#296 The Innocent One Does Not Know Shame

Today, an anonymous reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
Can you speak to us of shame, how to lift the veil? I refer to that core experience of exposure, which leads the innocent self into such deep retreat, perhaps for a lifetime, where defenses are so deeply ingrained and automatic. How can we truly retire shame, and retrieve our innocence, in a ruthless world upheld by judgments?
Thank you.

Shame does come from outside influences, as you pose in your question, My Dear Reader. For the innocent one does not know shame as a vital aspect of the self, but has it imposed upon it, from the time of birth into that world, by the teachings of others far more experienced in the ways of the fervent and righteous ones.

Does the innocent child elect to feel shame or to bury its trauma under that veil? I do not believe that the truly innocent child has any idea that such an aspect of life exists until that veil is pulled over the eyes, and then the hidden quality is safe from all eyes, including the eyes of the self. The darkness that is attached to shame is rooted so deeply in the constructs of that world that many spend a lifetime unearthing the true self from beneath those strict codes of conduct that really have nothing to do with evolution.

I suggest a new perspective on life, and reasons for life upon that Earth, as the true means of lifting the veil of shame, and all other veils as well. The veils, if I may diverge for a moment, did not exist in your knowing, your innocence, until you entered life upon that Earth and came upon them because someone told you they were there. Veils of shame, of abandonment, of defeat on the road to growth do not exist except in your mind. Your everyday construct of reality was laid out for you step by step as you grew from a child to an adult.

But what young child knows of such things? The parents, the teachers, the religions, the governments, the commercial profiteers, and the fellow travelers you meet along the way, all present, and have presented to the child, the innocent pure you, all the veils you have encountered. If you had grown up with no veils though, what would you have learned? What would you have been presented with to aid you in your growth? Some other challenge would have been imposed upon you in order to allow for the opportunity to evolve.

So My Dearest Reader, your question of shame, and how to evolve from it, and retrieve your innocent self requires a total dismantling of the veils. As always, I suggest recapitulation of your own life, but I also suggest a total deconstructing of the things you have been taught by others that you know, within your center, are not truths that lead to evolutionary growth.

Go back to your firstborn innocence, your naked, pure, and truly whole self. In one sense, is a tiny baby unable to care for itself against the vagaries of life, unable to feed, or clothe, or act in any manner without help, yet is this baby also a being full of knowledge, of evolution, ready again to tackle the lessons of life, fully aware of its new place, its new beginning and its promise of growth. It throws itself, once again, into life, ready to take on the veils that will inevitably be imposed, yet mindful that, this time is there awareness to maintain as the journey is taken. It attempts to hold on to memories of what it knows, through those first years.

But, as all of you have experienced, is that a most difficult process, and few maintain their hold on such knowing. It sleeps, that knowing; gradually falling into a slumber, a knowing that lies in drowsy reverie for many years. Occasionally does it wake up, startled, and screams its knowingness in order to correct the direction or the path being taken. But, mostly it remains in the deeply buried state of darkness that most of you experience, until the time is right and ripe for it to re-emerge.

As the child self grows and is tended to, so does it absorb and clothe itself with the trappings of that world, that new reality it has entered. And it engages in all aspects of life, eager for the challenges of the veils described and taught by others. Its energetic truth, and the qualities of inner knowing, become but distant memory as life and ego grow together.

So to return to the veil of shame, it is but one imposed by others; yet does it serve a great purpose in life, as do all the veils of challenge, untruths though they may be. Find in your inner self your own veils of shame, and discover who put them there. Who imposed them? Who sewed them so tightly woven, and so tightly shut that no light of innocence could seep in and offer doubts about the darkness, depression, and despair that they presented? Did your innocent child self do such things?

On the other hand, did your own child self, in all innocence, give you the task that led to such shame? To that can I answer a mighty, YES! For that was your learning ground! Do you choose to learn only about the shame that was imposed upon you? Or do you choose to go deeper, behind the dark veil, and learn the truth of the innocent self, the reason for your process, and why you were given such a shame-bearing task in your innocence? Your innocent child was ready to take on the task, but your teachers were only your guides and your mentors, as they pulled down the veils, labeled darkly with the words of: SHAME! Shame on you! You should know better! You deserve punishment for your despicable acts, your bad behavior, and your lies and falsehoods!

Those dark veils do hide your innocence and your truths. They do keep you from your inner knowing and the releasing qualities that you do hold within. During your recapitulation must you go behind the veils, behind the judgments of others, behind the long held beliefs, and retire those blockages before you retire shame, or any other idea, whether self-imposed, or laid upon your by others and accepted as truth. What is the truth? That is the underlying question to ask in order to truly find your innocence, retrieve it, and bring it out into your new world that is free of veils, and blurry vision, and unclear ideas of the self. Your understanding of energy now may aid you in this process. For as an energetic being are you fully capable of attaining your truth, your innocence, and pushing aside all the veils, for you will see them as such now, and you will be eager to see what has been hidden from you all these years. Most likely, you will discover only what your innocent child self knew immediately, yet was not allowed to hold on to: that your experiences in life were just that, experiences! And how do you learn and grow? By having experiences, of course! And what are experiences? They are your lessons, taught by your greatest teachers and those who push you toward your evolutionary potential.

So, do you elect to take the path that leads you to those veils that have held you in blindness, and shame, and all the other ideas of the self? Do you elect to swipe them aside, and see what is hidden behind them? Your wholeness awaits! Retrieval of your innocence is waiting for you to return and discover that it has been growing and learning with you, at every step of your journey. Yet does it still remember the reason for this journey, holding onto the memories that you are an evolutionary being, and why you are taking this journey through life on this Earth yet again. It knows how to help you remove all the veils, and find your true potential, and your true place upon that Earth as an energy being, swiftly pushing aside the veils and going forward now, accepting life as it comes; flowing and growing, finding your truths at every twist and turn of that life you have chosen to take. Your innocence remembers! Go there in order to understand why you are here, and why you have been surrounded with such veils of lessons and disguise.

Do your recapitulation now with the knowing of your energy, of your self as an energy being, comprised of magnificent pure energy, and see what happens as you take on the dismantling of your life. You are energy! And every aspect of your life is comprised of energy. Find your true reality, and then proceed from there into your new life. It awaits!

#295 The Gift of Knowledge of Energy

Today, Anonymous asks a question about energy.

Dear Jeanne,
I have found the topic about energy of the last few days very interesting and most helpful. Sometimes, my experience with energy is very disturbing. What I have experienced several times before, although I did not know what it was, and most especially this past week, is a feeling of very intense buzzing going on inside my entire body. It feels like every cell, every nerve ending, is vibrating at a rate that is so high that sometimes it makes me feel ill, as it will continue for days before it throttles back down to a more comfortable hum. Even in my most calm state of being, I feel it with great intensity, so, eventually, it becomes very distracting and draining, making it difficult to concentrate or sleep. Because it becomes so intrusive, I don’t feel that I am able to use it effectively at all. Is this energy buzz trying to get my attention about something that I am not aware of, or that I need to be aware of, or is it a matter of learning how to fine tune it?
Thank you for your continued love, support and guidance.

My Dearest Reader and Young Journeyer, do not ever avoid the signs that are hidden in such intense energy as you describe. There are lessons to be learned in every experience, and this you must remember. Do not dismiss your own intense energy, nor attempt to hide from it, or wish it away, but instead is it most beneficial to figure out where it seeks to lead you.

As with all such energy, similar to that which now encompasses your globe and your awareness, so must each of you seek to maintain your own calm and balanced center, as calm as the eye in the storm, the center of a hurricane. From this balanced center are you free to do your inner exploration. But if you are constantly drawn to the energy as it swirls around you, so will you inevitably suffer. Such intense pressure and vibration that this Reader feels is not unusual. But take your attention off what is going on outside of you now, and focus on your inner journey and the work on the self. For even though you are drawn to blame the outer energy for your problems and feelings of buzzing disintegration, so must you learn not to turn outward looking for answers to how you feel.

Your own body is in sync with the energy; that is obvious. But what does your body seek to tell you? Are you ready to hear? The universe and your spirit perceive your level of readiness, and thus they push you now toward noticing the truth of the self. One of these truths is the fact that you are comprised of energy molecules, traveling at an incredible vibratory rate. If you get to a point of actually feeling this, I say: Lucky You! Do not be afraid of it. You are being given a sign of truth and understanding of energy as regards the human condition and the human state of awareness. On a normal day may you be totally unaware of your self as energy. It has been presented by me and many others quite often, but until now has it perhaps only been a concept that you could not quite imagine or fathom.

Well now, My Dear Reader, you have been given the gift of knowledge of energy. So what does one do with such a gift? Do you panic and run? Perhaps that may be your first instinct, as is normal when scared by something so unusual; and the fact that it brings such intense feelings of unpleasant, and unstable physical attention may increase your fears. But My Dear Readers, this is exactly what you must have experience of in order to feel what true energy really is.

You will not disintegrate. You will not fall apart, or simply collapse from the intensity of it. But you will continue to suffer from it if you do not pay attention to the knowledge it offers you. Make an attempt now to understand, by your very physical experience as you describe it, what you are being shown. This energetic experience is available to teach and to aid you as you take your journey. As I have been saying quite often lately: You are energy! And here you have an experience of just that!

So what does it mean? It means you must be ready to have this experience. But the trick is not to get so caught up in having the experience and allowing the unevolved self, the old self who had no inkling of such energy, to get caught up in the whirlwind of it. For it can feel like you are caught in a whirlwind, I know.

But instead seek understanding now, by having this experience of energy, of your own reality in a new manner. If you are but such vibratory buzzing energy, then do my messages of energy make more sense? Are you not being shown what all must experience in order to truly understand what your own inner spirit already knows and seeks to bring you back to?

This is an experience of spirit. This is an experience of energy, true energy. And it is also an experience of the direction all must understand, for it is the evolutionary future, the energetic state that is your own energy body.

The high rate of vibration is due to your physical body and the outside energy of the Earth around you. You are constantly bombarded by all kinds and intensities of energy while residing upon that plane of life. By contrast, when you fall asleep at night does your vibration attain its more common and natural state, as your physical awareness is no longer controlling it or attempting to sabotage it. During waking hours are you densely compacted, and heavily influenced by the conventions of scientific knowledge and what you have been taught. In that dense state is none of this energy talk permissible or acceptable. Such ideas make no sense. But as you sleep, so is your energy body released from the confines of the physical and mental bodies, and thus is it freed to explore in its true energetic vibratory state. So the energy you have been feeling is not purely your own vibratory state, but it is complicated by the impact of the energy of the earth plane.

Do not remain in a place of wonder about this inner energetic state, or the outer energy either. It is time now to accept the facts that have been presented and the experiences that many of you have been having during this very energetic time. You are energy. That is the most important fact to acknowledge. Then must you realize that yes, as you already have pondered, it is trying to tell you something. Yes, of course it is! It is trying to tell you that you are an energy being! It is attempting to get your attention out of the body, out of the depths of that world, and show you another reality.

It is also asking you to go into calmness, a calm acceptance of this gift that you are being given. Accept its necessary urging, that it is being offered to lead you on your way, to help you over your doubts and your walls that keep you closed in and closed down. It is pushing you along so you don’t miss what is being offered. But most of all, it is giving you everything you need in order to do the inner work, the work of the self. And it is urging you to accept your awareness of the self as an energy being. That is the biggest gift that the energy of this time is urging upon you all, to accept that you are comprised of energy. It seeks your attention and your acceptance of this fact, and until you do will it continue to hassle you. For it knows you need this urging, but also it knows you are reluctant, doubtful, afraid, and unaware of the full impact that it will have on your life.

Until you can let it in, without fighting back with every cell of your physical body and your brain, will you have trouble with it. If you are feeling it, then it is Your time to evolve to a new level of awareness of your reality. You must be ready, or you wouldn’t be in such a tizzy about it!

I can see that many of you have gotten confused by this energy of late. You are getting caught in feeling it outside of you, getting drawn to suffer its consequences by not sleeping, not calming down to that heart-centered place of balance. And you are also fixating on the experience rather than what the experience is telling you. The message is that you are an energetic being, and you are most likely being offered this knowledge now, at this point in your growth, for a very special reason. So I can only suggest that you acquiesce to the knowledge being offered. And then see where it leads you. It will be along your evolutionary path, and that, My Dear Readers, is never wrong!

All of You Energy Beings, pay attention to your own experiences now, as being utterly meaningful during this time of energetic push. The doors to a new reality are being shoved open all around you, and inside you too. Where do you choose to step next? I suggest going into the inner journey.

#294 Energy is Very Tricky!

Today, Tom asks a question about energy.

Dear Jeanne,
My question is in regards to difficulty I have with my awareness of energy. I seem to not be able to differentiate external energy from the background of my own energy or experiences. At first I expected to sense it almost as an electric charge, almost experienced with my normal senses. In time I came to believe that it is something that is and has always been there, but that I perhaps was just not recognizing it as such. I have found myself feeling discouraged and annoyed with my lack of awareness of energy when it is mentioned in your messages. I end up wondering, “Where was I?” when this happened! Is my awareness just so undeveloped at this point that I am not aware of the energy around me, or is it perhaps that I’m just having a hard time sorting it out with all the other changes that I’ve been going through in the last year?
Thank you for your love and guidance,

My Dear Tom, awareness of energy is not an immediate or blatantly obvious awareness, but a cultivated, learned awareness. However, it does involve learning to feel it by remaining as often as possible in a state of calm and balance in order to have knowledge that you are actually feeling it and not something else. I think most of you Students of Awareness are feeling and experiencing energy all the time, but this problem of recognizing it is pretty universal.

In order to become more aware of the energy outside of you, and how it impacts you, is it best to first understand your own resident energy. Who are you when you are calm, centered, and balanced, with outside interferences at a great distance? Who are you when you are closest to your truthful, honest self, and alert to the fallibilities of the self? What do you feel like when you allow your most vulnerable self to go calm, and relaxed, and feel safe in your mature presence? What does utter peaceful self-awareness feel like?

Allow your self to go into a place of calm heart-centered breathing in order to achieve this feeling of self as energy. Allow your thoughts to empty out of your mind as you center your attention on your heart chakra, and allow your simple breaths to guide you to who you are and what your own energy feels like.

Once you find what your own energy feels like, allow that energy to be recalled throughout your day as a gauge against all other energy. As you reassert your self in your own place of energy awareness, so will it become more apparent that outside energy is totally different from your own.

Do not get angry or upset with the self as you learn about energy. This is not a good method, not is forcing calm, or pursuing this practice too vigorously. The time must be right, the circumstances must be appropriate, and you must be in a place of physical comfort and quiet in order to gain the most from this practice. Once you have achieved this state of inner calm, and you are happy that it is your recognizable individual place of energy, then will it be easier to recall it at a moment’s notice.

This is your grounding energy; your place of calm, of inner resonance, and knowing of self. Without achieving this, even if only momentarily in order to be able to recognize it as the true self, will you have difficulties in recognizing all other energies, whether good or bad, intrusive or helpful, positive or negative. Ground your self, as an electrical grounding is securely attached to calmness and safety, and then can you securely go off into other experiences of energy without fear.

And, My Dear Tom, when you do achieve feelings of your own vibratory energy an electrical charge is a very good description of what it can feel like. A vibratory experience of energy is similar to electrical current as it hums and pulses through electrical wiring. If you could feel it, so would you feel vibration and humming. You Tom are energy, vibratory energy. Even in your dense human form are you but molecules vibrating as an electrical charge does vibrate.

So in order to experience outside energy, must you attain this inner knowing of self and your own brand of energetic charge. Then will outside energy be noticeable. You may feel that it does not suit your resonance, or you may feel slightly off, slightly uncomfortable, irritable, vulnerable, physically unwell, tired, annoyed, or even exhilarated or enticed by outside energy.

If it is distant from you, either not interested in you or you have advanced too far to be approached by it, so may you not notice it, or be drawn to it. If it is outside energy that has a lesson to teach, then will you notice it. Often such teaching energy comes in forms that are personal, forms that are recognizable, and forms that you are automatically drawn to.

For instance, one of the most easily approachable means is through people close to you. Suddenly you are approached by someone with a crisis, or someone with a dire need, or command, or other means by which you can be sucked in to giving your energy.

Or you may be enticed to join in some activity that is perhaps not truly resonant with you. Or you may be drawn by old habits better left untouched, for they open too many doors that you closed a long time ago. Or you may be drawn outward, in a projective manner, with your inner issues ready to attach to outside energy when it is most appropriate to stay in your inner calm and do the work of the self, rather than attach to distractions as a means of avoidance. Or it may be all of these things at once, or in combination!

Energy is very tricky! So then, what do you do? How do you handle it when someone close to you has a dire need of your energy? Do you give it? If necessary, of course you do! But you must ascertain whether or not such need is just coming from the big baby seeking to shirk responsibility, or is it truly a genuinely needy situation. This is a practice of detachment, which is pretty much what everything is about and is leading you to learn. For as you learn about detachment, so will you also be learning about attachment of energy, and of acquiescence to it at the proper time. And your balanced state of being will be greatly enhanced as a result.

As outside energy approaches so does it offer many lessons. Evaluate your state of self, your place in life that you have achieved now after so much hard work on the inner you. You have learned a lot about your self. Have you not changed? Have you not discovered that you are fully capable of focusing your attention on the issues of the self, going innerly, rather than outward looking for answers?

Once the turning point comes, when you realize that you alone are responsible for every choice, decision, experience, and event in your life, then are you ready to truly advance further to taking on the power of your own energy. Once you turn that energy inward; where before it was spent outward searching, asking for help, for attention, for pleasure, for pain, safety and for a resting spot; can you find your grounding and your stability now in your place of inner knowing.

If you can allow your self to remain in that place of inner inward focus, so will the outside energy become more clearly outside energy. It will be noticeably different from your own. It will perhaps not be so enticing any more. Even if you are attracted to it ever so briefly, so will it no longer have such lasting power as it did in the past. And you may wish to return to your place of calm more quickly than usual.

Energy awareness and detachment will lead you further to that awareness of universal love and compassion that has been another one of my topics lately. These things are all, in combination, the necessary tools in order to begin turning outward again once you have completed the major aspects of your inner work. When you have wholly accepted the truths of the self, taken responsibility for the total self, recapitulated, and learned to love the self for the journey thus far taken, so then are you well prepared to turn outward again. And this time, without projection, will you re-enter the world as an energy being. A being who is alert, aware, learning still how to navigate life as it unfolds, but with a new awareness of your place in life, the meaning of your life, your new job becoming apparent, your relationships becoming known, your communication skills centered in truth, and an understanding of your fellow travelers as journeyers equally needing to take their own outer journeys and their own inner journeys to wholeness of self.

As wholeness of self is achieved and constantly attended to (for it never ends) so is life in the greater world different. With change of the self does everything else change too. The outside world becomes totally acceptable, viable, and necessary, no matter what is taking place in it. There is no stopping another from taking the journey they have chosen, and this goes beyond the individual to the other aspects of the world, the individual countries, the direction of political, religious, and social progress, the dissonance around you as you perceive it happening, so is all of this necessary for true change to occur.

So, do not, My Dear Tom, become discouraged if you feel unaware. I think you are quite aware of what is happening around you, you just don’t fully know it. You are totally aware, by your questions, that even the idea that you may be missing out on something has gotten your energy in quite a tizzy. And that, My Dear, is exactly what I am talking about!

Turn that tizzy inward, and see what is stirring up inside you that has you so frustrated. All of you Seekers and Journeyers, this is good advice for all. Turn your frustration inward, and ask your self, “What am I missing?” That is where the focus should be placed, inside you, as you do the work on the self. Not outside of you where your valuable energy will simply be spent in frantic looking and nothing accomplished as a result. Don’t waste energy!

#293 What Is This Energy Trying To Teach Us?

Dear Jeanne,
Today we pause in our new format, which has proven to be extremely valuable, to ask you to address the intensity of the energy that has been most apparent during this past week. Chuck and I have noticed that it has stirred up quite a lot of people in various ways, and others have also commented on its disruptive and escalating qualities. Can you comment on this? Are we in for more of the same? And what is the best way to handle it?

My Dear Chuck and Jan, and Fellow Traveling Companions, energetically speaking, does this week still hold within its grasp quite a wallop of intensely stimulating and aggressive power. This is both negative and positive in its intent. Not only does it push for growth, but with equal force does it seek to pull you back into places of old in order to feed its own frenzy. To be caught by the negative aspect is not a good thing! I do however also say that if you do get caught, so is there much to learn as you are drained of your energy and your progress sidetracked. All such energy seeks not only to feed itself, but also to teach, and this is really the question to ask: “What is this energy trying to teach us?”

If the big baby emerges and asks to be suckled during this time, do you offer it the breast? Do you soothe it with your very energetic sustenance that you have gained so bravely and with such hard work? Or do you allow it to scream out its tantrum upon the floor at your feet, knowing that it is time for it to grow up and learn to do some things that will allow for more rapid maturity?

This energy is teaching detachment in a most aggressive and demanding manner. Have you learned that to be loving and sensitive to others, yet able to ask them to be adult and fully aware of their own abilities to take their journey, is detaching? This is what you are being taught as this energy does create whirlwinds as it wishes. On a whim does it decide that it wants to create some chaos. So then does it sweep in, laughing and playing, with its negative and positive aspects causing quite a stir.

This will continue. But do not get caught with worry for what is to come. With detachment comes awareness. With detachment do you not disappear into your own world, or turn your back on others, but you remain aware of what is going on around you, cognizant that there are disturbing energetic factors that must be dealt with. And then you deal with them, in a mature pragmatic adult manner, offering a platter of love, gentleness, and compassion, to your self if that is the case, or to others if that is the case. Then you firmly, but sensitively, request that the mature adult emerge and handle the crisis that has arrived, for all have this aspect inside, ready and eager to take over.

Within your self must you remain alert, aware, and attached only to the positive aspect, the growing aspect of that type of energy. Discover its meaning for you. Even as you may immediately understand its meaning for others, so must you determine why you are being confronted with such interference as well, for all will be affected in some way. Whether it is directly or indirectly, so is this the energy of intense and concentrated learning. Test taking time, My Dears!

It is not only a time of growth, new growth, change, shift, and spiritual awakening, but it is also a time of intense outside interference and uninhibited pushing. Not only the energy, but the very Earth continues to present this fact: that it is time, like no other time, for Mankind to get into sync with the energy of life, and to understand his true place and true reason for being upon that Earth.

Does Mother Earth continue to offer the breast? No! Her milk is drying up; her dugs are withering and hanging useless, as Mankind has suckled far too long upon her ready bounty. Now is it far beyond a time of maturity, yet does Mankind struggle in egoland, still attempting to right his wrongs by force, and by shoring up what can no longer stand, for its structural energetic component no longer resides in the present. Mankind is totally responsible for what is happening now upon that planet.

Where there are wars, is man to blame. Where there is hatred and fear, is man to blame. Where there is dominance and oppression, is man to blame. And where there is evil and good fighting in mortal combat, is man to blame, both metaphorically speaking and literally as well. Where Mother Earth does suffer, is man to blame, and this is where it may be most apparent to the most inhabitants upon that Earth. But the machinery in place, the political, social, and dominating structures of old have not properly cared for, or addressed the issues, which now await total collapse and demise. I know you do not like to hear such talk. I know you hold out hope for change, and I know you look all around you for signs of this shift to goodness and caring compassion for all things.

There does exist, at the very core of all energetic beings, the possibility for such shift, yet is the energy that teaches of such powerful, insistent energy now that many are caught by the negative aspects of it, which are, as I have said, equally able to allow for growth. But awareness is the key if growth and change are to be fully realized and accepted now.

So, I suggest that you keep learning what evolutionary growth really means; what detachment really means; what your own journey is all about. For in taking on these tasks of truly disassembling the self, do you open the door to a new opportunity to change your self. With this personal change, with detachment, and ultimately with understanding of what it means to be an aware and mature energetic being, do you offer your self progress, participation in the change that is so necessary, and the possibility to evolve into your next life as an energetic being, fully embraced and embracing your next journey.

So all of you are responsible for what has happened upon that planet, and all of you are equally responsible for changing it. No matter what happens next, is the power of positive shift always present. But you must choose to go in that direction, even as the negative seeks to overpower and prove that its way is the inevitable result of what man has done. There is always, within all of you, the ability to attach to the positive energies that are so readily available.

Seek the positive now, even as the negative does sweep in with great force to disrupt, to pull and entice you to its greedy fangs. Contain your own energy in your place of calm, balance, and aware maturity. Remain alert and you will do well, but also remember always that you are an energy being, and look for resonant energy of the positive, growing, evolving kind in order to stay upon your path. It may be steep and rocky at times, but it is the correct path, if it resonates! Good Luck, My Good Travelers, stay focused, loving, and centered.

#292 Turn to Your Self for the Answers

Today, Tom asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
During the last year I have come to your guidance as a great change in my life had been taking place. It began with taking better care of my body, then with an awakening of my heart.

I have been working in therapy with Chuck for several months and my evolutionary growth is the primary focus of my life. It has provided me with much joy and some pain as I have struggled to understand and grow. In addition to your messages and “The Book of Us”, I have particularly been inspired by the writing of Robert A. Johnson and, to the limits of my ability to understand the terminology, C. G. Jung. I trust that I will be led to what I need for growth and I believe I have achieved a patient acceptance that my evolutionary growth will unfold in time, as it should if I maintain a steady focus. The use of heart centered breathing helped me this weekend with a long standing resistance to the work I need to do to put my physical surroundings in order and I am thankful for all that I’ve been blessed with this past year. Can you offer guidance regarding understanding of the projection of my anima in the relationships in my life and how doing the inner work with my dreams and active imagination will bring me to a more balanced and expanded consciousness?
Thank you for your love and guidance,

My Dear Tom, you are a seeker, and as all seekers must you turn to your self for the answers. To continually look outside of the self will result in refusal to contain the issues and tackle them in a manner that is appropriate for an evolutionary being. In other words, you must turn inward at all times now in order to grow. For I see that you have evolved to a point of acceptance, acquiescence, and exploration, but you are in further need of inner work. By this inner work do I mean solving the questions that arise in your inner magnifying glass, your inner microscope, rather than putting on your binoculars and looking for distractions, loves, and attention outside of you.

You Tom, and all of My Readers and your fellow seekers, in order to understand the self must you first experience this anima/animus aspect of the self that this man does bring up, for it is the most profound recognition of the self, that the self projects outward all that one has hidden inside. At first may this appear to be an incorrect statement. But without judgment is it possible to acknowledge that outside of the self is it much easier, and perhaps safer, to place these inner problems and prospects for growth. The inner self, until it is ready to allow truth to emerge, is happy to project, to judge, to find fault, disgust, stupidity, and simplemindedness outside of the self, especially while the ego is in the process of building.

There comes a time in life when the ego becomes overladen with its own need to have more, and then is it desirous of unburdening itself of all that it carries, the burdens of the inner self, sitting upon its outer shell, heavy and constantly doing battle with what it perceives as interferences from outside. Interferences may be love interests pointing out the possibilities of the inner self, projections of desire that will go unfulfilled until the inner self learns love and compassion for the inner child that exists inside everyone. The outer self, the ego self, maintains such strict standards! But to what end? In order to uphold some old ideas, some old lies, untruths, and long ago developed ideals that wish to be uncovered and rediscovered as truths waiting within the spirit self, and the child self, for that is where all secrets to the self lie, not outside of the self.

So, that being said, as an evolutionary being is it this process of detachment that I speak so often of that now must be started in order to cease the old habits. Detachment requires turning the binoculars inward now, switching over then to the magnifying glass, and eventually getting out the microscope as you do your inner work. Ask constantly, “Why?” as regards the self. And then wake up the inner child self and ask for an answer. I can guarantee that there is where the truth lies. But do not do this in a demanding, accusatory way, as perhaps the adults in your life once did, but ask gently, with the love and compassion that you are learning as you practice detachment, and as you learn what it truly means to be evolutionary.

Perhaps what you thought was an enigma, a goddess, a perfection of everything you were not, is but an energetic being like your self. As energy are you all the same. As energy is no one grander or more perfect that another. All are equal in shape, in form, in beauty, in characteristics, in intent and focus of growth. As energetic beings is there no man and no woman, no sex, and no sex appeal. But at the same time, is energy the ultimate of all of those things, for it takes everything and encompasses it in the intensity of truly vibrant, energetic, and alive love. Each of you have this within, and this you must recognize when you look outside of your self for fulfillment. You will not find it until you have tackled the challenges that your anima, or animus poses to you.

Your anima, My Dear Tom, is simply your best, most honest friend and companion, pointing out your path, your inner path, your direction for how to get to the truth of the inner self. Turn inward. Look to the self. Put aside your books now for a time. You have already learned enough dogma, enough terminology, and enough definition to last you several lifetimes. Turn now, with your reading glasses on, to the small print that you have barely noticed inside your self. Turn inward, and read the inner words of truth. Listen too, for that inner voice would like you to hear what it has to say to you after all these years of ignoring it, with your ears taking in so much of your outer environment.

This is how you will be able to process what you have learned, and find what you seek. It is all inside you. That is where you will find all the answers to love, to caring compassion for the self; the one you must learn to love the most, but with utter honesty, humility, and detachment.

See what happens as the energy outside of you continues to also point you inward. That is what this time on Earth is really all about. You Earthbound Ones must learn to stop reaching for things outside of you. They are not attainable. You are looking in the wrong places. Everything is inside you. Begin to look there now more often for your answers. You’ll find them, I guarantee that!

For this question I thank you, Tom. And for this day I request that you do not pick up another book, or read another word about what you should be doing. Instead, go innerly and ask your inner child what should be attended to first. This is good advice for all of you Seekers and Evolutionary Beings. You might be surprised at the answer, but I suggest you pay attention to it and truly take the evolutionary path. Good luck!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR