your growth. Do not doubt this. Go forth with dignity and knowing that you are on the right track, but also with the knowledge that you are always learning and always available to growth in your daily life. What is today meant to teach you? What are the things in your life trying to point out to you today? These are the things that show you where you need to work and where you need to focus your attention. Find your petty tyrant, find your role as petty tyrant, and resolve to take on the mantle of intern as you grow on a daily basis. This is all good.

#40 A Leap of Knowing

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of us today?

Free yourself of the bonds of humanness as often as possible. Uncork your vessel and allow your energy to flow unimpeded. As you have learned, so are you capable of much more than you have ever imagined. I speak of energy when I say this, your very own profoundly capable energy body.

As you deconstruct your life, as you shed your attachments to the past, as you work your way through your old deeds, your old problems, and your old habits are you also uncorking your energy from the bonds that hold it captive. In your blindness did you take on life and allow for layers of unknowing to block your energy from you. As you grew and experienced life did you also bind your spirit energy deeper and deeper inside you. As you made your way in that life so did you also lose sight of all that you once knew, and in so doing contain your energy far from its original source.

All mankind has this habit, the habitual practice of creating the world to suit his needs rather than the needs of the spirit. He does not allow the truth of the spirit to be known. He does not listen to the inner spirit, but instead listens to the voices of authority, dictating, over and over again, the same basic tenet, that man’s inner voice does not speak the truth and the only truth is that created by man, for the minds of men are made to conceive and produce the perfect belief system and the perfect path. But, this is not so. Is it not obvious that the inner voice of your own spirit is the only guide that you need? Is it not clear that what others construct may not fit, and is not meant to fit, your own energetic knowing?

Reconnect with your inner spirit as you connect also to the energy that now is being made available to you. Do you not see reverberations of this energy around you? Do you not hear of the desire to tap into the energy of intent and personal growth of spirit? Do not fall into the trap of following the flurry of activity that rides now this wave. Sit back and watch as the force of it takes many away from their own center and sends them off in search of wealth and riches that have little meaning for actual spirit evolution.

Sit calmly in your center and intend your own energy on its own journey. Allow it to seep out of the bonds of your humanness. Even as water flows and connects to other water so will your energy find the right energy to connect to if you remain in a state of calmness rather than a state of excitement. Yes, there is also underlying excitement that you may feel, but recognize this as excitement of spirit to finally be on this journey, and not excitement of desire, which will only contain you in your humanness. Seek now your way gently and slowly outside of your body and your ego, and the needs and desires of that capsule you call your self. Are you not spirit first? As spirit are you energy, and as energy are you connected to all other energy and all knowing, all knowledge that exists upon that earth and beyond.

As you allow a little of your energy to escape the rigid vessel that you have kept it tightly capped inside, let it test the waters of that energetic force. Let it be careful and slow to recognize when it feels right to take the leap. For now is the time to take the leap, but even so must your leap not be one of abandon, but one of calculated knowing and understanding of the desire of your spirit to explore further life and all that it offers. To throw yourself blindly into whatever appears to catch your attention is to lose sight, once again, of your own knowing, as you did upon your birth into that life.

Your spirit has now awoken you to the fact that you are fully capable, with diligent listening, to hear properly and clearly all that you must do in that life to proceed on your journey. You must allow this knowing to guide you, even as you now make your leap into the energy that flows and asks you to leave behind the old vessel of self and become once again an energetic spirit being, full of knowing and evolutionary potential.

See what is happening now in your own life. Are you being urged to make a leap that will take you off on a different path? Is that path right for your spirit? Or is it your ego that desires it? You now should know how your spirit speaks to you, how it quietly nudges at you, and how you have been learning to recognize it. In order to choose your next step properly, that will take you far in one direction or another, must you act from your calm center and not your excited thinking or outside self.

If you act from your calm knowing, then will your leap take you where you need to go. It may not be as big a leap as you suspect, or as your ego desires, but it will be the leap of knowing that will allow your energy to join the greater energetic source that desires only growth of spirit.

That world has much to offer, much to entice, and much that offers comfort. But how much do you actually need? Are your needs not adequately met? Even if you struggle, do you not find that you still have life, and you still progress day by day? Where are you really going in your life? What does it mean? What are your choices directing you toward? Are you listening to the right voice, the calm one that says, yes, this is the time to leap, but only in spirit? This is a time of spirit leaping, out of the confines of human bondage, and that, my dears, is where you must stay focused in order to tap into the energy flow I speak of.

Turn down the volume of the outside world, turn down the volume of the ego self, turn down the volume of others around you, and the desires of so many. They do not matter. The only thing that matters is to connect with your own spirit, to learn to understand how it speaks, to trust it, and then, to act according to its instructions. They may not be exactly what your outside self desires, but they will be what your spirit knows is right.

Take time now to feel the energy both outside and inside you. Sit with it swirling around you, as water swirls, as it invites, as it entices. Calm your center down, and await your knowing to speak clearly to you. It will tell you what you need to do next on your journey of spirit and evolutionary growth. It will not want to engage in the outside world, except to the extent that is necessary for your progress. Listen carefully, and you may even receive the gift of knowing, clearly and keenly aware of what awaits you, as you follow its guidance.

You are well trained now and ready to interpret your own inner guide correctly. See what happens as you first take the time to listen, then test the waters of knowing, then take the leap into your future, one step at a time, unbinding your energy and accepting it as your perfect guide.

As you await the results of your decisions and your actions, stay calmly centered and focused. Remember to act always now from this place inside you, this spirit center and you will do well. All of this is good. See where it takes you. You may be surprised!

#39 Illusion

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Do not get drawn into the forces of energy around you that seek to distract or impinge upon your knowing. Stay centered, and allow your inner calm to keep you on a path of spirit growth unattractive to the feeders who seek to drain you of your energy and feast upon your intent.

On the road to development and growth of spirit seek always inward and you will allow for direction to be spirit guided and in this manner will your path be acceptable and enjoyable as you travel. Do not get caught by trying too hard to make anything happen, for in this intent do you serve only to waste your energy, for this will not invite the proper use of energy but squander it in the desires of the body. With openness of intent do you, instead, give yourself the gift of free access to the connection to pure intent, which weaves its way throughout the atmosphere of earth and into the universe beyond.

With your openness to this connection, do you offer yourself the freedom of movement into new worlds and new experiences, both in your daily life and in other worlds as well. For with this openness do you allow your innocence and your knowing to guide you, and this is good. For innocence has no judgments and no preconceived ideas to clutter it and muddle it with distractions or possible influences to take you from your pure spirit focus. It is your attachment to the world that keeps you from enjoying this connection.

As you know, I do not advocate total disregard of the world you live in, for that would not serve you well or those around you, but in order to access pure intent must you learn that all that surrounds you in that world is but illusion, and yes, even as illusion must it be acknowledged and dealt with, but also as illusion does it offer you greater awareness of everything else that exists beyond that illusion.

This fact of illusion opens the door to greater understanding of the self and the world around you. Begin to look at your world differently now. If it is but illusion, energetic illusion, what then are you and those you hold dear, but also energetic illusion? See? You are all nothing but energy, vibratory energy that maintains form, and that form is what you have become attached to, but in reality are you capable of much more than maintaining that form. You are capable of dispersing that form into pure energy, but this takes much practice and understanding of how illusion and energy combine to create what you now know as reality.

Let’s start now with knowledge that now exists upon that earth, that man is but a form of energy solidified. Look at a cube of ice. Is it not but solidified water? And is water not much more than air compressed into liquid form and this, when freed of its earthly form, but pure energy? Do you not need water in order to survive? And what is water to you when you take it into your body, but oxygen and pure energy? You then consume energy, adding it to your own pool, in order to maintain a certain level that allows for life upon that earth.

Now, as you consume this energetic source, this water, imagine your own form taking on the properties of water, becoming liquid, and flowing into the molecules of air, of energy that is invisible to you, but exists nonetheless. As you begin to see that all things are energy can you also begin to see the self as energy, and beyond that can you also begin to see the potential you hold for growth and exploration beyond the illusion of that world that holds you in its form. If you take a glass of water and pour it out onto a tabletop, what happens to the water? It flows outward, freely, with no bounds and no barriers. This is what your own energy is capable of doing if you take away the illusions of the world, the body, the mind, and the constructs of life as you have been taught and learned to understand it.

If everything that you have thus far been taught about life, about yourself, and about the universe were removed, imagine the freedom your energy could enjoy. Imagine the boundless energy you would feel and experience as you freed yourself of all that now keeps you fixed and locked away in everyday life.

I offer this new view of life in order to give you a glimpse of possibility, in order to allow you access to a greater perspective, a new perspective on life, and your own life in particular. If you are but pure energy, do you not see the possibilities this idea offers you? Do you not understand the potential this holds? Do you not begin to see that if all is illusion, then all can change, simply by your intent to change?

This is what you can learn to do in your everyday life. In order to both live in that world and adventure beyond it with your spirit energy, can you begin now to change that everyday world so that it may align with your spirit intent, rather than continue to change your spirit world to align with it. Change your illusion by your intent so that it becomes more focused on allowing your spirit to have more freedom, and more access to your energy.

If you begin to shift your perspective of life as this unfathomable, solid, and unbending reality to nothing more than energy in the shape of everything in your life, because you see it that way, then can you use your knowledge of energy and intent to change it. Do you wish to sit in your solid chair and stare endlessly at the illusion of life as depicted on your TV screen? Or do you instead wish to dissolve all of that into pure energy and discover the possibilities that exist as you change the structures and the illusions in your life to meaningful energetic forces that seek to instruct and teach you how to grow?

If all is illusion, and thus all is but energy, what is all of this teaching you? If everything you encounter is meaningful, what do the things in your life seek to point out to you? Are you being shown the truth of illusion? Are you being asked to notice the direction your life could take? Are you being urged to look at life differently now? Are you noticing energetic phases in your life now more fully, and beginning to understand their significance?

What does all of this mean? How can you use any of this in your real life, your reality, your illusion of reality? Well, that is what we are doing as we daily live and interact with reality and with our growing awareness, we are learning what life’s greater meaning is. We are learning that energy is life, that energy is the life force, and that energy is what we must preserve and protect in order to evolve. Look on your own energetic force now as separate from the illusion of you, of your body, and of the world that surrounds you. Seek to find your pure energy source separate from the illusion of the world, seek this pure and innocent energy that is your spirit and your intent, and sit with it in calmness, and begin to know it more intimately now and, as you really begin to understand this aspect of yourself, allow it to guide you and direct you in your life.

I know I push you now to accept ideas that you may have preferred to avoid. For life on that earth can appear so real, so solid, and so necessary. But, in reality, you will all die, and what do you take with you? Nothing! Except your energy! Your life is your energy. Your energy is your life. Everything else is present for you to learn about this energy source. Do you choose to learn about energy, or do you choose to ignore the fact of its existence?

Feel your own energy differently now. Feel it not as heavy body gravity, but as light vibration, tingling inside you, eager for you to discover it and understand the potential that exists, awaiting your discovery. This potential means access to everything that exists outside of the body self and the illusion of reality as you have created it. Die a little every day from that illusion, and you will live a little more fully in this new spirit awareness.

A new balance will ensue and your reality will eventually become more spirit known, and spirit infused, and this will offer great changes as your new perspective will open you to new adventures and new views of life, and the freedom that is available to you.

Uncup your energy; break the illusions that you hold, and allow your energy to go exploring with me beyond the boundaries of your current reality. Give yourself this little gift of a spill upon the surface of intent and see where your energy wishes to explore. You won’t get lost. You are still wholly you, but you are freer and purer as a result. Give yourself this gift of freedom, a little at a time, and see what you discover and what you become aware of and how it offers you the gift of change of perspective in return. Allow your energy to guide you. Know yourself now more fully as pure energy. The time now is good for this, and when you understand yourself in this manner so will you understand better the force of that energy that I speak of that now swirls upon that earth and is ready to guide you and travel with you on a journey of growth and energetic evolution.

I hope this message will guide you further in your discovery of your own self and your place upon that earth and the meaningfulness of your energy as necessary and affecting all that is around you. Have understanding of your own energy now in a new way, and you will begin to understand all other energy as being pure and seeking to evolve as well, and perhaps you will view all of life differently, and this in turn will allow you to better understand what I mean when I speak of illusion, for life, as the illusion you now know, is energy trapped and unutilized for spirit growth. That’s all. Think about it, but not too hard. Instead, feel it, and find the illusion of life as simply a container, and a trap, holding your full potential until you are ready to recognize it and claim it as your own.

All of this is good. See what happens next in your life! Is it but another illusion? Or is it pure energy?

#38 Stormy Weather

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Take nothing for granted. There is now stormy weather, both upon that earth and intimately in the lives of many. Do not partake in life to your disadvantage, but do partake in quiet self-focused attention to details in your psyche and your life. Allow the disturbances in your life to teach you so that that which has been revealed will guide you properly and allow for growth. Do not dismiss anything as inconsequential. Do not allow there to be disregard of any aspect of life around you or inside you now during this time. Stormy weather will abate, but it is what you take with you from that time of turmoil that will allow you to evolve.

Insecurities abound, but this is not to be misconstrued as inabilities. Insecurities are merely reminders of your humanness and your learning state. To acknowledge that you are a pupil of life is to correctly place yourself so that you are ready to learn, and available to notice what comes into your life as meaningful and necessary.

As this energy force upon that earth finds refuge in action, whether inside you or outside you, do not become entangled in the fury of it, but quickly regain your place of calm, and look outward at your life and your learning so that you will understand and grow from this encounter with such forceful energetic imbalance.

Your own encounter with this energy may be minimal in your personal life, or it may be profoundly moving and revealing of underlying aspects of life that had not yet been uncovered for you. To lift off the roof and reveal what was underneath, to dig deep into your own being, or that of another, is the property of this energy that is beneficial, though at first you see and feel only destruction. If you experience little of this in your personal life look then outside of you and around the world, for you will see echoes of this energy as it reverberates now for many days until sense is made and balance regained.

Allow your own life and your own path to remain focused and in focus. No matter what approaches you during this time of great shift upon that earth remain cognizant of your steady path, focused always on growth. Aside from this technique of steady balance have you also learned many other helpful techniques in order to stay calm in chaos.

Maintain detachment, maintain awareness of truth, maintain alertness and knowing of your own direction at all times. These things will keep you focused on the greater picture, the long view of life as a journey and all that occurs as necessary. Even while you may feel attached, and drawn in to an abrupt aspect of life that had previously been outside of your knowing and your attention, so can you pull yourself out of it to regain balance and perspective aided by the new things you have learned about life and spirit and energy.

Reset yourself firmly on your path of growth again and again, and find your balance so that you are steady as you walk and less likely to topple of your own accord or be toppled by outside influence.

I do not mean to frighten, but I do mean to warn and to guide. You must remember that I have been talking about energy, building in waves, over the past few months. There have been times of lull and times of quiet, but underneath has there continually been a power storing energy that now is surging forth affecting many.

You may be one of the few who is only minimally affected, or you may be so focused on your path that its affect is minor, for your balance is keen and your skills advanced. But even so, do not disregard the affect this is having upon many others. For it is meaningful, for the earth and all of you who now exist upon it, and it will affect you eventually, in one way or another as the truth of the repercussions of this energetic time eventually are revealed. It may not be clear at first, but truth will out. Before long will there be clarity, and then will the consequences of actions become known and impact felt.

Continually find your own truth, and act according to your own spirit knowing. Actions of spirit will have impact as the collective energy of such actions counters the energy that seeks upheaval, and eventually that good energy of truth and of spirit awareness will calmly blanket the earth, weaving an interconnectedness that will aid and provide the necessary steadiness so that life can once again return to normalcy of a sort, of a new sort.

Once this normalcy returns will there be the added benefit of underlying truth now being revealed and never fully buried or forgotten, but instead laid as the new foundation upon which new life and new awareness may be constructed. This will allow for future growth with true spirit energy as the building blocks and awareness the compound that holds them together. This new material and this new mortar will do well as it replaces the old crumbling foundations riddled with imperfections and hidden flaws.

Stay now energetically focused. See what affect this time is having in your own life, your inner life and your outer life. Ride the energy with focus on spirit growth, and keep the knowledge always present that this is a time of awakening and growth for all mankind. Be alert to your own growth and point out to others the deeper meaning of this time of upheaval. For in pointing out the underlying truths do you enable others to participate in constructing a new reality, along with you and others, focused on spirit energy and spirit journeys.

This is good for life, good for spirit awakening, good for mankind, and good for evolutionary growth. Find your positive, your optimistic perspective, and you will find your own growth, your own learning, and put your new skills to work for you. Focus always on your future and you will do well no matter what comes to awaken you.

Contain your knowing. Pull it in to your center with you as you go deeply into balance and contemplation of all that you now are learning. Enable yourself. Take your power inward now and utilize it. Stay in your calm and you will do well. All of this is good. Stay spirit focused, stay spirit focused, stay spirit focused…

#37 Sail Your Boat

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any messages for us today?

Be aware that time of culmination is soon upon you, that the energy that has been building and sweeping you into its powerful flow is soon to erupt. It will have consequences, but it will lead to resolution, both of purpose in life and purpose of spirit intent. Do not await this with trepidation, but do embrace it as energizing for your growth.

Focus your intent on growth so that this wave of energy does not spill you out of your boat into the icy water, but that your new skills enable you to remain steady, on course, and capable of handling the turmoil that will result. Calm your center of balance and remain firmly planted at the helm of your rig. Sail your way through the debris, the firestorm, the oil spills, and the blood spilled from bodies that will float past you. Do not leap over board, do not tip your vessel, do not exhibit inner turmoil, but remain calm and on course. This you are fully capable of, and this you must remember as you guide your boat through the storm and into the calmer waters that lie waiting ahead.

After the crash of this energy wave will there be dead calm. During the time of calm will there be uncertainty, but do not allow yourself to become confused or lost in that time of unknowing. Contain your internal knowing that you have learned, and remain focused on the journey that is your life, and wait and wonder where all of this is taking you. Await your next adventure with calm certainty that you will recognize the signs pointing you in the right direction, and when the time is right new energy will blow in and the moment will arrive for new action on your part.

Do not jump to conclusions or judgments during this time of turmoil or the ensuing calm. Read the signs in your life; remain balanced, remain firmly planted in your new knowing and you will navigate this energy phase well.

See what happens as this energy time that I have now been talking about abruptly shifts course. This is the time to note, to take up the challenge of riding with it so that you do not become swept up into the whirlwind of its fury and become buried in its undercurrents. Better to stay steady and afloat, utilizing all of your skills to maintain balance and direction. That you can do, for you have learned well the techniques of detachment now that will enable you to carry out this first real test of your progress.

In the calm that follows will there be clear insight and you will know what you must do, but take your time, sit with your knowing, for there will be no pressure to act quickly or rashly, but there will be plenty of time to act reasonably, and with calm intent and detachment, as you see in your life the next step in your journey unfold before you.

I do not mean to create fear or instability by mentioning this threat of violent energy, but I do mean to forewarn so that you are prepared to remain steady and firm in your knowing and your evolutionary growth. Be assured that calm will ensue, and time of contemplation will return. Be certain that life will return to some semblance of normal, but with a great shift having taken place, so that your outlook and your knowing will be firmly established and resonate more fully in your life now.

This spirit driven aspect of your life and your knowing will be firmly planted in your future as a result of the consequences of the energy culmination I speak of, and you will be well versed in your knowing so that your future will be quite visible and clearly presented to you.

Do not hesitate to take the path of spirit, for it is the most desirable and fulfilling, though the consequences of earth bound needs may appear to have great draw as well. The greater path is the path of spirit, of detachment, and of growth, for by its example will this path lead eventually to greater progress upon that earthly plane, and those who exhibit the path of spirit will be the ones who choose correctly for others to follow their example.

The future of the earth is uncertain at this point in time. In order for the earth to regain balance is it necessary for the inhabitants to regain balance first. There are many, many factions now at work to invite this human balance in this energetic and spiritual manner that I speak of. We are attempting to alert as many as possible to the need to reassert awareness and realign the spirit energy so that all energy upon that earth may be positively affected and reconnected in growth of an evolutionary sort.

Refocus now your own intent on positive energy and growth that will propel not only you in your vessel through the rough waters, but others as well. Your own focus on remaining calm and swiftly guiding your vessel with your knowledge, your awareness, and your skills of detachment will enable you to connect and interconnect energetically with others equally aware and alert.

Keep your focus on the intent of others on the same mission to remain in calm steadiness and each of you will have affect, both in your own life and in others around you. This energetic balance will reverberate and allow for many to achieve the calm that is also coming to greet you.

Keep this in mind as you travel now. Utilize your knowing, your intent, and your energy well. Maintain your balance at all times. And daily practice your centering, your meditation, and offer your emptiness in your beautiful bowl of intent.

You will be fine. All of this is good for growth and for evolution of man and of the planet too. See what happens. These are exciting times. You are surrounded by compassionate helpers. Keep this in mind. Your struggles are not in solitary confinement, but being shared by many in voluntary alignment with all who seek evolutionary growth.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR