#310 The Dark Side

Dear Jeanne,
Today you wanted to talk about evil entities that seek to inhabit human forms. Can you address this phenomenon?

Yes, I can. I will be brief and to the point. It is my contention; after much time spent in this new world, working my way through many levels of contest and confusion, learning as I went; that evil exists on a far greater level than most in human form would like to admit. There circulate constantly evil forms, caught in darkness, seeking sustenance, yet are they also conniving and dangerous, for they do not just feed and move on, but seek eternal bedding in human entities, for there do they find not only fodder, but a means of expressions in that world. There do they find access to abilities that the rest of us have gone beyond, for we elected instead to move on toward enlightenment, rather than stay stuck in that old dark heavy world. For that is how I perceive it now that I exist in my energy body. Though I did love life there and all that I experienced, so now do I have another experience that is the total antithesis of that Earthly experience; as energy.

I elect to remain in this energetic state and work onward, enhancing and growing in this state. However, there are entities that elect to remain embedded in that place, inhabiting within the Earth force, for reasons that remain complicated, for they are caught, yet do they also elect to remain caught, for they reside on the dark side.

To extract from the dark side, and move onward into pure energy and light is a complicated matter as well, and to do so for those dark ones is nearly impossible. The dark side draws upon their energy, as readily as the light side entices mine. This is the only way I can explain these evil entities, by comparison to my own experiences with contrasting energetic pulls, for it is how I see it and feel it.

The dark side does have powerful draw, even as it does there upon that Earth. Though energetic evil as I now speak of has long been caught there and chooses to remain buried in its ancient cauldron.

What happens when a human body becomes inhabited with an evil energy? How can that happen?

It happens in vulnerability. It happens in unawareness, and in inability to recognize and fight off. There is no intent on the part of the victim to become inhabited. But the evil ones do circulate and look for unprotected entry to human form. Once there, do they wreak havoc. Unleashed and unabated do they allow themselves to do as they please, for it prolongs their energy to express and to play at the expense of their victim’s energy. They are predators, seeking live fodder in which to bed down and feast upon.

This can be subtly noticed by others, but ordinarily the victim does not experience the phenomenon in quite the same way as the viewer, for the inner spirit must disappear in order to hide from the outside energy that does inhabit the vehicle of expression upon that Earth. So it deserts the human form, remaining in nearness, but intending and offering combative intent of the most powerful sort in return.

Do not ever think that a body inhabited by evil has been deserted by its spiritual energy, for that is not so. The spirit remains strong while the human body, the vehicle, has been hi-jacked. The evil intent does not care about the spirit. It prefers to shove it out of the way. It only wants the power of the physical body and the energetic life force that sustains it, but the spirit knowing and awareness has it no use for.

Thus removed, is the spirit capable of calling in help to save the victim of the massacre, but it is a lengthy and horrid affair. Luckily, our forces of good do also circulate upon that Earth and protect those in our charge, remaining alert to the movements of the dark forces. I have, on many occasions, encountered such dark armies as they circulate in infinity, looking and looking, a roving pack of hungry animals focused only on satiation of their needs.

Would the souls who are caught in darkness rather be elsewhere?

Yes, that was my next point. They are caught in the darkness, their own spirits exorcised and captivated by the rulers of the darkness. They become but empty entities with only one focus, and that is to find sustenance and expression. And it is far easier to find it in vulnerable human form than to do battle with the positive force of good.

This sounds pretty much like a science fiction premise.

Well, My Dear, it is quite like that I agree, but keep in mind that in pure energy is everything possible, and that is the form I speak of, energy forms. For that is all we are once we leave that Earth plane. All of us are energy; both the good and the evil exist only in energetic form.

We are well aware of each other, aware of each other’s approach. I am not of any interest to them, except if I pose a problem, get in the way, so to speak, of their needs to pursue their desires. Mostly do I step aside and let them pass, but the intensity of their forces is really quite powerful, and I now understand how the human form is no match for such dark energy.

Does the dark side take over gradually, or how does a takeover happen?

Those entities function in different manners. Many times is the takeover abrupt and noticeable. At other times is the human form inhabited from early on in life, yet is the expression more subtle, for then is the entity that inhabits more likely to have a long and stable life upon that plane in the being it has elected to reside in.

Just as good resides in many people, so does evil reside in others, have no doubt about this. I do not intend to scare you, My Dear Readers, but I do seek to make you aware that evil does exist in many forms, and in many subtle hidden ways. Do not think that all are directed toward the light, for that is not so. The dark side does hold many who remain in its folds.

Is there hope that the dark will turn toward the light?

There will always remain both dark and light, for it is necessary for balance, and for the possibility of stability in life upon that Earth and in other levels of existence as well. For as I have already said, if there is too much of one, so does the other go out of balance. There is great need for equal measure of both. But that can be another subject, another day.

Do not fall into too much focus or sadness over what I speak of today. Remain aware of your own position of strength, with your aware spirit guiding you. You are safe at this point, and will continue to be as you clothe your self in good intent, and focus on growth and evolution. Those who are unaware of their own inner spirit do greatly place themselves in vulnerability to such evil force. Yet, so must this be their path, for the path of evil is as valid as the path of good.

Do not get caught in your wonderings, but stay intent on your path. I love you all. Remain focused, aware, and look for the good in your lives, not the evil.

#309 They Seek to Captivate You

Dear Jeanne,
I would like to ask you to follow up on Friday’s message regarding negative energy by discussing negative and evil entities and intentions. Sometimes when I’m channeling I sense that you could go into discussing them, but you choose to avoid bringing them into focus, and I understand why. But I also think it’s time to give us a bigger picture of what the term “negative entities” means and how we are affected by them. Would you please speak to us on this subject today?

My Dear Jan, yes, I certainly will, though my own intent is very positive, and I risk offering focus on negative entities simply by discussing them, for there will be many eyes and awarenesses alert and looking for them, when energy is better spent in positive learning and focus on growth. But I agree it is time to discuss what I know about them.

When I first passed from my last human form, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, so did I have to learn a great deal about such negative energy and the influence it can have, both in your world and in my world. It exists in both worlds, equally forceful, undeniably seeking feeding grounds, and is especially alert to easy prey, for then it gathers what it needs in sustenance without losing much of its own energy, saving that for its toughest challenges.

This means of operation is quite practical, and even those of us working within the positive field do this as well, not feeding off anyone obviously, but saving our energy whenever possible for our own toughest challenges and intentions.

When I did first encounter negative beings in pure energy form so did my awakening awareness alert me to the non-resonant energy in my presence. The feeling is both a strong draw toward and a feeling of certain doom. At the same time there is a knowing that to become intimately involved with such energy would be a mistake, yet is it extremely enticing. In order to prevent myself from being sucked into its powerful energetic field was it up to me alone to gather my own strength to fight it off. And that strength lay in staying focused on my own awareness of the journey I was on, looking always toward positive results, with my intent focused on the next challenge beyond this present one. By keeping my awareness focused on the journey was I able to avoid, and turn away from the powerful desire welling up in me to fall into the arms of such enticing but dangerous energy.

And that has always been the challenge, ever since. It is a strange and beguiling type that inhabits all worlds, those so called negative entities, yet are they but energy, just as you and I are. But they work on the negative side, yet equally necessary as you and I are, for they provide balance. And as I have already spoken of, is balance a very necessary factor in keeping everything functioning smoothly. For without balance is there always the possibility for eruption and dissonance.

How can we recognize such negative entities in our own lives?

You will recognize them in much the same way I did. They seek to captivate you, to steal your energy, drag you from your path, and take what they want, then leave you in a heap wondering what just happened. They leave you exhausted, often angry, feeling helpless, hopeless and lost. They can also entice you into activities best left alone. They offer goods that you simply cannot refuse. They attach to you; traveling with you, perhaps for many years; feasting off you without your knowing, but dragging you down and keeping you from realizing your true potential, your dreams, and your full spiritual self.

They abide in you, beside you, seeking always to catch you off guard. They are often your biggest challenges, your petty tyrants as well. They can be friends, family, and any negative source of energy that does not resonate or allow you to maintain your balance. Negative energy is often attached to a negative entity. Though that entity may not be directly attached to you, so may it be attached to someone in your nearness, and so does it also seek access to your own energy as it drains whatever it can find for sustenance. Even if you are not its primary prey so do you become available, simply by being in its presence.

Think about your own life. Look for your energy drains. Where are they most pronounced and where less so, but still noticeable? Then your challenge is to discover what the hidden energy drains are and seek to also eliminate them from your life. Your balance will be maintained by a shift to positive outlook, positive acceptance and reception of good, focus on your inner spirit, and the quiet work on the self. All of this good work, good intent, will be constantly balanced by the negative energies around you in the world, that you must encounter daily. Even within the walls of sequestered temples, convents, and religious orders throughout the world is there always negative energy to contend with, no matter how spiritually based is the inner sanctum.

I do not speak only of negative energy and negative entities, but I must also address the evil side, which does also exist in many forms, both disguised and blatantly presented. But how do you recognize such evil? Often is it quite apparent to you, especially if you are in a state of heightened awareness or clarity. Then are you alert to everything, and your own energy is reading what is in your world, and your clear knowing will keep you aware and safe from harm or intervention. But if you are in a state of decay, despair, or lost in a fog, then will you not be able to find your way through the evil that approaches. For it will find you by your wandering demeanor, your unclear focus, your doubt and your misery. And in such a state, without your inner knowing awake and acting as your chief advisor, will you fall prey to that which approaches, unless your inner spirit self kicks you awake and alerts you to impending danger.

Often what happens in such states is that you may, in fact, fall into the hands of evil intent, but before long discover that you are in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing, and your awareness leads you out of it. Then you take with you the lessons you have learned, for future use. However, in many instances, must you, for your own soul’s journey and your spiritual awakening, travel further into the darker realms. And that is okay, because that is obviously the journey you must take, until awareness leads you elsewhere.

I do not advocate playing games with such energy. Do not invite it, or entice it to you, even though you may be the daring type who seeks constant adventure. Better to put your energy into something more fulfilling and worthwhile so that your journey may be one of constant growth, where plenty of challenges await you anyway. Be assured that always are there challenges ahead. Why choose to enter the side of negative and even evil entities when you can choose to follow your own inner spirit’s direction, for it will lead you properly.

But I understand also the need to fulfill whatever journey you have chosen for this lifetime. But let’s be clear and honest with the choices you make at all times. Don’t try to fool your self by denying what you are doing in the dark world. If you are going there, then go there as a warrior does; to learn, to have experiences, and to grow from the experiences that you find and that find you. But don’t clothe your self as a sheep when you are really a wolf because that is dishonest, and neither world accepts dishonesty and untruthfulness. Be what you choose to be, and be it to the fullest so that you learn something and you can grow from it.

Many who encounter evil at a very young age are trained by their master teachers to follow blindly, groomed to doom, so to speak, and thus is it quite difficult to break the spell of such intent. It may last a long time, repeated throughout a lifetime, as one is caught over and over again in similar situations, until one wakes up to the fact that a life of such repetition is not a life truly lived by the spirit, but simply by the pattern laid out early in life.

There are always signs given to break you of such patterns. There are always offers of help, and hands reaching in, plucking you out of situations that you may not understand how you got into, or how you got out of, as you travel in your foggy world. But know that you are always being offered enlightenments and epiphanies, both small and large, in order to wake you up, so that you may wipe the sleep from your eyes, and lift your head above the clouds and seek inner and outer clarity in your life.

Doing your recapitulation will assist you in the process of gaining clarity, but also enable you to understand the negative elements in your own life. There is more to speak of on the subject, so I propose that I continue later, for I must talk of entities that do attach and take over personalities and use them for their own intentions. This I’m sure you all know about, but would you recognize such an entity? Would you want to? Well, they are quite a sordid lot, but also challenging, and readily seeking places of rest and sustenance. So don’t doubt their existence, or their abilities to find and get what they want. How do you avoid them? By strengthening your inner spirit, keeping it nurtured and alive, and by avoiding your big baby self, for that is the place of easy entry. But when the adult self and the strong spirit self stand guard are you well protected. So keep that in mind as you await my next message on the subject.

#308 The Negative is Quite Present and Noticeable

Today, another Reader anonymously asks a question, about negative energy.

Dear Jeanne,
Can you speak about negative energy, about how it is outside of us, how we attract it to ourselves, and how we get caught by it? Can you also speak about what it does to us once we are caught by it, but also as we project it onto others? Thank you for your answers and insights, they are always very helpful. I look forward to your messages every day.

My Dearest Reader, I seek mostly to keep my students of awareness focused on positive energy in order to build up knowledge of how to use it and where it may take them as they grow and evolve in its bounty. Yet do I also discuss the power of negative energy as well, in order to teach awareness of it and the power it holds.

As I spoke of yesterday when discussing the situation in Burma, did I mention the power of positive and negative magnetic pulls. So is this equally true for energy within you and around you. You must maintain an even balance of awareness of, and intent of the positive and negative at all times in order to navigate smoothly through life. In order to understand the negative aspects of energy have I thus far wanted to familiarize you with your own positive strengths of knowing, clarity, and awareness of the energy that is around you. I have urged you to seek only resonant positive energy at this point for you must find out who you truly are, what your own energy is like, how it feels, and what it is asking of you in order to fully know the self in preparation for your recapitulation work. I also know that this direction has placed you in a precarious position because even though your intent and mine has been on acknowledging the positive and avoiding the negative, so is the negative quite present and noticeable.

So your question is perhaps synchronistically timely and necessary now, as the world is in such turmoil as a result of much energetic congruence of the negative and positive right now, a grand battle going on, as each seeks attention. Although I continue to urge you away from the negative in order to strengthen the positive aspects of the self, so will I address your question because you ask it now.

Negative entities and negative energies exist all around you, at all times. Your awareness of them may be keen, or it may be duller than you know, simply by your state of being at the time. Do not hold your self responsible for this. As I stated also yesterday, is there no blame here. Put your self in the position of a fairly well balanced individual who is quite aware, and apt to live life with open arms, ready to tackle anything that comes, prepared to live life to the fullest, yet also loving, compassionate, and caring. This person appears well balanced and living an evolutionary life, gliding along quite well. But then something doesn’t feel right. What is it? You all know the feeling, you wake up one morning and you just don’t feel like you fit into your body anymore. Nothing feels right, and your personality suffers as a result, even your attitude about your life may suffer doubt, despair, or hopelessness.

Well, My dears, this is a sign of negative energy affecting you. It may come on the heels of illness; it may seep in when you least expect it, or when you are simply enjoying everything about your life and your evolutionary path.

It exists all around you. Negative energy is present at all times. I suggest that you do not attract it to you by focusing on it, or harboring negative thoughts about your self, or others, or the world around you. Awareness that it exists, and that it seeks entry to luscious energy for feeding purposes, is all that is necessary to begin maintaining awareness of it. After that must you be alert to the signs of its approach. You may see it more easily in others. This is the case with many things, but if you notice it in others so is that a sign to be aware of it in your self. Question your self, regarding negative energies, to remain alert and unattached.

Even as I speak of balancing negative and positive energies in your own life, so do I mean this inside you as well as outside you. As you do your recapitulation, avoid falling into the traps presented, of negative thoughts, and negative traps that long ago transpired, and instead remain focused on the template of your journey. Seek to fill in all the missing pieces now, with a focus on changing your perspective on your self as you go through your recapitulation. Seek now to piece your life together as a warrior does, as a journey well taken, for purposes of learning all that you need to learn in order to grow, and evolve, and become who you are.

Do you feel that you ordinarily attract a great amount of negative energy? Then I suggest that you may not be attempting to do your recapitulation as I have suggested. For during that phase of growth do you relearn your journey thus far taken. You gain access to your past with your adult self firmly in charge, and you maintain this adult perspective as your positive balance. You must begin your recapitulation with your strong, stable, pragmatic, and spiritually centered adult at the helm. And you must always return to this adult self, no matter what you encounter as you recapitulate and regress into states of old memories, and behaviors; or thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated with the past. Always must your adult self firmly hold your hand, no matter what age you are and where you go as you revisit every aspect of your past.

Your own energy must be balanced so that you are aware of energy that does not belong to you. This is the resonance that I speak of so often. You must learn to dismiss, turn away from, and dispel any energies that do not resonate. And how do you do that? Well, first by training your awareness so that you are alert to your own energy. Then must you maintain awareness of what is going on outside of you. I know this is impossible to do at all times, but your strength is in knowing your own resonant energy; that is your gauge at all times.

Use your feelings to let you know what is approaching, and what is right, and what is not right energy to engage in. Why do you seek to attract all energy that is out there? You must all learn to shut down the open doors that you leave vulnerable to such energies. Such risky business is not appropriate, nor necessary.

Yes, you must be aware, but you do not need to reach out and attract all kinds of energies to you. You can’t handle them, nor is it possible for you to stay in balanced awareness if you do. For then is your awareness dulled by the onslaught of non-resonant energies circulating in your energy field, and actually draining you of your nurturance.

I recommend learning detachment from outside energies. Do not attach to anything that does not resonate with you. This may seem harsh to pronounce so blatantly because many times do we have people in our nearness who do not resonate, yet must we deal with them, and their energy, on a daily basis. But that is just the perfect example of what I mean when I suggest learning detachment. Those people are actually available to teach this badly needed attribute. They offer us the challenge to learn loving and compassionate detachment.

It is a long and often trying process, but it can be done. It involves allowing everyone to take their own journeys, make their own choices, and find the responsible adult inside themselves. Often this can be a heartbreaking ordeal as we watch our loved ones, even our own children, stumble and fall, and struggle through life, unable to get out of the holes they dig themselves into by the choices they make. Our place of detachment offers us the opportunity to allow for real growth, on both sides. For the detached adult must stand firmly in inner balance with the self, yet also aid where it is necessary, but still requiring the struggling one to accept the challenges also being offered.

All upon that Earth have the challenge to become aware and responsible adults fully prepared to deal with the negative energies in their own lives. These energies will come back over and over again, seeking sustenance and attention, until the adult self recognizes that they are foreign affairs, and not resonant, loving, energy beings offering aid and guidance, but in fact seeking only what they can gain. These energy drains are all around you.

In order to understand the negative forces in the world, this understanding of how your own energy feels is first and foremost the major focus, and must be established. Know who you are, and what your own energy feels like. Then whatever you attach to, focus on, project on, draw in, invite in, or simply fall into, must be assessed as to whether or not it feels right. Does it resonate? Then it perhaps may be good energy. Does it feel not quite right, a little itchy around the collar? A little tight in the toes? Does it drain your energy? Do you feel invigorated by its presence, or simply exhausted by it?

You must find ways to remove such non-resonant energy from you and from your life, either by practicing loving compassionate detachment, or simply by excising it from your nearness. And always keep in mind that there are attempts, at all times, to find ways in to your energy.

I did not even speak about other forms of energy beings that exist in all time and space. I focused mostly on the human form. I will address the other forms of evil in the world at another time. But you do not need to focus on them. Keep your self focused on your own positive growth. Ask for good in your life. Reject, do not accept, negatives and you will do pretty well with that positive/negative balance. Thank you for your provocative question. There will be more later, but that’s enough for now!

#307 There is No Blame in Burma

Today, a Reader asks a question about the cyclone in Myanmar.

Dear Jeanne,
Does the event of the cyclone in Myanmar, wreaking mass destruction and death beyond comprehension, have anything to do with the treatment of the protesting monks and the military action that is trying to gain power there?

My Dear Reader, synchronicities are always significant and meaningful, and should not be overlooked or disregarded. But there is no blame there in Burma. It is a situation that has to run its course, testing the beliefs of many and also the truths of the human condition.

Find not fault, but use your new awareness of the power of the journey to lead and direct all causes and all lives to a place of fulfillment. Do not judge nor determine what is right in this situation, for then do you expose your own disasters to criticism and judgment, for all have such hidden dilemmas that remain unaired and unresolved. I do not insist either that the cyclone that hit that territory was meant specifically for Burma, for it affected others as well, yet did it fall directly upon such a vulnerable land, in a vulnerable state of disrepair and despair. As you know, often are the poorest countries wrought with the greatest destruction offered by that planet’s forces of nature. Other more industrialized, and so-called civilized countries suffer in other manners, yet are no populations exempt from such powers of destruction.

In this time of great turmoil is such destruction an apt example of the coming changes, and it behooves the nations and people of that planet to pay attention to what has been wrought. I do not use the term, “the wrath of God,” as I know has been spoken. For there is no God of Wrath, nor is there a God of any such power. God is but inside each of you. You are God lying asleep, waiting to be accepted as fully loving and compassionate beings. If the Wrath of God did cause such devastation, so did man in his ignorance of God inside cause this.

It is synchronicity, meaningfully timely, that caused such a thing. Magnetic pulls upon that Earth do attract and reject energies of all sorts, both energies unseen and energies seen, such as this powerful storm.

Do not dismiss the acts of nature as mere punishment, for that is placing judgment where no judgment is needed. The world does not need more judging, but instead more loving, and more positive intent for all peoples and all nations to heal the wounds of fear and hatred that so badly fester.

Within the United States now does there fester many wounds needing attention. Underlying all nations’ disputes sits the energy capable of attracting devastation of the sort that struck this little country.

Energy determines the path. If energy is positive and in balance with the negative pulls, so is there possibility to ease past restraints and disputes to resolve issues in a forthcoming and righteous manner. Yet if unbalance occurs, such as overpowering negative energy, so is there apt to occur an event to upset the balance that is so undeniably precarious, and even wrong. In the case of Tibet was there an uneven balance of positive energy, and even that country could not hold back the explosive qualities of such long held down energy, positive though it was.

Eventually must energies escape, for they do not play by the rules imposed by man, but have their own agendas. For now, look upon the country of Burma, now called Myanmar, as a pot boiling and boiling because the fire, the heat beneath it was too hot; the energy unstoppable; and change was more necessary than you can imagine. Many outside of that land do not understand what truthfully was occurring there, and is still intending to be projected there.

There is little to be done with synchronistic events, except to hold them accountable for enacting change where change is needed. But what is the truth behind that event? There lies much hidden. And who is ready to hear the real truth? Who in Burma wants to hear the real truth? Who outside of that meager yet lovely land wants to understand the truth? Who in Tibet wants to hear the truth? Who in America wants to hear the truth?

The truth gets rejected, gets slashed down, ridiculed, feared, and run away from, for it hits the ears as blasphemy, and lies, and means of uprising. But the truth is true!

Be not afraid for those who lost their lives, many though the numbers may be. Find within the analysis of a journey, the purpose and reason for their demise. Find truth of a soul’s journey, truth of life upon that Earth, and devastation of this magnitude as the necessary vehicle to fulfillment.

That country held many spiritually fulfilled and fulfilling lives, as does the other small country of Tibet. There is a need now for evolution, and those spiritually strong countries do pave the way for knowledge of other worlds, other lives waiting to be lived, beyond this one. An evolutionary journey does not end upon this Earth you live upon, but only begins there. The spiritually evolved move on when the time is right, when the truth of their lives has been excavated and dealt with, in the manner not only of recapitulation, but in humble, simple living upon that Earth, each day lived and loved for what it brings.

Who can say that they have gotten to such a place of spiritual living within the self, and with the life you have chosen? Do not look upon those who lost their lives as victims, for they are evolutionary beings, now on another journey, just as you are.

The quiet ones live deeply spiritual lives, existing in harmony and simplicity upon that planet, seeking always to find their way by accepting what is given, and trusting that everything is meaningful.

So that, My Friends and Fine Traveling Companions, is the lesson of synchronicity; that everything is meaningful. And how do you propose to live your own meaningful existence? You know what to do, even as the people of Burma, Tibet, and other lands of abrupt change do also know what is most meaningful. But do you dare to live it? Do you dare to live the most meaningful life you can? The means is offered to you daily. Or do you wait for the synchronicities of life to knock you over the head?

I suggest that you be proactive, even as the monks did determine it was time to be proactive. But do it with your open-hearted means of engaging in the world first and foremost as your energetic components dictate. Leave the destructive qualities untouched. Balance your goodness with your strength of determination, rather than anger or fear. Use your powerful abilities to intend change in this new manner, rather than picking up the old sword of destruction.

Time does not wait, nor does it care; for in infinity is there no such thing as time. Do not wait for time to tell anything, or give any signal. Look only inward, and make changes only when it is right to do so; as the cyclone did, unfettered by time and man’s control, synchronistically presented. Do you see what was right? Or do you choose to stay caught in judgments? I challenge you all to think differently now. This day, and your lives call for it.

Thank you, My Dear Reader, for your question. Though politics is not always the means to enlightenment so can it occur to enact great change that eventually will lead to understanding what is truly important. The evolution of the world, the changes now occurring, are pushing toward true evolution of spirit. Watch the synchronicities of this. It happens all the time.

#306 True Prayer is One of the Most Powerful Actions

Today, Richard asks a question about the power of prayer.

Dear Jeanne,
Please help me understand “the power of prayer.” What is its importance? Is there intervention from other realms, i.e. angelic? And what is the highest form of prayer?
Thank you,

My Dearest Richard, true prayer, from the unbiased heart center is one of the most powerful actions not only available to mankind, but also readily acceptable, for it lingers in the naves of churches, long held as the most powerful of interactions with God, saints, and angels. As your question implies, do I sense doubt about its efficacy. Yet must I ascertain that prayer is but an energetic component of thought released and circulating upon the energy that is available all around you, at all times.

But let me get back to my first point, prayer must come from pure innocent heart centered intent. From the giver to the receiver must there be equal acceptance of it for it to have the greatest affect. For prayer, like any other healing medium, will not have impact if the recipient is fighting against it in any manner.

A sick person, lying upon a bed of ebbing life, may not be able to circumvent the intent of prayer, no matter what the original belief of that ill person may be. Strength to resist and to continue fighting a losing battle however, generally hold beneath such resistance a weaker need to be loved, taken care of, respected, appreciated, and nurtured for the self alone, and this is the aspect of the individual that must be prayed to and energetically shifted, not the stubborn battling aspect of the individual.

So in order for prayer to truly have affect, must the instigator, who elects to pray for the redemption of another, be able to see beyond the surface presentation; find the inner innocent child, found in all who reside upon that Earth; and seek energetic contact with this pure energetic being, shed of all the trappings of the world that have resulted in its neediness or its desire for intervention.

Energy is the most powerful component for intent to ride upon in that realm. Energy is available all around you, in everyone you meet, and interconnecting everyone who resides there, and beyond. So your question, regarding the importance of prayer, is answered by the importance of energy. If you can pause a moment and feel your own energy, your own vibratory energy, then also know that every other being upon that planet has similar vibratory energy. Energy reacts to energy. The intent of your energy, and every movement and action you take affects other energy in your nearness, and beyond if you push your intent far beyond your own vibratory field. Normally your vibratory field sits pretty close to you, but action and reaction caused by love, stress, anger, compassion, judgments, or any other thoughts or inner turmoil, as well as outer physical movement, causes a stirring in your energy field. This movement, this shaking up, then reverberates out into all energy fields around you. And just as a pebble thrown into a pond does cause ripples, affecting all the water in that pond, so does your own energy react to and cause reaction in the energy around you.

If that is so, then does it stand to reason that anything you do, whether physical, mental, or emotional will have impact. However, if your reason has a hard time accepting this, then I would hesitate to suggest that you rely solely on the power of prayer. For just as the recipient must be able to receive, so must the sender be able to send. That is why prayer groups often have greater impact than individuals. Group power, where a balance can be maintained between energetic fields of intent and still put out quite a good charge of positive energy, may have greater impact.

But that does not mean either that an individual, pure and open of heart, may not have equal impact. For as you know, the power of personal intent is very great, and most acceptable as an action of change. And that is the important aspect of prayer, that it can and should be used for change, for that is what is most needed. Even prayer spoken daily, with no specific intent, does have impact, if you remain aware of energy as being all inclusive, all encompassing, and all important. Life would cease if energy ceased upon that Earth, but while human beings reside there is there no fear of that happening.

You seek to know if there is intervention from other realms? Why My Dear Richard, am I not from another realm? Do I not intervene and interact with energetic beings, such as your self, on a daily basis? Do we not have an energetic conversation quite often that offers insight, and the keys to change and to growth?

Specifically you ask about angelic intervention. I assume you mean the idea of angels hovering about, with wings, awaiting your messages to be delivered? But those ideas reside in energy only, not as the pictures you may have seen, as beings robed and feathered, for such images were created by man in order to understand the vast and often incomprehensible reality of infinity. Think energetic intervention, and then will you perhaps be far more able to accept that yes, there are many, many, many forms of energy beings, ready and willing to intervene and aid in growth.

But on the other side of that aid, and that assistance to offer evolutionary possibility, is the ability of the recipient to choose. And the power of choice is left solely up to the individual. Even as insight is offered and awareness sparked, even as the power of energetic intent (prayer, love, etc.) is offered and felt, so is it left up to the individual to choose action or not.

Oftentimes acceptance requires acquiescence, and that is often the most difficult aspect of life upon that earth to relinquish to. To truly be open and available to all energetic offerings is it necessary to allow the controlling human side to turn away, and allow the inner spirit side to emerge and fully accept what is being offered. For without the inner self being available will there be little opportunity for growth and change.

So, do you see, My Dear Richard and All My Readers, that prayer, intent of purity energetically sent from you to another has quite a journey to make? It must be purely given, yet also purely accepted. Do not judge others for their power to give or receive, for the inner spirit lies deeply hidden and may not be revealed nor easily detected. But know it lies there, perhaps only privately and secretly tended; and nurtured in safety; and in times when most appropriate or most necessary. Do not also judge the stubborn, or the seemingly lost ones for their struggles, for they struggle not more or less than anyone else, though they may struggle more outwardly, leaving the biggest trail, while others struggle quietly, without revealing that lost aspect of themselves to the world. There are many means by which people seek to appear powerful and strong, yet are they all but innocents inside, waiting to be acknowledged and acceptable to themselves. And that is what you must seek to remember; that you and every one you meet is simply learning and struggling to accept themselves.

The highest form of prayer is total pure love and compassion, open hearted intent, free of judgments, of sadness, of empathy, of sympathy, of attachment, of weariness, of despair, of anger, of strength, of power of any sort. Purity is absence of everything; yet is it the presence of purely unadulterated, untampered, unrestricted innocent love, and with that do you open the doors to true compassion. And that, My Dears, will flow out of you like the sunlight pouring out upon the Earth as it rises each morning, higher and higher, lighting the world for you to see your way.

Thank you for your question, My Dear Reader Richard. I do find this quite a nice subject to discuss, for it fits so nicely in to all that I seek to teach about. It encompasses quite a lot of the truth of energy and the journeys you are all on, learning what it means to be human, but also learning what powers you truly have because you are also energy. And that is what everything is all about, energy!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR