#351 You Too Can Have Progress On Your Side

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

My Dear Ones, keep always in mind that your trials and tribulations through life are meant for your learning and your growth. Aspects of the self that are as yet untapped must be allowed to blossom, and that will only happen as they are prodded from their complacency and their boredom.

Do not avoid, push aside, or bury the messages you receive that point out your weaknesses or your strengths. Do not attempt to thwart the direction you must go in, though you may despise or fear where life is taking you. You must encounter many and certain things in that life you lead in order to resolve issues that hold you back. Do you wish to remain constricted and denied a truly fulfilling life? I don’t think you do. But in order to truly LIVE must you be ready to do so, and that requires that you continue to confront the self with the issues that hold you back.

Are you stuck, unable to move on, depressed or afraid? Caught in some trap of your own doing? Or are you caught by the repetitive behaviors you may not even know you exhibit? Are you aware, truly aware of who you are, how you operate, and how you can change? Change is being presented to you daily, but do you accept it?

That is what the energy of now is offering all of you upon that planet. This is the time of good and lasting change, though you may perceive only negative properties of change all around you. The abrupt, brutal, and final changes taking place are positive, enlightening, and truthful changes, necessary for shift to truly happen.

Even as you observe and fear the changes taking place in the world around you, so must you begin to fathom that the shortages, the environmental and climactical changes, the political and social shifts, and most of all the human interactions taking place around you are necessary. So must you shift your attitude from negative, sorrowful, and fearful understanding to positive, enthusiastic, and accepting of the possibilities that such changes will allow for.

Do this same shift in thinking and seeing in your own lives. For now is the time of grand uncovering, opening, revealing; but best of all, the opportunity to really grow and profit in a new direction.

As the old structures fall apart and no longer hold up in this changing world, do you not also see that your own inner structures are requiring that you also allow them to crumble? As the outer world deteriorates and crumbles so will the inner world, for this is how synchronicity and energy work and affect everything. Energy is the main factor here, pushing for change, but also doing so with new positive force. It just requires your participation, acceptance, and acknowledgment of its potential in order for progress to be made.

You too can have progress on your side, simply by accepting the inevitable facts of change, and making pragmatic, reasonable decisions to change your own life and go on a new path of positive energetic growth. If your underlying energetic intent is positive, with the knowledge and awareness that you are truly on the path of good, so will your journey, your recapitulation, your trials and tribulations be guided by this intent of good.

I cannot stress enough that you are all guided. You are being shown your true paths, but you must trust what you are being shown, and you must work with us, for there is no progress without participation. And even though accepting the work of the self may not always be pleasant, so must you know that it is the right thing to do. For how can you truly be a part of life upon that Earth, if you don’t know who you are? And only in knowing the self can you know another. Only in learning to love and have compassion for the self, can you extend truthful understanding of what those feelings and emotions truly mean. Humility, honesty, goodness of heart are the aspects of the self that you seek to use, both for the self and toward others.

Observe your self in the world to discover how you now act and react to the world and the people around you. Step back and question the truth of the self. Who are you showing to the world? Your mature adult self, who has learned the truth of your life? Has that person truly emerged to live your life? And I don’t mean the mimicking adult, the one who learned what it meant to be a grownup from other grownups. I mean the true inner self; the big baby resolved and put to bed, the innocence of the inner child set free, and the trusting, accepting, loving, compassionate adult you, fully living now, pushing aside fear, and conflict, and blockages to the truths of the self and the world.

Do you flow through the waters of life? Do you push always forward, seeking new truths of the self? Do you speak your truths? Do you allow your self access to them, or do you still hide them from your self?

These are the things that this grand energy of change is asking you to confront the self with; to be brave and reduce the self to a sinner, a binger, an annoying brat, a greedy gobbler, a wanter of things, a despicable character, an annoying snob, and every other aspect that you so despise in the people around you. But most of all, reduce the self to the biggest baby you can imagine, and in so doing are you being very truthful with the self. For all have a big crying baby inside, screaming, “NO! I don’t wanna do it! No, No, No!”

Once you admit that, then half of your pre-recapitulation work is done. Then the big baby self will begin to reveal not only what it has been keeping hidden from you, but what it has so ingrained in your psyche that you don’t even notice it, nor the affect it has on you and others.

This is not easy work, but it can be done, My Dears. And keep in mind that the energy is positive, if you accept it as such. Shift your intent to acceptance of good, and bravely ask it to take you on an adventure. That’s what life is, you know, a grand adventure meant for learning about energy, the relationships of everything to everything else upon that planet, and the abilities of energy that you all truly encapsulate in your own little pocket of energy self. Keep that in mind too, you are a vibrant, alive, bundle of energy. Learn to use it!

#350 I Have Reunited With All My Past Lives

Today, Chuck asks Jeanne a question.

Dear Jeanne,
As we near completion of the paperback edition of The Book of Us with a new last chapter, Completion, which chronicles your own completion of lives in the earthbound cycle, I find myself wanting clarification of the phrase “soul group.” On a couple of occasions you have referenced your soul group as the conglomeration of your own past lives, or past selves in your various reincarnations. Is it correct to describe your completion from earth school, and unification in your energy body, as the unification of your soul group, that is the consolidation of all your past selves into your energetic essence?


My Dearest Loving Chuck, you are correct in your assumptions of the means by which a soul group is completed. But a soul group is not only a completed, consolidated, closed unit, but an alive and very active group as well.

Yes, I have reunited with all of my past lives, all the selves I once was, which included me as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, your wife and one time companion upon that Earth. As a completed energy being am I all the previous lives as well. But always was I the same energetic being you knew so well. In essence, my energetic essence as you call it, was and is unchanged, yet am I also now a complete being. You see?

Lives upon that Earth are meant for learning. With each life did I undertake new tasks, new challenges of learning in order to advance in an evolutionary manner. Each time I reincarnated did I also carry forth unresolved issues, which not only prepared me for my next life, but defined my challenges as well, enabling me to continue evolving, one life significant to the next. My essence, however, was always the same. My energy was always the same, my spirit was always the same, but my evolutionary journey taught me new things with each new life I lived.

Doing life upon that Earth is not easy, as you know. So many lives did I have to live in order to progress, advance, and eventually get the clearer message that Earth time is not eternal time, but only a learning time.

But to return to your question. As I lived my last life, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, much of it in your presence and company, so did I begin to piece together enough clarity to gain a footing in this new world of wonder. I did reunite all my past lives. That I can be clear about. And in so doing did my energetic essence not only become complete, but it also regained total balance, total unity, and total power of self, of energetic self. In wholeness are we strongest.

Components of energy remain bound to all previous lives lived, and until unity is achieved those pockets of energy remain lost to the whole, not fully rejuvenated. Only with completion is there full rejuvenation of energy. Thus the term soul “group” best describes the reunited self, the energy self.

As my energy self was fragmented and pocketed in those previous lives, so did those portions of energy interact, and work in the world, even as they waited for me to catch up and return with my portion of the energetic whole. It is like a piece of pie, a wedge of energy that must be brought back to the whole pie. One slice was missing that I returned to the group in order to make the group whole. But meanwhile all the slices of energy remained active, even as I do now with you.

Thus I am a soul group with energy divided, yet am I also whole. Reunited do I have much more energy than as just Jeanne Marie Ketchel. I do not mean to confuse, but this is perhaps a complicated idea. Straightforwardly speaking am I still Jeanne Marie Ketchel, my own energy rejuvenated and whole, but I am still all the others too, my other energetic selves, still viable and able to interact with the Earth level, for that is our mission. So even as a whole being am I many parts. Even as you, My Dear, are a vibratory being comprised of many molecules of energy, capable of being in many places at once, simply by your intent, though you remain in your body in that world.

So do I work now; my soul group works by intent. My personal soul group is united with others who, as I have said, are also on this mission of awakening. So others are busy too, and available to offer advice and guidance to those of you upon the Earth who are aware and alert to the changes and the greater ideas of the world as unveiled, as pure energy, and as meant for much more than just your daily lives.

I see that you are ready to proceed now, and that is good for your progress upon that Earth, and the progress of the mission. Keep doing the work you do, for it guides many, even though you do not see them all. I know; I see. And the convergence of soul groups is available and actively participating. Though your own world may not anticipate such companionship, so must you know that such energy exists, even behind your own brave efforts to bring forth what you know.

So continue, My Dearest Chuck, your seeking journey, as you find your way clearing now for new growth, but also for new discoveries. And that is what you have to look forward to, the progress of self, and that is good!

#349 This is a Revealing Energy

Dear Jeanne,
Today, I would like to ask you for an update on the energy of this week. I feel a kind of surge, an excitement. Can you address this feeling?

My Dearest Jan, and all of My Readers of Infinity, this time now culminates in another beneficial flow, if you are ready to take it on, and that is what you are most likely feeling. A surge is in progress, and although these things do not happen abruptly, so do they often feel that way because your own readiness to acknowledge such energy and use it may be limited to instances of personal awareness. I would say that the best thing to do during this time of surge is to focus on positive inner intentions for opening up to the power of what such a shift has to offer.

It may offer, on a personal level, the opportunity to open a new door of awakening. But in order to open such a door do I advise centered calmness and an awareness of the opportunity to grow, by allowing your self the absolute freedom to be shown what such energy can do for you.

This involves quite a bit of acquiescence on your part, a letting go, a trusting that what I speak of will be acceptable to you and your spirit. You must be ready to say, “Okay, this is good energy and I can use it for my growth. I open myself to its guidance and its substantial support and love.” For it is a supportive, caressing, loving energy. If you can allow your self to access it, so will you find that your progress in life may become quite boosted, but also clearer, so that your future appears not so foggy or dark.

This is a revealing energy. What it reveals to each of you will be very personal; so do not expect that your experiences will be the same as someone close to you. All of you will have revealed not only what you need revealed now, but also what is best for you and for your future direction.

This energy holds both present energy and future energy. It is not related to the past, though it will certainly aid you in your recapitulation work, for it will show you the possibilities that lie ahead, awaiting your approach, as you do your recapitulation and move along on your journey.

It is a moving energy, a boosting energy, so it may push quite forcefully if you are at a place of stagnancy. It may whisk you forward equally forcefully if you are flowing and trusting of your journey. And it may catapult you if you have gotten to a place of total trust of your journey and your challenges.

Do you wish to meet this energy with stubbornness, and risk losing out on its powerful positive push, as you dig your heels in ever deeper? Or do you wish to accept the fact that your journey is wide open and full of possibilities, many of which you cannot even imagine?

So, as far as your present place, and making preparations to accept the available energy, I suggest that you get to a place of calm acceptance of your own life’s journey. Look around you, focusing on where you are now. Accept your position, your place in life as it is, in reality, without pretending that it is something else. Be honest with your self, in totality, without blinders on. Accept that this is your position.

Now, instead of trying to think your way out of it, past it, or through it, say a little prayer to the energy and ask it to guide you. You do not need to involve your brain, your books, your bank accounts, or your therapists in this prayer. You need only involve your spirit, that all-knowing and all-seeing inner you, who only wishes more access to the energy of good, in order to grow and evolve.

In full acceptance of present self, allow that trusting inner spirit self to say this prayer:

“Okay energy, take me on the next leg of my journey. Reveal to me the positive energy that is here to aid me and guide me. Show me the possibilities of my future position that I may acquiesce to this positive and powerful force. I trust this guidance. I accept this guidance. I desire this guidance. I am an energy being accepting only positive interactions that will lead me forward and give me insights, propositions for growth, and energetic intentions of the right sort, for my spiritual evolution, but also for my growth-oriented life upon the Earth.”

That is quite a long prayer, but all it really says is, “I accept, I accept, I accept. I accept my present position. I accept this guidance. I accept my future position because I know it is all meant for me. And I am ready to accept it, access it, and grow from it. In short: Bring it on!”

So My Dear Readers, if you are ready for that, then I say, you will have quite a nice few months ahead of you. I can only reinforce what I have already said, by stressing that if you are truly ready, so will this energy take you far, offering a lot of positive support, and revealing more clearly your truths, your challenges and your choices. Your job, as an evolutionary being, is to set your intent in this positive energetic direction, accept your revelations, and trust your journey.

That’s all I can say now. The biggest challenge you have this week is to truly trust your journey. Allow your inner voice to clearly speak the truth of it to you. Hear it asking you to trust it too. And then allow your life to unfold, without opposition, but with full participation on your part. In a few months you will have the opportunity to look back and say, “WOW!”

#348 Follow Where He Leads

Today, A Reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
Good Morning!! Thanks to Eva’s recent question, I am inspired to ask another about my son. He is sharing his awareness with me (as an energetic being) more and more lately. I know in my heart he has been waiting for me to become more aware of my own energy. We have gotten very close, and being with him is a great sense of comfort to me. He gives me the opportunity to look at my own history, become aware of its significance, and to change the parts of it I don’t want repeated. When I take the “helm” of my own life, I feel a deep sense of calm. This is a new feeling to me, as I grew up in an environment driven by “crisis”.

He now wants to start learning about the “supernatural” (as he refers to it). I am requesting guidance as to what to expose him to. I know in allowing him to learn more about this realm, I am facing my own fears that have been with me. This is shadowing my ability to make a good judgment as to where to start. He is very sensitive, and I feel that if he is exposed to more than he can handle (as well as myself), it will frighten him, and I will not know how to handle this, as my own fears set in.

I am looking forward to your guidance. Thanks again, Jan, for the great gift that you share. The ability to ask questions has helped me to keep myself grounded, especially as I choose to face some of my greatest challenges, in order to let my own light shine.

Love and light to you…Sincerely…D.A.D.

My Dearest D.A.D., you speak a word which overshadows your question about your sensitive son, and that word is repeatedly spoken, the word FEAR. You are bound too tightly by your fears to open the doors to the “supernatural” right now. You yourself must be further grounded in order to be a guide to your son. I do not advocate that you introduce him to what he desires, for your own concept of what he seeks is not clear. You must discover what the supernatural is, and what it holds for you, before you can be of use to others, even this tender boy child.

You must first continue your own inner work, without fear. As I have spoken of many times, is personal fear merely a block to accessing the truths of the self, yet does it also guide you. It is available to you now, coming up quite frequently to alert you to your attachments, which are keeping you quite bound to old ways. You do not need to carry on the crisis mode established in your own family.

Your child self must be set free from the idea that your own life must carry on the burden of such activity. It does not belong to you, and if you can carry forth that tendency and that example into a new realm of understanding of energy with your son, so do you burden him with fear, for he will feel it no matter how good you are at hiding it. Your energy alone affects him, and this will skew his discoveries of other worlds, rather than allowing him access to them as a child.

A child entering another world will be greeted by only that which a child can interpret. Your own misconstrued ideas of the supernatural carry a heavy darkness to them that will not aid him in his explorations, but limit him, and perhaps even scare him. For he will misinterpret his experiences based on your fearful interpretations. I see that you already know that this will be so.

I insist that you do not push him toward anything that you deem to be so called “supernatural.” His world will not be, and is not, your world. You must allow for total separation if you are to be a good mother and guide in this respect. His wishes to explore are his own wonders awakening, as he observes worlds that you cannot as yet see. His own responses and experiences must be unadulterated by you, the fearful adult.

Allow him free exploration. Stand back, and see where he goes and what he discovers simply by giving him permission to see what is revealed to him in his everyday life. Explain that the “supernatural” is not something separate, but in fact the images that exist all around him, in nature, in living, in growing, and in allowing his inner spirit to be unafraid of all that life presents. Allow him to follow his tender and curious spirit, and then you, as mother and adult presence, follow where HE leads.

You must release your fears and see where his seeking spirit leads him; and then must you follow and aid him, so that he is allowed access to what his spirit knows is resonant. You, My Dear, will not be able to show him anything, except the doors to his own awakening and his own discoveries of what lies beyond the doors that are presented to him.

Listen to him, to his spirit. So he speaks of the supernatural, as if it were something distant? But what he is asking you for is permission to explore that which is already being presented to him. He’s asking you, his mother, to accompany him there because he trusts you and your ability to allow his spirit to explore the world, encountering it truthfully. He knows that you will not dismiss him as overly imaginative, or criticize his experiences. He knows he can talk to you about them as real, because they are real; and no matter how fantastical them may sound, he knows you will listen and say: “Good work, you are a true explorer of what the world is really about. It is all about energy, you know.”

This is being discussed more and more in the realm of quantum physics, as true scientists of the puzzles of the world seek resolution of what their own energetic configurations have been intuitively presenting to them, as they do their work. They know and understand that curious little voice inside that speaks this pure language of “seeing”, yet does the human eye lack the capability to truly see, until the spirit knocks on the door of curiosity and allows it to open and go exploring.

Your son already “sees,” and he already has had experiences. He now asks your permission to explore. Know that he is safe. Know that he will discover and encounter what he must. And know that he trusts your presence, just as you must learn to trust his and those who also seek more knowledge and experience of the other worlds so present among you.

Your own world, My Dear D.A.D., is full of parallel worlds, one of which is the world where your fear resides. Another world is the one where your sweet son asks for your trust and guidance. Another world is your family, with your husband and children, very grounded in your community. Another world is the past that holds unrevealed memories, and yet do they intercept all of your other worlds. So you see, My Dear, there are many worlds. You might refer to them as “the supernatural” too, for they are unclear and unexplored. But they are as validly strange as the ones your son has access to.

So, your own fears must not get in the way of this special child who is so ready to explore his world, which is comprised of many worlds. And you must not allow your own fears to inhibit you from exploring the many parallel worlds you float back and forth to, as your needs and your life call to you.

Allow this child to point out to you what and where his needs desire to go. Your own awareness of parallel universes will be enough information to get him started. Find out what that means in your own life, even as you allow him to find out what it means in his. Begin a journey too, parallel to him, and go exploring together, not as mentor and student, but as traveling companions, your adult self giving permission for both of you to take this spirit-centered and spirit-seeking journey. That’s all he’s asking for, is your permission, and that is also what you must give your self.

This message is good for all of you who seek. Many are truly ready to evolve, as this little boy clearly exhibits. His readiness should not be burdened with fear, but only with openness to the goodness and the truths that await discovery. For to go forth without fear is a great asset. And those of you who have your own fears, or feel them triggered by my explanation of what it means to live in parallel worlds, many worlds, so must you give your selves permission to be as brave as this eager child, to explore your own worlds and what is daily presented to you.

Oh, and keep in mind that there is nothing to fear as you go exploring because you will be exploring in your energy state, and in that state are you quite capable of anything. It is only your attachments to your fears that can get you into trouble.

And that is the secret to exploring the so-called “supernatural.” You must go in your own innocent purity, even as this boy does, unburdened of the fears that will attract the wrong kind of energy to you. Find your innocent child self, the one who has existed in all time, the one who prepared you for this life, who precedes your traumas and your burdens of fears, and allow that innocent spirit self to guide you. With this child self guiding you, (and I don’t mean the big baby self at all, I mean the ever-knowing spirit self) so will you be able to explore as a child does, unburdened and curious, and with great excitement, as you discover your energy self.

Good Luck, all of you Explorers! See what happens this week, as you allow your selves to recede a little from your everyday realities and venture into your calm energy center. And then just trust where you go; and trust your experiences. They are real; as real as anything else you encounter.

#347 She Chose You As Her Parent

Today, A Reader asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
I have a daughter who I feel is very empathic and sensitive. I feel the same way sometimes as well. Is there a way to protect us energetically?


Today, My Dear Eva, I address your question by speaking again of children and the responsibility you have to raise the new children of that world in a different manner, aware of connection to all things and aware of energy. But in so doing, do I speak of all who reside upon that Earth now, for this is a time of awareness building, and it is crucial that not only the children are allowed the freedom of such awareness, but all of you as well.

Find your child, your young daughter, as an energetic being who has come to reside in your presence, eager to learn about life and once again, perhaps for the final time, to live and learn upon that realm. She chose you as her parent and that in itself is significant. This is true of all beings; that they have chosen the parents they were born to for evolutionary purposes.

The reason you chose your own parents is still mysterious to you, I know, but do not dispute me in this statement. For your own growth and evolution are intimately tied to your parental beginnings. As you all look upon who your parents are or were, so do you confront your own reasons for coming into that world. Your parents are your greatest teachers, especially in your earliest years, and even later as you seek resolution of your disputes, conflicts, and charges against them for how they treated you while you were in their care. Understand that now, as the mother of a young child, will you be confronted with your own childhood and your own parent’s methods of rearing, faced with issues of how to do this or that based on your own training from parents who were not as enlightened as you are, My Dear.

But so must you first set aside your anger and sadness at what they perceived was correct action to take in your own young life, and start fresh in your new life as mother. Set to rest your parental images as you do your recapitulation, knowing that your past was necessary to jolt you forward now, to a place of newness so that you might reject the old fashioned ways of an old fashioned world and become a leader in a new world. Your leadership now comes to you in your role as parent.

Wash from your mind, and your mouth, and your body the old words, actions, and deeds of your parents and replace them with nothing yet. Watch your own daughter for signs in how to deal with her in a new world of parenting where nothing is hidden, nothing is false, nothing is taken for granted. In fact, everything that you are learning about the world is that it is a world of wonder, but it was hidden from you, disguised and kept secret, until you were ready for it.

The children of now will not tolerate such divisiveness, such mysterious denial of truth. They are ready to take on the world, in all of its horrors and all of its glories, for they carry a new seed of enlightenment.

You, as parents, are the tenders of those seeds, and it is your job to watch the young sprout into full-fledged energy beings, able to have access to everything they need in order to grow in an evolutionary manner. Would you elect to shield them from what you know as truth? Would you elect to disguise what the world holds, simply because you have fears?

As I mentioned in a previous message (Message #344), is it your biggest challenge to not burden the children of the world with old fears that you hold still within your framework of self. You must free them to walk the Earth fully aware of its challenges and intrigues, but fully alert to its magic as well. You must present life in a balanced manner, so that new generations may carry forth a new pragmatic awareness, knowing of the challenges, but alert to the fact that energetically are they free to explore to their fullest potential.

You wish to protect your daughter, but that is a misleading proposition. For you can no more protect her than you can protect your self. It is only by fully presenting the world to her, by exposing her always to truth that you can offer her access to her own means of navigating life. That is what you, and all who have children, must instill in your own hearts. You are parents so that you will have the opportunity to teach navigational skills to your children, energy beings who are in your care for this lifetime. You must prepare them for their own lives, which they must live without you, as they grow and enter the world.

Prepare them fully by teaching them truthfully how to navigate life, fully aware that they are beings comprised of energy. My Dear Eva, you speak of your daughter’s empathic and sensitive nature, and this you must allow her to hold sacred, for this is her energetic composition. But you must also teach her to recognize resonance in her world, but also must you teach her to recognize dissonance.

To wander the world in an energetic state these days is to be fully present in both worlds of inner self and outer self. Teach her balance of these two selves, awareness of these two selves, and resonance of these two selves. Allow her to find out who she is, over who you think she is or should be. Allow her to find her path separate from your path. Allow her to learn the skills from you, the skills of world navigation, but allow her to step into her own boat at all times, free to try out her newly learned skills, guided by your own knowledge, as you teach her all that she needs to know in order to pilot her boat and truly become the captain of it as well.

These are two different aspects, you know. To be good at navigating is one thing, but to truly be aware, as captain is another. The one who steers the boat is quite good at maneuvering along the waters of life, perhaps good at bypassing trouble, able to skim along at a good pace. But it is the captain who knows what to do and how to do things when crises occur, when life rises up as a big tidal wave, or rocks appear upon the shores, as life presents the possibilities that offer growth and evolutionary progress. To be captain is to be in charge, but in an energetic, evolutionary manner is one fully aware of how the world works, aware of what is necessary now in a changing world, and how best to proceed in life as the old world crumbles and a new world emerges.

That, My Dear Ones, is your challenge, to produce the children who must be fully aware that they have been born during exciting times of change. They are on the cusp of new energy that is asking them to be the forerunners of change, bringing awareness of human evolution in a new manner. It is not their job to perpetuate life upon that Earth, but to carry forth a new message that Earth offers human forms the opportunity to understand energy, how it works, and what it is truly capable of.

You, as parents, are being given the opportunity to nurture these energy beings now, the new generations of awakening spirits, truly eager to hear the messages that you speak, for they already know what you will tell them. You just need to remind them that, yes, they are in human form, but they are first and foremost ENERGY.

So that is how you can protect your daughter. Protect her from the lies and untruths that are spoken all around you. Break the chain of lies, and proclaim a new way of interpreting life and human evolution. Introduce your own newly acquired awareness of life as energy, and allow these new children to fully accept this aspect of themselves. Protect their energy by reminding them constantly that they ARE energy. Bring their awareness to this fact, and in this manner do you protect them from losing contact with this true aspect of self, as you once lost yours.

Allow energy to be the buzzword in your family conversations. Allow your mouths, as parents, to speak only truths to your children. Do not present veils of illusion to them, for there are already far too many, but teach them how to remove the ones they will encounter by maintaining awareness of their energy body, their knowing of themselves as energy and the world around them as energy too.

They will learn by your own example. So show them that you too live a life of energy, unafraid to meet your challenges, preparing always for new life as changes occur, fully mature, the captain of your ship. Show them that you love them; that they are safe in your care, but that you are fully capable of teaching them how the world works, how energy works, and how you your self are living the life you preach about.

Be sure to show them your own evolution. And this must be full-fledged learning, allowing for growth at all times, protecting your own energy by reminding your self that you are comprised of energy, and energy is everything!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR