#225 Allow Some of That Vibrant Energy to Seep into Your Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message to pass along today?

Allow some of that vibrant energy to seep into your life in some small way. Test the strength of it. Test the feel of it. Test the vibrancy of it. Allow your self to step out into it now, more fully aware and conscious of what you are doing. Make it known that you are engaging in life differently now. Take responsibility for your challenge now before you, and engage in the energy of this moment in history to carry you forth on your journey with intent, conviction, and a new focus. That is: purposefully accepting the fact that the energy is available for you, and you are available for the energy.

Be bold and brave now as you accept this challenge. Dip your toe, your foot, into the energetic flow of enticement and allow your self to feel it as positive and growth-oriented, for that is the intent of this most promising force now upon that earth. In spite of dire necessity and less than stellar circumstances that do persist upon that planet, so is this energy urging change, and that is what is expected of all of you now in order to evolve, in all manner of speaking.

Embolden your self today. Take a swim in the energy if you dare. You will discover that it will refresh you, cleanse you, and prepare you, with its soulful and sacred bath, for all that lies ahead. Even if you but dip your toe in, so will you discover the power of the energy does seep up into you and give you what you need to continue your focused path forward.

This is all about taking a journey that is different now; one of change and continued evolution; one that will enable you, personally, to grow even as it enables the world to change in a more positive direction. And your own daring, your own intent to change is wrapped up in that greater worldwide intent, so take on the consideration of that possibility and responsibility now too. As you change and engage in the river of energy that now flows upon that earth, so do you add to the power of it as it too will grow and increase its positive force.

Find your place in it, now, during this time of significance. That is your mission now. That is your first purpose now, to be an agent of change. Welcome to the new world of energetic possibilities. Dip your toe into it, or dive in head first, but do so with firm intent to grow, to learn, to change because it is the right thing to do, and this you already know. I await your participation, as do my many companions on this mission of awakening and enlightenment. Our arms of energetic potency do extend in your direction and invite you in to this powerful river of change that flows past your door. You know where change is needed, but you will be quite amazed when you see where your engagement in it will lead you. You are quite ready. Everyone is. Even if just a sip is taken, so will you feel it, the rightness of it. Be my guest!

#224 Dig Down into the Inner You

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

This week of change does bode well for those who remain alert, aware, and fully available to engage in the energy that awaits participation. As I have been mentioning lately, over several weeks in fact, now is the perfect time to dare to shift and make a life-altering change, but only with concentrated work, and deep inner contemplation, so that a shift happens because it is intended, and not because you feel restless or unhappy.

First, dig down into the inner you, and fully understand why you are restless and unhappy, or feeling stuck and caught. Only by investigating the self fully will your shift to new life be able to carry you forth. Otherwise, will the baggage, as yet unopened and unexamined, weigh you down. An unexamined life is a life not fully lived or explored, nor is it a free life.

As you focus your intent on the desire for change, as you look forward to engaging resonant energy in order to find your niche in all of this exciting energy, do not forget that the inner you is the most important aspect of all of this searching and reaching for wholeness. You will not have access to your wholeness if you do not complete the inner journey.

Both the inner journey and the outer journey can, and should, be taken simultaneously in order to benefit the most from your experiences. But your efforts to begin a journey at all must come from inside, for only in this manner will you find your resonance in the energetic flow that now seeks to aid you. Without this inner spark will your outer journey be one of wandering excitement, but how far will it really take you if you have not bothered to take your inner you along?

Find your deepest inner reasons for living that life. This can be accomplished in many ways. I suggest deep inner contemplation of the self, in solitude, and in combination with a practice of study, in order to find what others have already discovered about the journey of souls upon that earth. I also advocate getting help when necessary, though this may not be feasible on a person-to-person level. Seek your answers in your dreams, your imagination, and through your spirit guides. Ask, with intent, for help in discovering the true life journey you are now meant to take and you will receive guidance, though it may appear in a way that you least expect.

Study the self, and then begin your heart-centered, and innerly-guided journey out into the energy of the world. To take a journey that is based in deep self-study, with your open spirit and your heart-knowing leading you, is to take a most advanced and prosperous journey. Desire a life of growth and spirit-centeredness and you will have it, but it does take work on the self to achieve this.

But, that life is meant to be self-oriented, full of self-investigation, and full of freedom to be a true spirit-oriented being. The first step is to acknowledge this aspect of the self, and the deep desire of this spirit self to be released from the confines of your past, your outer life’s restrictions, and your old ideas of the self, and your inner spirit self too. Engage your self, your inner you, in a new dialogue in order to release this inner self from the prison that has been constructed around you since your last life upon that earth. Engage in freeing the self now, so that you may fully engage in the energy of now, ready to step out into the flow of energy that resonates with that inner spirit; and allow your self to participate now more fully in your own life, in the excitement of the energy, and in the excitement of possibility. Much awaits. I trust you will continue your journey with your heart-centered knowing guiding you, and your inner self peeking out now, desiring fresh air and fresh energy.

The time is right, the time is good for engaging the inner spirit in the outer world now. That’s what this is all about, you know. Allowing your true innocence to step out into the right energetic flow, and be safe, and certain of growth. You, the adult, are in control of that innocence. So make sure you know what you are daring to do, and who you really are, before you begin. Your innocence may surprise you, so be ready to engage it, and enjoy it.

#223 Seek Resonance in the Energetic Flow

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us all today?

Stay focused on your path, in calm, balanced steadiness that will aid you as you wander through the vicissitudes of life seeking clarity. Remain innerly focused, and seek resonance in the energetic flow around you in order to determine your next step. But as you move forward in your life, remember that progress is key, and learning and challenge go hand-in-hand with growth. It is not enough to sit upon a raft and allow the energy to push and toss and turn you as it flows. You must actively participate in life or you will merely wind up upon distant shores, far from your innocence and your resonance.

Be an active participant in your own life, by first using your awareness to read the energetic potential in your own life. Now, as great change does invade and invite, as energy offers the option for real growth, do not allow your fears or your old thoughts to interfere with your decision-making. It is time to be bold, to be daring, and to go forward with long-held dreams and plans of change. The energy is available to assist in making such dreams and plans fully realized, as the climate now upon that earth is one of drastic upheaval.

Look inward first, then direct your firm intent outward and ask for help, for signs in aiding you, as you determine your next step. You now have much awareness and many tools to utilize as you make your way forward. Life does not include waiting any longer, but life does include participation. To wait is to miss the boat of change, but to study the winds of change is to know which direction to point your boat, and that is the first step.

Look outward to determine your own place in that stream of energetic change that now flows so vigorously upon that earth. There is energy enough for all to invite change into their lives, but do so with calm steadiness and calculated study in order to progress in life, with your balance and your clarity heightened and maintained. Your progress is assured if you attach to the energy that resonates.

I think you know by now what that means, but just in case you wonder, remember that it is the energy outside of you that mirrors the true energy inside you. It is the energy of choice that matches your own. It is the seeking of soul-to-soul, in sync with energetic flow of similar cadence. Resonance is felt often, daily. Find your own quiet calm and balanced energy, your true innocent spirit energy, and then search outside of you for resonance. When you find it, you will discover reciprocal calm and knowing rightness of it. You will feel as one, flowing, unafraid, and aware that this energy is my energy, and it is ready to flow with me.

It is all about change now. Everywhere is there the desire for change and for acceptance of the need for change. For resonance to truly be met must there be an acceptance of change, for the energy now available will meet you with change in its air. Your life will be aided with this energy of change. So, are you ready?

With all of this talk of change, and energy, and daring, remain aware of your duties in that life that you now live. It is very possible to remain balanced while still venturing into worlds of energetic change. Do not lose your footing in your reality, but maintain a steady and balanced life even as you begin to venture out into the energy of change. Everything is possible; keep this in mind as you go about your day, reading the signs of energetic opportunity, seeking resonance, and discovering what life really has in store for you.

Restlessness is not a good enough reason to make major changes. You must have substantive reasons for doing so, based on inner determinants as much as outer ones. It is essential that your entire being is properly aligned with your desire for change, and that your attachment to energy is of the right resonant sort. Just because there is change in the air does not mean that it is right for you in its wholeness, but look instead for the stream within the whole that suits you and your desire for change. There are many streams of energy, with many resonances, that make up the whole, so be careful what you choose to do. Remain balanced, calm, and innerly decisive, or you may have a wild ride until you realize you have latched onto the wrong sort of energy. But don’t worry; you will learn something important no matter what your next step is. There are no mistakes, only growth. So, go learn something new about your self today. And don’t forget, if you need help, ask for it and you will receive it.

#222 The New Energetic Revolution

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Abide by the rules of calm and balance now as the undercurrents of negative energy do seek to disrupt your new place in life. Abide by the firm steadiness of your knowing and your heart-centered anchor. Abide by the rules of the Universe, which are love, compassion, and energetic connectedness to all things.

Stay in your firm place of growing, changing, flowing living now, on your new path; and even though your old habits, notions, and critical voices do seek your energy know that those things are so far below the surface of your awareness now that you barely notice or desire them. Your life is different because you have chosen a different path, with new intent and new purpose and, above all, new energy fueling you. Your every move now has a new aire about it because your centeredness has brought you to a new awareness, and this is all you need to keep you on your path.

Today, use your awareness of all things to keep you steadily focused on your path of growth. This awareness will remind you of all I speak of now, for it desires this energy of change, knowing that it is right for you and for all mankind. A new universal consciousness is growing, a new awareness of all things energetically connected, a new awareness of life needing to be lived differently in order for evolutionary growth to happen. Your own life is a ready example of this new awareness.

Accept that you are on a new path. Accept that change is happening all around you. Accept that there must be new rules now in order for progress to be made. Accept the new energetic revolution happening all around you. Step into the flow of it, join in the energetic revolution of change, and begin to see how it will affect first your own life, and then those around you, and then the greater world. Only in this manner will you understand the interconnectedness of all things.

Interconnectedness is also exhibited in negative energetic aspects. This you have historically observed, with the rise of discordant separatist movements greedy for power and domination. Just because all things are interconnected does not mean that the energy will flow in a positively fueled manner. There are always attempts by negative powers to seep in and become the overriding energy. But now a great shift toward positive energy has happened. There is the possibility, with this new positive fuel filling the energetic air waves, to suffocate all negative energies and leave them floundering below the surface of positive intent, keeping them down in the undercurrent, as the new energy sweeps across the nation of the United States, coming from afar, and from within, and reverberating world wide, changing the face of the world now.

Intent, purpose, awareness, love, compassion, growth, and change are all part of this revolution. In order to fuel it further must there be a continual shift away from the negative draw that seeks attention. Abide by the new rules of change and growth, and you will discover your own energy growing, and enabling you to fully accept your own part in this evolutionary pattern of growth that now seeks participation.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by becoming a revolutionary. This type of revolution is one of quiet, calm, balanced, heart-centered intent, and that alone is enough. Focused inward first, and then outward, is there the possibility to change the world, one person at a time. The very earth supports this quiet change, as Mother Earth herself does shift and seek turning from the negative aspects of destruction, and puts herself in alignment with universal consciousness. Allow your own life to begin changing now in accordance with the new laws of living and loving. Join the revolution of heart-centered intent.

It is the one revolution that will have impact, long-lasting, evolutionary impact, drawing together all nations, all peoples, all individuals, with a new awareness that humans are full of good spirit intent, if only allowed to be. Free your people to become spirit aware, and you free them to become new revolutionary spirits enabling change, real change, to happen.

The energy of now is fully available for this change to happen, now. It requires focus on positive energy, and recognizing the negative as merely seeking fuel, as it knows it is being deserted. It wants to be kept alive, but for what reason? Leave it to disappear now, into the sands of the past, as you forge ahead on your new path. Keep your self flowing freely now. This is good!

#221 Truths Have Been Revealed-Free Fuel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us all today?

There is a new calmness of energy now circulating as truths have been revealed and clarity gained. Do not hesitate to embrace this energy of calm certainty. With this crystal clear knowledge of past, present, and future, make your way forward now, with your heart-centered intent, and your firm convictions to remain always on the path of truth, to continue guiding you.

Forward movement is essential in order for life upon that earth to be maintained with some recognizable and familiar sense of now. But now is already over, completed, and done, and a new moment has already arrived. I mean this literally, and metaphorically. Life is momentary, and in each moment is there completion and possibility, a door closes, and another opens. But as each door closes, do not carry forth regrets or compromise, but take only truths, and the clarity that you now gain, to turn forward with eyes bright and clear so that you may live differently now. Each moment, is this opportunity presented. Each new moment brings another opportunity to change and to take your truths forward with you.

Use your truths to guide you. On a personal level, this may invite great change. On an energetic level, this may push for acceptance of a changed world; even as you are given the truths of existence of life around you now, do not brush them away, but take in these truths so that you may act on them. There are many truth speakers now upon that earth, speaking only truths. The old ways no longer are acceptable, for once clarity is gained will the old ways no longer be available, nor will they be viable.

Old worlds are collapsing moment by moment. The energy of change now invites truth to be the guide in all walks of life, in all worlds, in all countries, in all aspects of life. Truth is the only fuel any of you need now to propel you forward. And it’s free; you just have to accept it!

Your own world, your very personal and individual world, offers you this free fuel. It will take you places you cannot even imagine, and you don’t have to go anywhere to find it, except into your self. Free fuel for the journey ahead is waiting inside each of you.

As the world continues to ask for change, as the very earth offers its final depletion, as the truths swirl all around you, shown and spoken and felt, go innerly and tap into the wells of truths deep inside your self. Open a channel to your inner reserves and allow your truths to flow out of you in abundance. They will never dry up. They are endless, connected to all other truths; and that is what this moment on earth desires of all of you now living upon its energetic plane, it invites interconnectedness with the truth of all things.

Seek this truth inside your self. Seek the plain and barren truth that boldly seeks you too, and allow that bold and barren truth to reveal that it is all the treasure you need to push you forward, into your next moment, so that change can happen. This is a time of great energetic change. Are you willing to embrace it? It is fueled by truth, love, and compassion. It’s all around you. Don’t you see it?

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR