A Response to: “I Give Up My Control”

This response references Message #362
Channeled on August 15, 2008

Dear Jan and Chuck,

As always, thank you for the love I feel every time I ask a question and receive guidance.

I would like to respond to Jeanne’s answer to my question. It offers a good dose of tough love and is just what I need to hear. I am stubborn, and a good kick in the pants is a good way to get me going.

As I take in a deep sigh, I am willing to let a part of myself be exposed in order to help myself and maybe others who are feeling the way I have been feeling most of my life. In regards to control of my body, and in turn my spirit, I have “stuffed it, or starved it” for many years. I don’t know how to be comfortably “full”. When I let go and flow with the energy, the feelings of pure joy and love overtake me and then I want to “stuff” myself so blindly until I am SO FULL that the process of “starving” myself soon begins. As I become obsessed with the process of “starving” myself, I feel a deep sense of control (false of course), but I also feel powerful. The “starvation” starts to take over, and in the giving in I “stuff” myself again, losing sight of everyone and everything in my life.

In the process of starving and stuffing, my spirit cries out, I ignore it, and in turn I beat it down, which brings on feelings of guilt, and the process starts over again. Then I cannot forgive myself because I feel not worthy of all the gifts I have been given in life. I do the outside work, but fail to let it in.

This is, as Jeanne points out, no longer serving my spirit, or my physical body. In recognizing this, and looking at it with innocent eyes, I am coming out of the denial. But I fear that these feelings of relief will also create the “stuffing and starving” pattern that I know so well. This is my dilemma, and I am sure the dilemma of many people, as taking care of our physical bodies requires us to feel and move through the discomfort and leave the control freak behind.

I deeply appreciate a place to come that feels safe, and full of LOVE (whether tough or not)…LOL

Love & Light,
Donna D.

#364 This is an Adult Energy

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Continue to be aware of the energy. It is here to aid you, to send you on your journeys, and propel you into a new realm of consciousness. It is an energy that asks for participation, for concerted efforts in staying on track, for awareness of the necessity to make the right choices now, as this is enabling energy, but only for the choices that are right. If you are in a state of loss, of confusion, and of despair this energy will lift you out of such places of darkness, but only if you first lift your head up and determine that you wish to climb out of your darkness, if you wish to be helped out of your hole, and if you willingly and readily participate in the action of getting your self out of that hole.

This is not an energy that will magically whisk you out of your stuck place, nor will it decide for you what you must do, but it will assist you as you make choices that are right, that are progressive, positive, and growth-oriented changes. It will not be available to the big baby, the determined, stubborn self that wants, wants, wants and demands that others come to the rescue. No, this is an adult energy, and is only available to mature journeyers who are ready to take on the process of growth, taking full responsibility for deciding to engage the energy and then to accept the gifts that come.

You must be in a good state of balance; centered in knowing what is right for you to do now, as this energy comes forcefully into your realm and seeks out those who are ready to grow. Are you ready? Are you ready to allow the adult self who knows to take over your life? I speak of the inner adult. The inner voice of knowing, not attached to the old voices, the old conventions, or the old must-dos that have so far pushed and prodded you along. No, I speak of YOU now, your own inner mature self, who knows full well that you wish to evolve and seeing, really seeing, exactly and clearly the way to proceed.

Perhaps the big baby self pulls at the apron strings, wanting you to stay complacently tucked away with your blankies and binkies. But that is the old self who will absolutely attempt to thwart your progress. The energy of now will not be paying attention to this big baby self. It is only concerned with the mature self who is ready to evolve. For this is evolving energy. This is energy that will allow you to grow and to achieve great progress in your life. And no matter who you are, where you live, how you have thus far lived, or where you would like to go in the future, this energy is available to you. It does not discriminate against true spirit energy. That is what it seeks now. It seeks reciprocal, resonant, eager, mature spirit energy.

Do you send out your resonance to it? Do you ask for it to take you on your true journey? Do you allow your self to acquiesce to the truths of who you are, where you are, and why you are? Do you wish to keep going, evolving as a spiritual being connected to the energy of the universe?

This energy now available is ready to lead you forward. If you choose to participate and send out your intent to be a part of it, with your mature adult self firmly in the asking place, so will this energy respond. And this energy knows that you are earthbound as well, that you have things to do there in your life upon that earth, and that you are seeking purpose and direction. That is its intent in return, to aid you in finding your true mission in that life.

Only in finding your true mission in that life will you be able to find your true spiritual path, both in that life and in your future lives, whether upon that earth or in other realms. Send your intent out to the energy with purpose for living at the root of your call for resonance.

Ask: Why am I here? Please assist me in finding my guiding principle, my light, my life purpose, and my evolving self. Please help me remain grounded, stable, pragmatic, yet also adventuresome, positive, and aware of my place as a spiritual human as I take this step forward now, with conscious intent on my part to grow and move forward on my journey. I am ready for new life, new direction. I desire a shift in my life, the right shift, for I am open of heart, open of mind, open of spirit, and ready to truly live now.

This energy will hear your words of truth. But you must remain aware of how it responds to you, for it may not be as you desire or plan. The future is a mystery at this point, so accept that. Accept that you are going off into a future of nothingness, but be assured that it is a future full of wonder and growth that will lead you where you do need to go. But you must give up your control of it and allow the energy to determine your future for you. It asks you to acquiesce with complete trust, love, joy, and calmness, for what it offers is so right. You will soon find out what I mean, as you allow your self to acquiesce to participation in this most amazing time upon that earth.

#363 Everyone Else Around You is in the Same State of Dazed Awakening

Dear Jeanne,
The energy has certainly been most prominent and forceful lately in asking many of us to confront our issues as we are propelled to change, transform, and advance without regret or attachment. It does feel as if we are being challenged more strongly than usual in many areas simultaneously, though the synchronicities of challenges in our inner and outer worlds are undeniable. Can you continue to address the question of the energy forces now present, offering us guidance and support as we make our attempts to go with the flow of it?

This time of energetic forcefulness will continue to push. This is now a pushing energy, and yet it does ask you to move forward now without regret or attachment, as you say. But it also asks you to continue to carry with you the lessons learned thus far. To advance forward must you retain your deepest past confrontations as perfect examples of how to proceed in the future, as you confront new challenges and new methods of growth.

I do ask that you allow compassion to guide you now as well, as you allow truth and right action to be your companions as you take your next steps. There will be times when right action will be the perfect solution, but you may be drawn to feelings of sorrow, loss, or regret for having to move swiftly when others in your care may require a slower process. This is where your compassionate energy rides the coattails of your inner knowing. When confronted with such a situation, a dilemma of knowing that to push forward and onward is obviously correct, though another in your presence is not quite ready to do so, must you follow through with your right knowing action anyway.

Your compassionate aftereffect will be asking the other to be present, to be responsible for self, to accept the challenges, and to allow the inner strong self to step forward and direct the process now. To continue wallowing in self-pity, sorrow, the state of the big baby, the insatiable beast, or the frightened animal, are but old actions, cardboard cutouts long overused; and this is known to the one who does use such devices, in order to cull sympathy, to soothe, to postpone, or to gather thoughts or feelings before the inevitable process of growth continues.

All of you know, and those in your nearness do also, that this energy is stirring awake the inner strength in all of you. Even though it may be long buried, or never even tapped, so is it now apparent that this is what is coming forth to partake in the energy.

There are dramatic challenges, controversies, confrontations, and enormous conflicts present in that earth realm right now. These dichotomies reflect this strength emerging, and yet is the dilemma not so much in outer sparring but in the inner sparring, as this inner strength seeks a place in each person’s life. It seeks a place of centering, inclusion, and participation in life.

I advise that you do not keep your talents, your strengths, your obvious creative, intellectual, or most apparent and emerging capabilities hidden, either from your self or your world. You are all asked now to come out of the closet; to be real; truthful; to be honest and open; to allow and accept, but most importantly to be soberly, straightforwardly and pragmatically present in your life.

Bring all of YOU forth now. This is a time of exposure. The real you no longer needs to be hidden. In fact, with so much exposure going on all around you, you will realize that you are in quite good and safe company.

Do not hide any longer from your self. This is, of course, your first real challenge. Who are you underneath all that you present to the world? I think many of you are finding out the truth of the self. I ask that you please accept this self, whether it be a lost and confused self, or an evolving and forward moving self. Whoever you are is who you must be, who you need to be, and who you so tenderly must accept as self of now. Then must you remain connected to this new self.

Do not run and hide from this self. Do not allow old fears and cloaks of denial to sweep over this most bare naked and truthfully revealed self. All of you are at different stages. Your challenges will be individual; your processes will be at different paces, but keep in mind that all of you are on journeys of growth. And this is what you must keep in mind as you take your steps of right action.

Listen to your most innocent self who must now allow room for your strong self, who must now move over and share your inner center of balance with this forceful energy that is uncurling inside of you. This determined aspect of self who is ready now to partake in life is asking for room to grow, evolve, and merge inside you and be expressed outside of you.

This is a time of brutal honesty. Do not shrink from what is going on inside your self in the same manner as you tend to obscure what is going on outside of you, for it is meant as a mirror for you to learn about the self. My contention is that you are all being pushed to perform now to your fullest capacity and potential. You are being asked to be the best human being you can possibly be at this moment. You are asked to be the best spirit being you can possibly be too. And you are also asked to combine those two aspects of self and be the best whole being you can possibly be. This energy asks you to confront your self with your deepest issues and truths, and then to honestly reconcile those issues. Then this energy asks you to turn them into your strengths, your powers, your creative energies of mergence with self as an active participant in life, in your own life as it is presented to you each day.

Be now assured that the energy is here to stay and support you, no matter what stage of evolutionary growth you are at. Your issues and your challenges are what are now necessary for your growth. But know that your participation in tackling your issues will be met on all sides with thoroughly supportive guidance, energy, and renewable energy for a long time to come.

You are not alone in your dilemmas. Your challenges need not be tackled in a vacuum of aloneness. Reach out and notice, My Dear Ones, that everyone else around you is in the same state of dazed awakening to the truths being presented. This is your new reality. I urge you all to participate by doing what is truthfully and honestly the right action necessary for your own growth.

#362 I Give Up My Control

Today, a Reader asks for guidance.

Dear Jeanne,
I am experiencing many of the changes within and without that are occurring now. At times I can flow with them, and at times fear sets in and I lose my trust for myself, and in turn lose the ability to get to my heart center. I am grounded in knowing that even though my heart center may be messy with change right now, it is still a safe place to go.

This leads me to my question for guidance. I am here in this life to work on self-esteem issues and to break the barriers of my perfectionism. It served me well through the times in my life when things were out of control, but now it is calling for a restful place, and I am being resistant. Because perfectionism has been a dominant energy in my life, I need guidance on how to come to a more balanced state so I can honor its presence in my life and give it the rest it needs. How do I let myself make mistakes and get messy in order to let go and grow? As always, I thank you for the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance…what a gift!

Love & Light…D.A.D.

My Dear One, in order to learn to let go and flow with your life, must you practice doing just that. When the opportunity arises, so must you notice your old habit creeping in and immediately strike it away from you and relax into a new positive position so that your ability to let go will have a physical passage.

I would suggest that you begin with your body, which is your mode of constraint and controls your every action, thought, and emotion. This is so for everyone. Your body holds everything. Your body is your home, and if you persist in keeping it pin neat (neat as a pin) then do you risk not accessing that which you keep neatly stored away in closets, drawers, and hidden in your attic.

This is why I suggest recapitulation as a means of accessing the physical self. If you concentrate your attention on what your body is trying to tell you, so do you shift your awareness from the outer controlling self, who has so successfully progressed in life in a certain fashion, to the new self desiring to emerge.

Your physical body is the place for you to begin allowing. This is where you must begin to let go and become restful. Your tightness is no longer working for you. Your inner spirit self is not happy being so constrained and constricted. Your inner self desires release, but how can that happen if you continue to torturously keep her down?

I admit that my words may appear a little harsh. I do indeed need to confront you on this, for I see a spirit who has had to take a back seat all these many years. Although your outer self has allowed spirit to explore, so has outer self controlled even that exploration. Now I hear your spirit self asking me, another spirit energy, to give you the message that your barricades must come down in order for that true spirit self to emerge. Your spirit self has not yet been allowed to speak, for you speak words for her. You do not even allow her words to be released unedited, and this is another area for you to practice letting go in.

What truths have you not allowed to be spoken? What words are you afraid to hear? What will you not allow your physical self to experience and have access to? Who do you really want to be, the control freak or the flowing, growing, soft and beautiful self who lies waiting to be discovered?

I challenge you, My Dear One, and all of you Readers, to enjoy the energy now available to you. This is a time of great transformation, energetically supported, but you must choose to engage it for growth purposes. You must make a conscious decision to now invite your self into the energy. Put your self into its flow by making the choice to allow it to take you where you need to go. In essence, this is a time and opportunity for acquiescence.

This must be done without controlling the outcome, but also not controlling the input either. By this I mean, you must simply state:

I am ready now.
I give up my control of my body to the energy of the universe.
I give up my control of my spirit to the energy of the universe.
I give up my control of direction, purpose, and intent.
I totally acquiesce to the flow of this powerful energy.
May it lead me where I need to go.

Now that is total acquiescence, My Dear! Can you do this act of release of self? Can you trust my guidance to further your self; to grow and evolve totally unburdened of ancient rules, demands, and ideas? This energy of now wishes for growth. That is its underlying intent and purpose, to push us all along (even those of us in energy form) to discover what is really possible. But your adventures will be short lived if you do not allow your self to have this grand opportunity to trust the energy like never before.

I hope I have satisfactorily answered your question. Oh, and by the way, you will achieve restfulness, balance, and amazing flow simply by acquiescing to the energy. If you allow your self to flow with it, then will it be so right that your inner self and your outer self will find their perfect balance because your controlling self will no longer be tipping the scales.

I thoroughly enjoy watching the progress of all my beautiful Readers. Keep daring yourselves to take the initiative on behalf of your spirits. Dare to live the spirit life by opening up to the energy that will take you, guide you, and lead you perfectly.

Acquiesce to the truth that awaits. As truth is revealed, will you begin to understand your life. Your future, your past, and your present will all make sense. In utter truth and honesty must you be ready to allow this process of growth to unfold. Acquiesce to your truths. That is where you must begin now, My Dear One. Reveal those to your self, and then allow the energy to guide you on your real journey, not yet begun!

#361 Be Aware of Your Place in Each Moment

Dear Jeanne,
Now that we have all of this energy available to us, how do we use it without constantly getting caught in it. How do we most properly use it?

Use it most properly by going innerly, My Dear, of course. Your charge now is to be a being of light and by that I mean one who utilizes energy most effectively but also in a positive productive manner. And how do you do this, you ask? By taking your own inner glow to heart and by acknowledging your own power. By accepting into your inner world this brave new energy in small increments you can most effectively harness it for good of self, for growth, and for purposes of enlightenment.

I do not wish to make this appear to be an intangible, untenable property. Energy is rather amorphous, but you can have certainty of it in your life by remaining innerly centered, knowing of self, and aware of your place in each moment. I ask that you allow your self to detach for a moment from even the idea that there is grand energy available. Withdraw into self, right now, as my words explain how best to utilize this worthy aire of energetic convergence that now permeates your world.

By shutting out the world around you, even momentarily, and accessing your inner calm self, do you offer your self a small place of refuge from all that swirls outside of you. I do not mean pausing in your busy head, but to instead resort to your calm place of meditation and inner knowing. This is your place of balance and inner resolution, far removed from your outer world.

By allowing your self access to inner quiet and inner silence will the energy become but an accompanist to your life. It will be available, but not overriding. However, if you remain focused on the outer energy, on the flurry and the choices it offers, so will you have problems settling in to a nice flow, utilizing it for good and for growth.

So remain cognizant of your inner place of calm, your so well-known balanced inner spirit self, as you maneuver through and around this energy. For often will your inner knowing directly desire to engage it and other times will your inner awareness say, “No, not now.”

That is what you are looking for you know, that inner dialogue that is so peacefully knowing and right. Once you find it; acknowledge it. Allow that inner silence to be broken only by the true inner voice. Then will you find that using this energy, or any other, will be perfectly natural and easy. In such a state of right knowing will all actions also be right actions. Thoughts will be centered on this place of knowing too and they will lead you to correct conclusions as you allow energetic convergence and participation with the outer energy to become part of your daily life.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR