#229 The Rocky Path

Dear Jeanne,
Another week is ending today and we are heading into a weekend. Do you have guidance for us for the next few days?

The path may be rocky, and you may stumble, and even though it is the right path look beside it and notice that the ground is more even, and choose to step off the rocks and take the less challenging terrain, if this suits you better. For many who choose to go forward boldly in the manner that the energy of now does invite, and I urge, so will the way not be clear until some factors of significance are put to the test of engagement. Do challenge the self with that which arises, and seek mastery of the issues that entice you to falter upon the rocky path. But do not sit down there and weep for your slowed progress. Learn what you must from every experience you engage, then stand straight again, and walk your chosen path, with awareness of enticing energies, and clarity of vision, as you gaze forward to the place where your path will eventually smooth out all together, once your lessons are learned.

If the rocky path is not your choice right now, and you decide to take the path to the left or to the right of your proposed rocky road, then give your self permission to step off the rocks and go a distance upon the grass beside the rocks. But know that you are only postponing the tough road until later, but also acknowledge your awareness of this other option, for it can be useful in order to prepare for what you will inevitably be challenged with later.

However you decide to make your way forward, do know that this is the right path, for if it has been chosen with heart-centered determination, and in a calm, balanced, and inner state of resonance, so is it right. This you must keep in your firm grasp, that your choice was made in right resonance, and this you must keep in your inner self, feeling the resonance as you go, even over the rocky stretches.

So take now your bold steps. Do what you must to begin a new journey in this energy that teaches you and aids you. Seek clarity at all times, and seek to stay in your awareness that all is meaningful, and everything is possible. Keep going!

#228 How Can the Avalanche Start if You Do Not Enact It?

Dear Jeanne,
Is there a message for today?

Be not hesitant in your search for truth and understanding. Do not hold back your bold self who wishes for growth and for life. As I have spoken now so often of change, so is it time to fully engage all processes in making change happen in your life. This is a time of upheaval and shift, yet why is there such hesitancy upon that earth to accept the truth of this. The need for change is the push that does begin the avalanche, yet how can the avalanche start if you do not enact it by creating even a minor shift in your life? Even a brief and momentary change will have enough impact to begin the whole thing shifting. In order for life to progress now, in order for this moment of standstill to twist into energetic force, must you, on your part, begin the shift that is so needed and so desired.

Start today by embracing the old you, and declaring your determination to shift shape now into the new you who does wait patiently to be discovered. You are not intending to desert any aspect of the self, or the life you have thus lived, but instead to fold all that has already been learned and encountered into the new batch of life you are stirring up. As you stir, increase your speed now and get that avalanche started, so that, before long, everything you need is tumbling and flowing into new shape, new direction, and new meaning. Allow shift to take place now. The time is perfect for this. Allow the small steps already taken to become bold and steady now. Allow your intent to be forcefully prosperous as you send it forth on a journey of discovery.

I urge upon you all this great task now, while the energy does support such boldness. I urge gathering of your inner energy, and finding resonant outer energy now, and with firm intent ask for what you most desire for growth and meaningfulness in your life. Ask for that which will bring you spirit growth, even as it will bring you progress upon that earth. Ask for awareness and insight. Ask for clarity and knowing. Ask for understanding, and the ability to love all who reside upon that earth, with compassion and goodness always present in your intentions.

Find your innermost desired truth today as you do the work of the self, and then accept it as your truth, for only then, by accepting it fully, can you truly take it in as part of who you are. With this one truth established, look for the next, and begin the process of self-seeking clarity, with the intent of growing exponentially now, with boldness and firmness in every step you take.

All of this is good for this time of shift. Begin to cause greater shift in your life now. Be prepared for an avalanche. You will find it quite exciting, I’m sure. And don’t be afraid; be accepting, be bold, be daring, but most of all, love and appreciate your brave self for doing the deeper work that is required in order to truly progress.

#227 Begin to Really Study What the Cyclical Nature of Energy Does to You

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for all of us today?

Have you begun to see a pattern, the cyclical nature of energy? Have you begun to notice that change occurs over and over again, that opportunities arise often? Have you noticed that I speak often of the flow of energy as either productive or potentially destructive? Have you begun now to understand that it is possible to read energy, and to make decisions based on your interpretations of it, finding your way through life purely by energetic means?

If you look at my messages over a period of months, and even years, will you note that the energy is either in a state of calm flux or vibrant and captivating, yet are there always present undercurrents that wish to entice. By learning to read the energy outside may you learn to control the energy inside as well. Beginning with your own energetic content is, however, the preferred method of learning to read and understand how all energy works.

Though the scientists do study intensely, seeking explanation of all energetic sources, so is it really quite possible to master any discussions of energy by learning to feel and see it with your honed human intuition. To be energetically aware is to have access to greater progress in life, to be aware of your place in the energetic flow, and to be cognizant of how to proceed. All impinge upon your ability to interpret the energy inside you and outside you.

So, with all that I have proposed regarding energy over the past many messages, begin to really study what the cyclical nature of energy does to you as an individual. Are you actually in tune with it, flowing nicely along? Or do you tend to give over your energy to the pull of it, and get tossed around by it? Have you succeeded in feeling it more, as a result of our correspondence? Or are you still trying to grasp the resonance of it?

To truly be an evolving being must your awareness of energy sharpen. Now is a good time to engage in studying your own intuitive skills, and your own resonance, both your inner calm resonance and that which you succeed in projecting outward. These may not be the same, for the inner place of calm may not yet feel safe enough to project itself outward into the world, but this we are working on.

Study today not only how you work energetically, but begin to see how the energy outside works, and how you have utilized it. Do you get caught in it, or do you feel your proper place in it? Do you allow it to take you far from your knowing and right place? Or do you hold on to your awareness at all times? The extremes, of letting go and holding on, are difficult to maintain at all times. So, assuming that you go back and forth in your energetic state, find out, more closely now, how you most often act when confronted, first with abrupt and steady energetic flow and then with subtle, gentler energetic influence. Discover in this manner your own patterns of behavior. Then allow for slight shifts, both inside and outside, in an attempt to better align your inner and outer selves, not only with each other, but also with the energies of your inner calm and what is being presented from outside you. Learn to engage outside energy, but learn how to do so to your utmost advantage.

As you read my messages, note that I always mention the energy and propose that your awareness to it must remain alert. So now, as this new time of growth does come underway, focus your intent on remaining energetically aware. What is happening to your inner energy? Are you maintaining calm steadiness so that your life is directed from this inner place of clarity? Or are you out of balance? Bring your awareness always back to your heart-center, and begin to hone your skills of energetic engagement from this place of calm centeredness. Then begin to engage in the outside energy, from this steadier inner self. You will find that your sensitivity to all energy increases, and your decisions in life will be reflected in this calmness. This new you may discover that life is indeed quite different now.

So for today, wonder at the truth of energy, that it is inside you and outside you; that to properly utilize it must you seek alignment with it, but this alignment must resonate with your heart-centered inner truth, and this is what you ultimately seek, truth. Truth of self will lead to discovery of greater truths. So seek truth of the self, by aligning with your inner self, your outer self, and the energies inside and outside.

Good luck as you take on this exciting task with exuberance and anticipation of truly discovering what energy really is: the interconnectedness of all things, and you are part of it!

#226 The Good Road of Change

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Ride cautiously into this next week of change, aware of your powers, your confidence in knowing that you can abide by the rules of change, but also aware of your deepest vulnerabilities. It is not enough to declare that you seek change, but change must be actively engaged in for real changes to occur and to become your new way of life. Change is being thrust upon you all who reside upon that earth. In one way or another are you being confronted with it. But how are you personally handling the calls for change in your own life? How are you deciding to go forward now with this inevitable change, as your companion or as your tyrant? Both are viable options, but if you accept change as your steady companion will you inevitably win many positive games of challenge. But if you choose change as your tyrant will your reluctance drain you down as you fight against your worthy opponent.

Choose today how you will continue your journey of change. There is such life awaiting you all. Even though there is death and destruction, fear and devastation, wars and troubles, and a fast deterioration all around you, so is there significant and most exciting energy of change, right there in your grasp. This energy begs you to notice it, accept it, and become truly attached to it. Do not fear the road that has opened up before you. It is but the good road of change before you, beckoning you to go forth on your journey, hand-in-hand with the agents of change in you and around you. I cannot stress enough that change is necessary now upon that earth. All of you are confronted with this on a daily basis. The challenge is great, the challenge being presented is acknowledgedly great, but you are well prepared now.

Accept your own abilities. Accept your companions who reside with you as your friends and aids. Accept your deepest desire for change now. Dig into your determination and make it happen.

This is good for today. Over the past few days have you perhaps allowed both aspects of life so often in a tussle, the past and the present, to wrestle you down. But now it is time to unlock your self from their grasp and step out onto the road of the future. So much is waiting there for you. Don’t you want to engage it? Aren’t you curious to see what life offers in your future? Well, come on. It is but a moment away, just a refreshing moment away.

This is the way to look at life now, to accept it as a refreshing moment of change at every turn. The earth itself is restlessly seeking that next moment of change, and bids you all come along on this new road. Do life differently now; that is all that is being asked. Do it differently, for your self, for your evolution, but for the evolution of earth and all living things too.

#225 Allow Some of That Vibrant Energy to Seep into Your Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message to pass along today?

Allow some of that vibrant energy to seep into your life in some small way. Test the strength of it. Test the feel of it. Test the vibrancy of it. Allow your self to step out into it now, more fully aware and conscious of what you are doing. Make it known that you are engaging in life differently now. Take responsibility for your challenge now before you, and engage in the energy of this moment in history to carry you forth on your journey with intent, conviction, and a new focus. That is: purposefully accepting the fact that the energy is available for you, and you are available for the energy.

Be bold and brave now as you accept this challenge. Dip your toe, your foot, into the energetic flow of enticement and allow your self to feel it as positive and growth-oriented, for that is the intent of this most promising force now upon that earth. In spite of dire necessity and less than stellar circumstances that do persist upon that planet, so is this energy urging change, and that is what is expected of all of you now in order to evolve, in all manner of speaking.

Embolden your self today. Take a swim in the energy if you dare. You will discover that it will refresh you, cleanse you, and prepare you, with its soulful and sacred bath, for all that lies ahead. Even if you but dip your toe in, so will you discover the power of the energy does seep up into you and give you what you need to continue your focused path forward.

This is all about taking a journey that is different now; one of change and continued evolution; one that will enable you, personally, to grow even as it enables the world to change in a more positive direction. And your own daring, your own intent to change is wrapped up in that greater worldwide intent, so take on the consideration of that possibility and responsibility now too. As you change and engage in the river of energy that now flows upon that earth, so do you add to the power of it as it too will grow and increase its positive force.

Find your place in it, now, during this time of significance. That is your mission now. That is your first purpose now, to be an agent of change. Welcome to the new world of energetic possibilities. Dip your toe into it, or dive in head first, but do so with firm intent to grow, to learn, to change because it is the right thing to do, and this you already know. I await your participation, as do my many companions on this mission of awakening and enlightenment. Our arms of energetic potency do extend in your direction and invite you in to this powerful river of change that flows past your door. You know where change is needed, but you will be quite amazed when you see where your engagement in it will lead you. You are quite ready. Everyone is. Even if just a sip is taken, so will you feel it, the rightness of it. Be my guest!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR