#326 What Do You Do Next?

Dear Jeanne,
What guidance or message do you have for us today?

Be guided by your instincts as you progress now. Allow your inner knowing and your inner voices to lead you properly. By this, I mean learn to trust them, see where they point out you should go, and then go there; for only in this process of questing will you discover how they speak and guide you. This will lead to learning to trust them. You may not always like where those inner aspects of the true self lead or suggest you go, but if you follow their guidance trustingly so will you discover how complicated the path can sometimes be, even as you may not fully comprehend the practicality or the necessity of its direction.

Now, as the energy of yesterday, that volatile and pushy energy, does temper down and ease away, do I suggest that you stay in the calm of the inner self. If you were unable to hold on to it throughout that energetic convergence of powerful shift, so do I suggest that you make an attempt to recapture it, and place your self securely in its arms. Within those arms of calm, of comfort, of inner resonance and knowing, will you find your true guidance. Even as you daily seek guidance from me, and others, so must you more fully trust your own inner self as guide.

This is why I suggest, today, that you return to a state of centered calm, that you once again trust the process of your journey, knowing fully that you are capable and available to be the captain of your own vessel. Whether your vessel is well-prepared or not, does not matter, because once you enter its inner sanctum, its size, its provisions, its state of repair or disrepair do not matter. The only thing that matters is that you enter it, claim it as your true place of knowing, accept its blatant truths, and once again determine that yes, this is who I am right now, and this is where I must work from.

I have within everything I need to continue my journey. I have not lost distance or ground. I have not sunk my ship or lost my course. I am simply taking the journey I am presented with, making decisions and choices daily, and so this is where I now am on my journey.

But now My Dear Ones, do you have awareness, and this is such a valuable tool to aid you as you take that journey. Topsy-turvy though it may at times be, so do you always land upright, or at least cognizant of your self and your life often enough, so that you remain aware of your inner self pushing you always to continue toward your full potential as a human being and as a spiritual being.

Have you been challenged lately? Well, that is par for the course. Do not shrink from the challenges, or dismiss the truths of them. Do not run and hide from the honest truths being presented to you, for they are not meant to hurt or injure you in any fashion, but simply meant to aid you as you grow. Accept my heartfelt empathy for all of you who struggle with your inner and your outer beings, learning balance and truth as you work through your denials and your refusals. But know that those are the places that must be further investigated. Those are the deepest truths knocking at your door, asking to be let in, to sit down with you in your vessel, and discuss the truths of who you are, why you do the things you do, and where to go next as you accept those truths as aspects of the journeying self.

What do you do next? Well, that is where I began this message today. Trust your instincts, your inner awareness. And be daring enough to change again some aspect of the self, especially an aspect that has held you down, keeping you stuck or stagnant. Your awareness is probably already alerting you to what that aspect is. Face that truth, for it will offer then the next step of change. And that My Dears, is what your journeys are all about, constant change, constant growth, constant confrontation of the issues of the self that you may think are already resolved and put to rest. But if they continually reappear, challenging you, so are they not quite done. Their energy remains to offer you guidance. For even your old habits offer guidance.

Find now your calm, your centered self. Fix up your vessel again for a nice ride upon the waves of life, and see where you are led next as you bravely take your journey of change. Look forward to the adventure of it, with hope, with trust, and with joy, for that is how an evolutionary being advances. Good Luck!

#325 Do Not Go Swimming, Jumping, or Playing in the Waves of Energy Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

There has been a great rumbling, a stirring of energy, a tidal wave upon the shores. Do not engage in this energy, but stand back upon the beach and watch from this safe distance. This shift requires care and notice, for it carries great energy that if harnessed properly may be useful for creative purposes, directed toward growth, and carrying with it the opportunity for advancement in both the inner life and the outer life.

Watch your own energy today. Keep it tempered to a soft hum, and use it wisely. It is a good day for contemplation and removal from too much outer activity and outer energy drains. Contemplate how your inner spirit draws you inward, in spite of the energy force outside of you crashing upon that distant shore, rolling in bundles of energetic shift, over and over again, offering its enticing strain of volatile and dangerous prospects for gain. But gains will be harnessed not in its frothy excitement, but only in the calm afterthoughts as it pulls back from the shore and gathers more energy to crash again its tidal wave upon the sandy beach.

Keep your distance; keep your feet dry as you stand apart from its flurry of activity. Notice the calm intermittent spaces between bursts of power, and gather that calm energy to your inner knowing. For that is the underlying energy, beneath the waves of frenzy, that you seek now, able to maintain its calmness, even as the waves showily exhibit their strength.

Do not fall for that showiness, but stay centered in calm knowing that once the storm is over so will you have gathered the energy that is most useful. This will be the energy that sustains, and it will be useful for a long time to come. Do not go swimming, jumping, or playing in the waves of energy today. That is the best advice I can offer you. Stand back and watch, but accept fully the energy that directs the show, taking it in to your knowing as powerful underlying energy, the kind you want inside you, the favorable, resonant kind.

Take that resonance into your inner place of work and contemplate now your day, with that calm but mighty energy at your base, shoring up your knowledge of the self as strong, grounded, and yet connected to the greater energy of the universe. For that is what I speak of today. The energy of the universe is making entry to your territory today. It is vital, and good, yet is it also threatening and dangerous. It just depends on how you use it. But you are being given good insight right now in order to harness the power that the universe is offering. Use it wisely.

Have a slow, calm, acutely aware day, staying centered, with your focus inward, even as you observe and feel the intensity of the power outside of you. Tomorrow will be completely different, and how you handle the energy of today will determine what your next step will be. A good day to remain drawn inward, rather than outward. So stay there, in your resonance, calmly centered. Calm is the key word. Seek calm.

#324 This is a Solo Journey

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

I can only repeat again: Do the work of the inner self. Do not hesitate to go deeply in to the inner you and find out what you must, for only in doing this work will you reach wholeness and offer your self the possibility of evolution. You will find, as you grow and take this inner journey one more step each day, that the changes you experience will truly be something to talk about. Your life’s perspective will shift, and your acknowledgment of the self as an evolutionary being will lead you to accept your journey as meaningful and not only amazing, but you will discover that the things I speak of are completely viable and acceptable.

Do your inner work for your self and your own growth. Do not fall into the trap of needing to please or to find some reason for doing this work that does not conform to your inner search for wholeness. For the inner you is the only aspect of the self that must be paid attention to. Remove the ego and the desires of the ego from your search. Do not attach to the desires of another’s search for wholeness either, but only your own. This is a solo journey I speak of, and it must be undertaken with the truth of the inner self as its goal. Any other goal will just not cut it.

To find bliss, to find redemption, to find solace and inner calm are all results of doing the solo inner work, but they are not the reason. Only truth of the self must be the reason; and the desire for every truth must be the catalyst.

Continue your journey as it leads you to your truths. Ask to be shown the way. Receive your daily signs with gratitude and thanks. And by the way, the signs are there, you just haven’t noticed them lately. The energy of now does attempt to keep them hidden at the same time that it pushes you to exceed and to move onward. This is powerful energy, turning once again in a shift that will carry you with it, presenting you with the possibility of good growth, clarity, and awareness of self. Don’t miss any opportunities that come now. Stay focused on the inner work, yet aware of the energy around you, as you allow it to point out your way. This is how you will be guided.

#323 This is a Day of Further Dismantling

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Continually seek understanding, clarity, and awareness as you concentrate on that life you now live. As I have said, it is preferable, from an evolutionary point of view, for you to remain focused on what is presented to you each day, rather than go off looking for something that is not being presented to you. For in the presentation of what comes to alert you to where you must go next, do you learn what is most necessary to attend to. To seek clarification of other lives, or even others’ lives, is not necessarily your most pressing objective. As I have said, YOU are the subject of your life, and in order to truly understand who you are, must you enter your course of study with an open mind.

Today is a day to learn what it means to suspend judgments and allow your conception of the life you have lived to be freely recognized as right in every way. To suspend judgments means to question every idea you now hold about the self and discover the truth of it. Where did it come from? Who put it there? How long have you held such a belief? How has it determined your course of action and your self-perception? And what happens if you free your self of that belief?

Now is it time to also stop judging others. Stop looking outside of you to place your confusion, your anger, your disgust, and your despair of the self on others. As you examine your own life must you seek to dismantle the projections, those old stalwart structures that you have relied on all these years to uphold a you that does not really exist. In truth are you not that construction of judgments, ideas, mirrors, and beliefs, but an entirely different being, comprised of energy.

So now release your self from that cage of old constructions and allow your self to feel your inner self, your spirit self, and your energy self. This is the self who is the evolving self. It is the truth-seeking self; the all-knowing self, and the evolutionary self. Find this energetic spirit self and allow it the freedom it deserves.

This is a day of further dismantling. I know the process is often difficult, but it is required, not only for evolutionary growth, but so that you may find your freedom now while you reside upon that Earth; so that you may have experience of it, in cognitive awareness, in that place of great learning; and so that you may understand the abilities you hold while bound in that place of gravity and challenge. For then will you be well trained when the time of transition arrives.

So My Dear Ones, do not lose your trust in the ability of the self to do this work. Your time is NOW. Keep that always in mind. Now is an evolutionary time and your efforts are fully supported, aided, guided; and our greatest intent is that you succeed.

Abide by all the new ideas of life now.* Live your life questioning your old structures that have kept you captive. Find the means to dismantle them, in the flow of your life, as you are presented with what needs to be worked on each day. You can do this work because it is the only thing that really matters.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your self. Don’t be afraid of the challenges you will also present to others as you change. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas, new concepts of life and death, and new methods of living. For only with such changes will you reap the results of your hard work.

I intend that you will succeed. I offer my help, my backing to your dismantling project as you move forward now, without regrets, without sadness, but fully accepting of your self, your journey, and your true possibilities in life.

*NOTE: Here Jeanne is referring, once again, to the new ideas, rules, and changes for life and evolutionary growth previously channeled and posted on this page in the sidebar under Guidance.

Website Updates

We will be adding some additions to the website over the next month. Our practices of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis have been greatly influenced by the work we’ve been doing with Jeanne. This work began after Jeanne died of breast cancer and began guiding Jan through a time of great personal exploration and change. Jeanne succeeded in showing us that the concept of recapitulation does not have to lie buried in the mysteries of the shaman’s world, but can be incorporated into our daily journeys, as we struggle to make sense of the lives we live. We learned the process by doing it, with Jeanne pointing out the significances of the shaman’s teachings and how they relate to now. A new page, called Recapitulation Therapy, has been added to our Channeling, Psychotherapy, and Hypnosis pages, accessed in the sidebar menu, or by clicking this link here: Recapitulation Therapy.

Recapitulation Therapy is at the crux of the clinical work we do, but it is also at the crux of the spiritual work we do. We have discovered that recapitulation, undeniably, leads to wholeness. Hopefully the essay, Recapitulation Therapy, will aid you in understanding this process that we speak so often about, and that Jeanne refers to almost daily in her messages.

We have also added some updates to our Psychotherapy site under Tools & Definitions with descriptions of the terms we frequently use, and how we have learned to understand them from the viewpoint of taking the recapitulation healing journey.

We will be adding additional sidebars, referencing books and movies that we have found to be useful and insightful for the journey as well. So we hope you continue to check in to the Channeling site where our News and Notes blog will offer updates on new information, and perhaps you will look into our other sites as they continue to evolve too.

We are very excited to keep offering you what we learn. Thank you for participating.

Most sincerely,
Jan and Chuck

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR