#211 Listen To Your Heart

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have any words of guidance for us today?

Absolutely! Listen to your heart as it tells you what to do. If you cannot hear its voice then slow down, get centered by doing heart-centered breathing, and then will you feel and hear your most inner voice speaking only truth to you. From this heart-centered place of truth must life now be lived, for there is no other way, as the world does not abide much longer in its current state, or with the sloppiness of denying long lost traditions. By this, I mean the current trend to overdo, to over-consume, and to deny that there is heart-centered truth.

Sloppiness hides truth. Laziness does not allow for much growth. On a national level and a worldwide level is there great need for shift, for change, and for a return to innocent wonderings. In order to turn the world upside down is it time now to turn your own world upside down. No longer deny that you do in fact have a very vibrant heart-center that speaks to you and guides you. Pay attention to it in order to impact your own life, those around you, and begin to change the world beyond your own small nucleus of living.

The world does revolve around each one of you. Each of you has impact and each of you has great potential to change the world. As each of you begins a concerted effort to change so do you bring awareness to others that change is possible. Do it without fear, and without denying your own inner voice telling you that it is high time to do life differently now. This may mean any number of things. To some it may mean beginning to discover what heart-centered truth means. To others it may mean finally listening and paying attention to truths that have long been speaking out. To others it may mean finally making the change they have planned for a long time.

Trust that now is the time when great change is energetically supported and aided, for this it true. This is what I have been speaking of now for many months. Even though there are ups and downs, so is it also apparent that the greater force of energy is positive, and with intent, awareness, and trust in the truth of the self is there potential for much success. I wish to urge change, decisions for change, but I also urge those changes to be heart-centered, healthy changes for the self and the world around you. In order for these changes to be long-lasting and viable in the future, must you consider that the world, as you know it, is rapidly deteriorating and will not sustain such frenzy for much longer.

Exhaustion does sabotage Mother Earth. Even as the energy does push for change, so do the rampant denials of the utter living organism of earth itself bring change. And this change may not be to the likings of the human population, but so is it just because of this denial that humanity has caused such a ruckus. Play a new part in the shift. Rather than denial of your own part in the demise, take responsibility for your place upon that earth, and shift, first to your own heart-center, and determine how you may have the greatest impact as the Grand Dame does roll askew now, and toss aside the parasites upon her back.

Switch now to a renewed interest in life as a multitude of journeys. Each journey leaves its traces upon the terra firma, yet is there still opportunity to shift to a new level of consciousness now, changing your individual path, so that you tread lightly, in balanced consideration of all that you do, and all that your own life impacts the earth, the energy, and the potential for continued life. Find your balance as a living being upon the living earth; breathe your heart-centered breath to discover who you really are in the context of the meaningfulness of everything and the long term effects of your life and your future life.

Evolutionary growth allows for great shift, and this is the message I ultimately bring forth with my mission. The world is asking for change, the energy is asking for change, the universe as an evolutionary prospect does also ask for change. To remain earthbound by the billions will no longer be feasible. The future does not bode well for sustainable life, yet are there many souls awaiting re-entry and re-birth of awareness upon that tired earth, great though she is. This mission is one of many to enlighten the now living to the facts of evolution so that there may be a great unburdening upon that earth over the next century.

Find your own path upon this evolutionary journey of change, and travel that evolutionary journey impeccably. Begin now to unburden the earth of your own demands, and take upon your self the responsibility that is required for one who treads lightly and travels with awareness. Leave little waste behind you. Take what you need, and give just a little more back. Treat the earth well. Treat your fellow travelers with love and compassion, and remind your self often that every step you take, every decision you make is meaningful for now, and for your evolutionary future.

Proceed now forward on your journey with a new idea of your self as a lightly-touching-down being, aware that this is the final journey to that plane. Intend now to unburden the earth of your soul’s continued journeying by focusing on continuing your journey in infinity, with a mission of service and continued growth. There are other worlds to explore, worlds of energy that do not utilize physical necessities, as is so upon that earth plane. There is much potential upon that earth now to understand and fathom that each are you responsible for your own evolution, and this is what our many missions seek to teach and guide you to accept.

There does exist an urgency upon that earth now to change. Look around you at all that no longer appears to function as it once did. There are many shake-ups being enacted, and many changes being presented on all levels of life, and in the energetic forces that utilize humanity for sustenance. Become part of the awareness that things must be done differently now. Do not fear your own truths. They seek only to enlighten you to the meaning of your own life, the truth of your evolutionary path; and fear but hides what you know is your future.

Open the door to your future by opening the door to your heart. From this place of inner knowing be guided, be calmed, and be daring. Change your own life and you change the world. But all of this talk of change must be from the heart, or it will not have the desired impact. Once heart-centered focus is adopted so will there begin to be a renewal of earth’s resources and potential. For though that great earth does suffer greatly now, so is her power of rejuvenation great beyond words, but she will recover only on her own terms, and that may not be to the liking of those who do not understand the truth of evolution.

Be an evolutionary being. Intend life from your heart-center now. Hear your truths, and your direction will become more apparent. Live life patiently, quietly; go lightly, and continue to be aware, alert to the signs around you; and please, be kind to your self as you go. Everything will happen as it should, but you, with your awareness, can be prepared for it, and for your own journey ahead, so that your choices may continually be for growth, evolutionary growth.

A Note Regarding Heart-centered Breathing: When Jeanne speaks of heart-centered breathing she is referring to an exercise outlined in message #77 Heart-centered Breathing from June 8, 2007. This message is available in the Archives.

#210 Acquiesce to the Power of Receptivity

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Include in your holiday preparations, whether they be ritualistic, personal, or traditional, your new awareness in order to remain open to giving your self a true gift of growth. Only in remaining open to the offerings of our connection, with those of us who aid and assist you, will you be able to correctly interpret what you are given.

Be certain of your own place now, on your own path of growth. Find your equilibrium, your centered stillness, and remain aware of all that you have lately learned in order to receive the gift of guidance and knowing that awaits. The possibility of connection, and thus the possibility of guidance, remains in your hands. Are you not only receptive, but also open energetically? To be open in your mind is one thing, but to acquiesce to the power of receptivity is another.

Do not be afraid as I continue to invite your participation in this new worldwide phenomenon of receptivity and awareness that does sweep across your world with a great energetic push. For even as wind does blow, so does this energetic sweep ruffle through your energy field, seeking your notice. In order to intercept it, in order to gain inner awareness of it, must you become supremely aware of your own inner calm energy.

Seek today to feel your own energy. What does it feel like? What is your true energetic current really like? Find your self constantly reminding your physical body to go into a state of calm throughout the day. Just small reminders will be enough to invite calm into your physical body, and then, in that calmness, entice your mind to release all of its ideas and concepts of what energy is, and just feel it.

And as you feel your own pulsing energy, allow your self to feel the other energy outside of you, merging with yours. Invite the calmness of it to flow through you, and calm you further, as you go on an experiential adventure into the energetic universe. Carry with you this receptive quality now more often. Thwart your attempts to block it or dismiss it, but instead remind your self that you are seeing, and feeling, and experiencing life differently now. This you have already decided. Now make it happen. Make your body respond to your lessons of awareness by allowing it to open to the energetic flow of guided connection. We await your reception.

Is that all for today?

Yes. It is a good day to feel our energy as we nudge you to notice. Be open, receptive to us, keeping in mind that life is different now because you are viewing it with a new perspective, that energy is available, just waiting. And don’t forget: Everything is Possible!

#209 Keep Your Attention On Your Journey

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us as we begin a new work week? What can we expect energywise?

Do not focus on the energy itself, but only your place in it. Where are you now in your life, and in your own energy awareness? Is your awareness keen? Do you normally feel the energy affecting you? Have you learned focus and detachment, so that you do not get caught where you should not tread? Is your awareness keen enough to protect your energy, so that it is saved for use by you in the most efficient way possible?

Keep your attention on your journey. Keep your focus forward, even as the season does call for much giving, and much draining of energy due to over-consumption and the vast commercialism that inhabits the airwaves at this time of year. Place your self firmly upon your path of spirit, guided by your inner knowing, and each day remain cognizant of this direction as you venture into your busy life. Do not waste energy, and do not get caught in the commercial frenzy of the season, for that is not a good use of your energy. Find your calm center, and realize that compassion and love, energetically released upon the earth, will have far greater impact than money spent upon trinkets. Do not dismiss the impact of this time of giving. For it does remind many of their own hearts, and their own yearning spirits; of their desires for rightness and change; and the innermost desire for peace and everlasting calm. But those things will not accumulate until a great shift has taken place. Become part of that shift as you now use your awareness to tone down the energy drains that desire so much of the wrong things.

Use the energy well, for change, for shift, and for consciousness raising; and in this manner will you honor the truth of the season, for it does honor a prophet who desired such forces in his own time, as we do now. Do not forget your own goals in life, even for a moment, but remain focused on guarding your energy, even as the tastes of the season continue to tease, and the comforts of old beckon for your notice. Release your self from your old duties now, and take on a new aspect of your own truths to guide you in your decisionmaking.

It is a time of change now. Not only does the year upon that earth wind down, but so does the season request a shift to inner contemplation. Make this shift matter. Greatly accept your own part in enacting change upon the earth, even if only in your own world. This small shift will have consequences, as your own intent does affect all in your nearness, and this then affects others, and so on, as ripples in a puddle do reverberate into the very earth, gently, but with a lasting impression nonetheless. Something always notices and wakes up.

Be part of the change. As the year changes, and newness begins, make your own intentions focused on your inner path, your journey newly focused on a committed path of growth, awareness, and as much change as you can muster. Do life differently now. Use the energy above to aid you. Use the energy below to keep you focused. Use your awareness to guide you. A new time of shift does soon arise, coinciding with your celebration time. Do not forget this. It is important. Watch what happens.

#208 In Dreaming Are You But Awake in Another World

We continue to invite all of our readers to download The Book of Us, offered for free, on the Store page of this website. In addition, we wish to express out deepest gratitude to all who have e-mailed, sharing the profound impact this book is having on their lives. We invite you all to send your honest reactions upon reading The Book of Us, and greatly appreciate being advised of any grammatical, editorial, or technical mishaps you might notice.

Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Another weekend has arrived. What message do you have for us all today, and over the next few days?

Continue your awareness work. Continue the work of change. Continue to be aware of the energy, and continue to look for opportunities of growth and evolution. Be aware of the signs around you urging this upon you, even as you remain aware of the currents of energy that will continue to dance and play their game of taste and tease, inviting you, but also testing you, to be alert and aware.

Awareness remains the key issue as you progress through life. Train this ability to remain alert, even when you sleep. It is necessary to remain cognizant of your surroundings and the meaning of energy, whether in waking life or dreaming life. In dreaming are you but awake in another world, and it is your next step to begin training your awareness to remain keen in that world as well now. But this begins in your world of daily reality, as you understand the way veils hide truth and signs from you. For in dreaming-worlds are the veils also present, but your awareness is less available until you train it to wake up and participate in that life as well.

With this training and preparation well undertaken will you learn how to maintain awareness in all situations, and in all worlds. Maintaining awareness at all times, even in the moment of death, is the ultimate goal, for in so doing will you pass the evolutionary exam, and perhaps graduate into infinity. This keen training of your awareness, beginning now, is essential in order to maintain it at the time of separation from the physical world, as you exit, energetically, from your body.

Relying on your practice in waking life alone is not sufficient, for there are not enough circumstances in that physical world to challenge you. This may sound absurd because life presents a multitude of challenges, but to hone your awareness sufficiently must this be practiced in other worlds as well, where both the rules of energy and physical reality appear differently. In the world of concrete reality, the challenges greatly center around navigating through and beyond that concreteness, that life, and that world you know so well, which is both predictable and easily explained. But once you enter other worlds, where nothing is quite as you may suspect, is a new kind of awareness required in order to navigate.

This training of awareness in other worlds is easily mastered in your daily ritual of sleep and dreaming. Begin to be aware, as you enter dreamlands, that you are in another world. Remind yourself, before you go to sleep at night, that you are about to enter another world, and then remind yourself that awareness is key in this dreamworld. Ask your self to remain alert, awake in your dreamworld, aware of your surroundings. Veils exist in dreamworlds, as well as in your daily life, so it is essential to remove the veils so that clarity is gained.

Begin to expand your awareness now into other worlds. Take adventures into your imagination to begin honing your skills. Meditative adventures into the self offer the opportunity to explore your abilities beyond the concrete. Open your eyes, but do not look too hard with your physical eyes as you meditate and dream, but instead look with your inner eyes of knowing. In this way, will you begin to experience a new level of awareness. And this you can do with intent, on purpose, simply by daring your self to daydream, with the full knowledge that it is a highly valuable lesson in awareness training. Then apply the same techniques in your nighttime dreaming.

All of this requires innocent trust in your own abilities to go on an adventure, and this you must freely allow your self to do. It may seem slightly ridiculous, at first, if you are not a daydreaming person normally, but once you get the hang of it, will you find that it is quite pleasurable. But always maintain your innocent heart-centered intent, and the knowledge that this is awareness training that you are undertaking, and not self-gratification. In the beginning, may it be difficult to just allow your innocence to emerge and take you on a journey, but with time, and trust in your inner self, will you be able to achieve anything.

There are many guides and teachers of dreaming available to you. Look around as you begin, and ask for assistance. See who arrives to help you. Take your pets with you, for they very easily enter other worlds, and are highly aware of your energy shifts. Enter dreamworlds with your awareness though. Do not forget this most important aspect. Remind your self often to remain alert, to “see” with your inner knowing, and to “feel” with your heightened sense of awareness.

Who knows where you will go, and what you will meet? But don’t forget to bring back with you something from each adventure, and note it as important for your learning and your journey. Even if it is but a small token of your ability, so is it meaningful. “Everything is meaningful” in that life, and as I am fond of saying, “Everything is possible.” Use these two proclamations to aid you as you begin this next step in training your awareness. Happy dreaming!

#207 Your New Game of Life

We continue to invite all of our readers to download The Book of Us, offered for free, on the Store page of this website. In addition, we wish to express out deepest gratitude to all who have e-mailed, sharing the profound impact this book is having on their lives. We invite you all to send your honest reactions upon reading The Book of Us, and greatly appreciate being advised of any grammatical, editorial, or technical mishaps you might notice.

Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Do not hold back now from the experiences that arrive, to not only teach you, but offer a grand opportunity to grow by giving you the knowledge of a world with the veils removed. Allow the veils to reveal truths and experiences that are meaningful. Then allow your self to accept these experiences, taking them in to your knowing, so that you may advance in an evolutionary manner.

Do not disregard what comes to you. Do not despise your abilities to see and be aware in a new manner. Do not turn away from your innocence, but fully embrace it now as you take a new step forward into your future.

Allow awareness to be your constant companion. Allow for sharpness of that awareness to point out to you what you should notice. Allow your noticings to be your new game of life, and play it well. This new game of awareness, alertness, and constant monitoring of the signs of truth and innocence are the experiences I speak of that are necessary for this new life you now engage.

Do not run and hide from your truths. Do not play hide-and-seek. That is not the game I speak of. This new game of life is a total embracing of all that is seen and unseen, all that is felt and experienced, and all that is constantly revealed to you, day by day, as you grow and evolve.

This new game of life is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to shirk from, nothing to push away, but it is everything now, and should be accepted as your new means of living and interpreting your life, your experiences, and your most inner knowings. Focus your attention today on the signs that are all around you. Pay heed to them. Allow your self to trust. Allow your self to experience. Allow your innocence to embrace you in this new game of life as an adventure full of surprises. Enjoy it!

Don’t be so afraid. If you don’t like how the game of life is proceeding, then throw the dice again today. Ask for change, ask for a new direction, ask for new life, ask for what you truly need to shift you in a new direction of growth. And then use your awareness in order to be alert to the signs alerting you to what you have asked for. What you ask for will manifest. That you can be certain of. So get ready for it. Even if you don’t think it has arrived, think again, and you will discover that it has indeed come to aid you on your journey. So watch out what you ask for!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR