#118 Convergence Continues

Dear Jeanne,
Yesterday you suggested the word convergence, and personally I experienced and saw convergence happening on many levels. What can we expect today?

Today is a day of utter calm as the next wave approaches. Convergence will continue to be the word of operation for a time to come, but intermittently will calm or turmoil intercede. Waves of ocean water have a tendency to overwhelm, but then pull back, momentarily, leaving a calm in their wake until the next wave builds and approaches. During stormy weather, the waves crash upon the shore in unending pounding with little relief between them. Life and time of convergence have similar characteristics. So do not expect this day of utter calm to last long. In each life will it be experienced differently depending upon which shore you stand upon. For some, will the moments of calm be brief, for others will they give time for reserve of energy. But all must be prepared for the next wave of energetic convergence coming, whether quickly, or slowly viewed far upon the horizon.

Look now for the synchronicities in your life to lead you to the proper shore, to the proper place of work, the place where you will best attack, not only your own inner work, but best withstand the assault of convergence in your own life. I do not mean to imply that convergence will be violent, or anger bearing, for that is not my meaning. Convergence though, may knock you over with clarity, with its truth, and with its meaning in your life. You may feel knocked over, bowled over, or have your feet pulled out from under you as you fully experience the totality of the coming convergence in your life.

So prepare, during moments of calm, for that which inevitably will approach to knock you off your feet, or simply offer you clear inner knowing, and perfect vision that will lead you to making good and proper decisions, and allow you to grow and to progress in your life. All of this is good for today. Do not look for darkness, nor light coming for you during this time of convergence, simply remain open to change, and that will be good. Convergence offers opportunities for change, for growth, and even for abrupt course change. Be prepared, be thoughtful in your decision making now, but stay on your path, and you will weather well this continued time of convergence.

#117 Convergence

Dear Jeanne,
What’s the word for today?

The word for today is convergence, the meeting of all themes, of all knowledge, and of all possibility. Look now within your own self-study for convergence, for that moment when the meaning of your life becomes brilliantly clear, and your knowledge of self is attuned to now. Your moment of such clarity will grant you insight, perhaps only in the blink of an eye, that will allow you to know and understand what your true purpose is. Even this small, quick, blink of insight will give you all that you need to know and fuel your future work.

Look now for convergence, not only within the self, but in all that is around you as well. There is an energy of convergence in all aspects of life about to take place. This will have great impact upon the world, the individual, and energetic flow as a whole. Your participation in your own recapitulation is an important point, for during this time of convergence will it become clear to you how the work you do on the self is being reflected on many levels. As you reach convergence, so is there similar energetic convergence elsewhere in the world, and in the universe. This is not coincidence. This is the flow of energy being utilized and allowed to function, as it should. As you allow yourself access to universal energy so do you become part of the whole, part of the grand scheme of things so to speak. And this, my dears, is valuable insight. For as you become aware that you are indeed part of the whole so do you gain more knowledge of energy, of energetic flow, and convergence, and how all things are connected, at every level. Even your own life is connected to that which is happening in the heavenly bodies, the planets, the energy of magnetic pull, and the flow of power that exists in thought, action, word, and the deeds of every person upon that earth.

But, awareness is the only thing that will grant you this insight. And awareness of self is what you are working on so diligently now. For even as you read my messages so are you tapping in to the energy that will inevitably converge. And when it does, so must you know that it is the same energy that pushes you to work on your own inner knowing, and requests such focus, and diligent work from you so that your life, your past, your present and your future may one day soon converge in a moment of clear insight. And then, my dears, will your way be set clearly before you, the truths revealed, and all explanation clarified so that you may be granted knowledge of how to proceed from now. Then will the choice be yours, whether to take the new path, or stay upon the old.

Good luck. Do not harbor fear for that moment of convergence, it is not only necessary, but life giving. When you reach this point in your own life will your knowing guide you, but it is up to you, the human being, to choose the path. What will you do?

#116 Participation

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

A short message today, to keep you upon your path, is what I offer. Difficulties arise, struggles ensue, old habits of rejection of the self will also become apparent, but these things must not hold you from your truth. Though frustration, and perhaps even boredom with confronting the old self once again, may factor in to your recapitulation do not allow these minor infractions to impinge upon your progress.

I expect bravery from you as you enter into the new habit of recapitulation, but I also expect that, from your new adult place of understanding, you will go easy on yourself, doing what you can handle, not overdoing so that you get caught there, and removing yourself quickly when the time is right. Then, you step back in to now, fully aware and centering, before pondering the meaning of your encounter with your past self.

This is all meaningful. Do not doubt that whatever you encounter on your journey into recapitulation is extremely valid and valuable for you. Even though you may not clearly understand, or even acknowledge, that you have learned anything new so will it later become apparent that you are changing daily as you make your way.

A journey is not a happy-go-lucky event at every step, but it is a meaningful event at every step. Your participation is all that is required. So, today, I continue to urge your participation in your growth to spirit, and spiritual, awareness. Even though you may doubt or reject my urgings, so do I ask that you go along with me for a while before you dismiss me entirely.

As you participate, question everything you encounter, but question it differently. Recapitulation is about not only seeking clarity, but also it is about gaining a new perspective on the self, the self as a journeyer who knows that every aspect of the past was meaningful and got you to now, to where you are now. So, piece together the puzzle of yourself now, knowing that a whole clear picture will emerge as you find each piece, place it correctly, and see your journey clearly emerge as meaningful and, even more than that, as truly meant to be exactly what it was and continues to be. But, all of this requires your participation in the process of recapitulation and growth. The reward for such hard work will be a new lightness, a new ease in life, but best of all, a new complete understanding of the self as journeyer; and you will look forward to life ahead of you with enthusiasm and readiness for adventure in a totally new way. Life is meaningful at every step of the way, but with your participation will life be much more fulfilling and satisfying, and joyous too!

#115 Recapitulation

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message for us today?

Do not harbor guilt. Do not impose upon the self feelings of guilt, resentment, or regret for the past; the past is done. As you recapitulate, seek instead clarity and truth of vision, and in your investigations be truth-seeking. Do not allow the old habits to guide you to old hideouts of safety, but allow your new emerging self to clearly bring you to a new vision and a new center of calm as you go through the process of discovery of the truth of the self.

This process that I urge upon you is so necessary, though I know it is difficult to weather as you review your past, the past you had closed the door on, for good, you thought. Go now, one final time, into your past, and gather, with clear vision, clear thinking, and clear understanding, all the truths that reside there in the shadows. Expect your past to be different from your memory of it, and you will go into it with the proper attitude. Go into it caught by the old ideas and you may not be open to receive the truth. Turn down the covers you have hidden under, open the doors you have closed, push aside the veils that have closed behind your every step and have a new look as you remain firmly grounded in now, in the new you, mature and ready to proceed on life’s journey. But, you must face the fact that in order to proceed must all past secrets be clearly revealed, all bundles of this life’s past upon that earth be sorted through so that you may proceed unburdened. For there will be no progress if you are forced to continue carrying the burdensome past. Recapitulate, then learn the art of detachment in order to free yourself further. But, recapitulation is truly enough work for now.

Do not overload your system with too much at once. I have been teaching you calm steadiness for a reason. Go about your life, and your recapitulation, with slow, calm steadiness and your progress will proceed at the right pace, with enough time to assimilate, digest, and be truly done with it. Otherwise is there the possibility of that old big baby waking up and getting in on the act, and that would be a disaster. Keep the big entitled baby asleep, quietly napping at all costs, and your process will go smoothly. If the big baby wakes up, pat it gently back to sleep, your adult firmly in control and needing quiet contemplative calm in order for the work of the true self to take place.

This is a lot for today. Recapitulation is the word, but also the most important step to take as you progress to true spirithood. Keep working, ask for help when you need it, and be guided by the signs in your life. I cannot stress this enough, my friends. Be calm and steady as you go. Slow down, find your rhythm, and proceed into your past fully engaging the terms of recapitulation as I have defined. Good Luck!

#114 Dissolution of the Ego

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word or two for today?

Abhor not the self for the trials of the past. All lives upon that earth must be tested in order for growth to happen. There is little one can do to change the past, but much one can do to change the future. Begin by changing the attitude of the self towards life. Admit, once again, that this life is meaningful, necessary, and the only opportunity for growth and change now, and you will give yourself permission to actively pursue a new avenue with a new attitude focused on growth.

You are different now because you have already made many changes in your life. Do not stop now at a standstill simply because the ego no longer wishes for change. Of course the ego does not wish for change because change means dissolution of the ego. Your greatest challenge ahead of you is to dissolve the ego, dismantle it, and live without it. So of course the ego is in an uproar right now, fighting you at every change, looking back to save itself, and to stay in your good graces. But the ego self must understand that its time of life is over, it has done its job, and done it extremely well, but now is it time to part ways. Time for the ego to take leave, say goodbye to this life, and dissolve into the dust along your path.

As you shed your ego now your spirit will take over even though there may be quite a tussle as the ego seeks to regain every inch of power it loses. But you, the spirit you, must remain in control, the mature and knowing adult who drives your boat and steers you into calmer waters in order to contemplate your life and your direction.

So, of course your ego is going to have temper tantrums as you not only ask it to leave, but as you pick it off you in painful pieces that may give not only tender bruises, but also bloody scabs. But, pick at it, and discard it day by day in order for spirit growth. Dissect the ego as you journey my friends. It is the next step.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR