#332 A Journey Must Be Opted For – It Must Be Chosen

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Do not fall into old traps or get caught in the foggy malaise. Keep your focus keenly placed on your intent to grow. Peer through the debris and the intensity of the veils to what you know lies ahead. I do not doubt that trying times are ahead. But remember, you have done many shifts over the past year. You have already accomplished much in the way of growth and acceptance of your journey. You have already taken full responsibility for your actions. And even those who still linger in the land of the big baby know that taking full responsibility for the self is the first step out of the crib.

As shifts in the universe take place and the energy changes to a flow that heralds ease of participation, so are you offered the opportunity to jump into it and allow it to aid you. That is what this stage of energetic shift is offering you, the opportunity to be aided by its unseen energy. If you opt to step outside of the comforts and confines of your cribs, your blankies, binkies, and bottles, so will you be supported and held up by the feast of energetic forces ready to propel you forward.

A journey must be opted for. It must be chosen. Sometimes the choice is made in full cognition, with determination and spoken conviction. At other times, does change happen quite peripherally, as if in a dream, yet are you fully allowing of it because at your core do you acquiesce to its necessity.

The energy of now will be available no matter how your shift is undertaken. Whether with firm declaration, or in vague dreamy propelling forward, so is there plenty of energy to back you. Notice what comes to aid you. Be alert to the signs. Watch what happens in the world around you, and farther away, to signal to you that change happens, it is inevitable; and if you are ready for it, so may your ride be somewhat smooth.

Do keep your awareness, your underlying awareness that you know already that change is inevitable, that it must take place in order for growth, in order for you, and those you love the most, to have access to the opportunities that are waiting just around the corner.

Why, My Dearest Readers, do you continue to hesitate? Why do you stay in your cribs? Why do you cry yourselves to sleep at night, when you could be singing happy complacent lullabies, leading you in to a new world of dream reality that will aid you as you advance? Why do you continue to stay in the nursery, afraid to step out into the wonders of life? That is all that awaits, you know. It is just the wonders of life that await your beautiful presence. They are just waiting to present you with all that is being held for you.

Proceed now into the flow of universal energy. Become a part of the new millennium, this time of grand shift away from the human ego and into the new form that is not only necessary, but desirous of your discovery of it. Discover your true energetic potential. Allow it to venture into your life, unafraid because it is your true self and it desires to live.

Your lives, My Dear Readers, are not at all what you think they are. You are not so caught as you perceive. You are not so sleepy as you would like to believe. You are not at all incapable. You are, all of you, energy. And that, My Dears, is what you must continually tap into, your own well of energetic potential.

Begin this day sipping from your inner well of spirit, your own energy. And then open the nursery doors and step out into the energy of the universe that is ready to sweep you off your feet and bring you into the land of a new reality. But you are in charge of daring to change. And that is what I suggest you do now, right now. Dare your self to change. Accept your energetic potential. Accept your own ability to make change happen by taking the first step toward growth. You won’t regret a minute of it. Again, I dare you to dare your self!

#331 Create a Sacred Space For Your Inner Work

Dear Jeanne,
It’s Friday today, after an interesting week of questions and answers. What guidance can you offer us today?

As you know, my focus is always on the work of the self, the inner self, balanced with the outer self. This is your most important task as you seek evolutionary growth. It is also my mission, to guide you, and to teach you what it means to be an evolutionary being. Your place upon that Earth is granted you, as I have explained, by many circumstances of happenstance, but directly behind the randomness of those synchronicities that have placed you there is fertile intent that you take up the cause of an evolutionary being, to advance now to a new level.

So, that being said, today do I continue my urging of you all, that you stay upon your enlightened path, your path of intent, seeking always to discover the hidden secrets and mysteries of the self. Once you begin the process, so will you discover also your greatest attributes, for they lie caught in your truths, as yet unleashed, yet viable aspects of your progress. Many of you are working so well upon the self, doing marvelously, and I commend you. Many of you are beginning to re-awaken after a long sleep, re-discovering aspects of a younger self who was quite aware and connected; and many of you are discovering, for the first time, that you are in fact a spiritual being. Your own brand of spiritualism is unique, it is personal, it is an inner process that you alone are having. But do also remember that many others are having similar experiences, and they will understand what you mean if you begin to speak about your struggles and your woes.

I do love you and dare you to ask me my opinion and for my guidance in this channeling method. You must be guided by your inner questing self to dare to ask for aid, but know that you are asking universal questions, and that others struggle with the same issues. I wish to encourage you, but also to connect you to others through my messages; to allow you the knowledge that you are not struggling alone; that many others are seeking clarity, and working for advancement all around you. Do you not get the feeling that the questions and answers are meant for you, even though you did not ask them?

Continue to advance now upon your path. Beautify it as you go. Make your pathway attractive and inviting, so that you will enjoy stepping out into the journey each day. Consider your self an evolutionary being, an energy being, because that is exactly who you are. Invite your spiritually energetic self to pave your way, to light your path, to create a lovely peaceful pathway that you may daily walk upon, with calm intent in you and surrounding you.

Your inner sanctum is maintained in keeping inner balance and by doing the deep work on the self. But I also suggest that to have your outer environment conducive to such work will offer you extra energy and incentive to do the work. Create a sacred space for your inner work. Turn your outer environment into a mirror environment of who you are innerly. Bind your self in this inner work by allowing your self the opportunity, and the gift, to live steeped in the truths of the spirit seeking self.

Take some time this weekend to sanctify your intent within a spiritually based environment that has meaning to you. Do something for your self that will please you. Take a step in outer transformation that will remind you that yes, I am an energy being, and this is something that is meaningful and special to me alone. Place an anchoring memento in a special place, create a garden, fix a picture upon the wall, buy a meditation cushion, or construct your own. Build a sanctum. However tiny and insignificant it may be, so will it remind you that you are a seeker, and you need and deserve a brief glimpse of a reminder of this aspect of the self as you live your busy life and as you struggle with the deep mysteries of the self. Anchor your self daily in some manner. Do not be superstitious, or overly attached to a symbol of support, but find some place of meaning, some personal memento that will aid you, reminding you and fixing you daily upon your path.

If your energy calls you to do something grand, or on a larger scale, so keep your inner work in your heart center as you create your place of nurture. Use your work as an anchor to calm and center you. Use your quiet contemplation as a time not only of constructive hands-on work, but as a time of deep inner work, and in so doing will your grand scheme be built upon your inner awakening process.

Allow it to evolve. Allow your creation, whether tiny or extravagant, to continually evolve, as you too evolve. You may find, in the end, that as you grow innerly and find inner peace, full of the bounty of your truths, that your outer anchor need not be so boldly stated, and that simplicity will suit you best.

Live in beauty My Dears; it will nurture your inner beauty to receive the gift of beauty in your outer life. You will find beauty in the simplest of things, in the barest of natural phenomena, and in the most unusual inner meanings. Find your place of anchoring beauty. Set it before you, to guide and nurture you as you do your inner work. Many of you may instantly know what this anchor is, where to place it, and how to evolve with it. Others of you, I know, must take your time. But I urge you to be open, to not look too hard, but to allow your inner seeking self to point out to you, with resonance, what will be your right anchor.

Give your selves a gift, my Dears, a token of your progress, a signal of your spiritual self, a sign that you are indeed on this path of growth. Allow your self to be reminded that this is a special path to find, to acknowledge, and to remain on. Good luck as you continue to grow. And don’t forget to keep looking for the signs that are being pointed out to you as you make your way.

Find beauty and inner contentment upon your path. And if you have trouble getting anchored, just ask for help. We are here to guide you. I love you all, My Journeying Ones!

#330 Find Your Inner Gold, My Dear One

Today’s question is asked by a Reader.

Dear Jeanne,
How can I “wake up” when depression really pulls on my desire to go to sleep? I seem to have taken on some challenging lessons for this life. Although I think I have worked through many layers, old feelings of being unseen, and beliefs of worthlessness still seem to run decisions and actions I make now. I have had insomnia for three years. I feel very cut off from my intuition and “feelings” that I have used as a compass for moving in a positive direction at other times in my life. I want to heal my past wounds and really live differently. I also feel just plain weary and lost many times. I lose my desire to try.

My Dearest Reader and Journeyer, you have all the information about your self and know what your challenges are. Now must you remove the heaviness, the 300-pound weight that resides, hovering above you, holding you tightly down, resident in Earth’s heavy layers of iniquity. Your challenges are not insurmountable, but a path is clearly laid before you and step-by-step must your recapitulation be undertaken. For only in full recapitulation will you be released from that layer of heavy darkness that does now hold you in its soporific sleep, though it is the sleep of the restless insomniac. This is a state of wakeful slumber that holds within its numbness all the clues to who you are, how you got there, and where to go next.

First must full recapitulation be attempted. This means to bravely go in to your past, those challenging lessons that you mention, and tackle them now with awareness that they are part of you forever, but they do not need to hold you bound to them. Recapitulation allows for new perspective, release from old ideas of the self, and progress in changing the self-image, but even more deeply the self-substructure.

And that leads to the second challenge. You must begin now to shift your inner thoughts about the self. Shift from negative thinking to positive thinking. Every time you use a negative phrase of description, immediately shift it to a positive, growth-oriented aspect of the self, of your situation, your feelings, and your inner connection.

Your third challenge is to accept responsibility for your past, your present, and your future. This absolutely ties in to the first two challenges. For only in becoming fully present now, fully aware of your own power to change, and fully taking on the aspects of the self that seek to sabotage your growth, will you evolve.

To change now your inner thinking, your outer perceptions of the self, and allow your past to be observed from a new perspective, will release your energy from all that holds it tightly captive. For that is what you describe in your question. Your energy is held captive in pockets of your past, in your feelings of old, causing an inability to urge your self into a place of intuition and awareness.

Your waking self is already asking you to participate now in life in a different manner so that your true energy, your own energy may be released, returned to you, and allowed to grow ever more vibrant as you do the work on the self. Your inner work is challenging, but it is not insurmountable, nor is it too far distant. It is right in front of you.

Put aside now your fears that you are stuck. No one is truly stuck, except in the past ideas of the self, the past habits that have been promulgated all these years, useful, but now old and boring. You are full of desire to change, to shift, and to regain your own energy.

I must confront you blatantly with the feelings of self-pity that I detect lie in wait to sabotage you on a daily basis. I detect a desire to reconnect with your inner knowing self, but a fear that if you do so you will have to become responsible. You will have to confront many changes.

Oh My Dear One, this is truth knocking at your door, but it is not knocking at the old door. It is knocking at the new door. And once you open that new door, will a new light shine upon you. And this new light will reveal your truths, the other hidden truths that you already know exist inside you, yet have you neglected them.

Begin each day by saying this mantra to your self:

I open the door to my inner self.
I reveal the light within.
I am guided by this new light,
Leading me to discover my gold.
I am gold. I am light.
I am an inner energy being.

Find your inner gold, My Dear One. You have it within. It shines brightly and it asks you to dig deeply for it. It is full of beauty, energy; and your true life sits upon its weighty stack, calling to you, “Come and find me, so that we can have a true life of meaning together; full of energy, of light, and of eagerness for life to continue, with joy and happiness at every step, no matter what our challenges may be.”

Open that new door today, My Dear Reader. Allow your inner light to be revealed to you once again. You will recognize it, feel its resonance. And even though you may wish to fall back into your old darkness, so must you push your self to reach out, with positive words of intent to grow now. Grow with the inner gold that shines, pointing the way. Grow with every challenge, as you look upon your life and your journey differently; laid out for you now with energy awaiting recapture; truths awaiting revelation; and your awareness awaiting your recognition.

Taste it; taste your life just waiting for you now. Put aside everything you have used to just get through your days. This is a new day; a new door is opening. Your golden door, with your inner gold awaits.

Rekindle your inner self with new thoughts, actions, and deeds; dismissing every old thought, action, and deed as it arises, replacing it with new positive, responsible, and thoroughly evolutionary ideas of the self.

Let me know how you are doing. Ask for help at any time. I await your beckoning call. I tell you now, and I tell you all the time, I am right here to aid you. Wake up, My Dear One, My Sleepy Sleepless One, Wake Up!

#329 You Are In a Place of Bare Naked Truths

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a note of guidance for humanity today?

I will be brief and to the point. Follow your nose today, as it leads you properly, sniffing out the piles of smelly issues that lie hidden, or partially buried, reminding you that life is full of promise, yet is it also laden with chores and business that must be attended to.

The energy has shifted. Perhaps you feel it? Perhaps you notice that the layer of film, previously blocking truth, light, and inner energy has now lifted and blown aside, to reveal to you a clearer picture of the wholeness of the self?

Today is a day of viewing from a distance the life you now have. With perspective, from that new vantage point, and with clarity, see the whole picture of the self. Allow time to get a better sense of the place you are in right now. Your truths are revealed. Do you see them? They are waving to you from that world of you, signifying their presence, but also their realities. Yes, those issues, those truths, do exist. They are real, present in your life. They belong to you.

There is no denying of the fact that you are an imperfect being, a struggling being, and even a reticent being. But notice that you are fully capable of looking at your life from a fresh perspective on this day of clarity. You are in a place of bare, naked truths. Ask your self this question: Who do I want to be?

You are being given the opportunity to shift into a new mode of living. From your vantage point I suggest, and request, that you observe and take in all the aspects of the self that you are seeing truthfully. And then, when you return to the details of your world, hold within you the vision of that world from your new perspective, and grant your self permission to start off on a fresh foot now.

Your life is changing whether or not you want it to. You are being shown what you must do and how to go about it. But do you trust it? Do you trust that your life’s unfolding is the way to go? I suggest that you acquiesce to progress, to change, and to taking one step at a time within the confines of your complicated world, and accept the clarity and reality of your life so beautifully revealed, so blatantly offered, so that you can allow it to continue its unfolding process.

Yes, life is challenging, and life is not always pretty, and reluctances will arise. But I advise you all to take on your own lives now with vigor because no one else will do it for you. Do you want change in your life? Well, I’m afraid you have to get up now, off your comfy seats, and get a move on. Time now to not only, truthfully, see what you must do to change, but to accept the realities presented, and then to do what it takes to enact change. You won’t regret it. The universe is offering this clarity and this energetic shove. It’s being offered freely; no strings attached. But it must be chosen. And then it must be worked on. Only then will you reap the rewards of shift and change, succeeding in growing and evolving because you chose to do so.

I urge you all to keep going. Now is the time to do it. Now is the time to take on the projects, the issues, the desires that you have neglected far too long. This is it, My Dear Ones. This is what you have been waiting for. Time to change your lives. I dare you, but I dare you to dare your self!

#328 This is Energy Working its Wonders

Today’s question is asked by a Reader.

Dear Jeanne,
Within the last several months, I have been on an incredible adventure that started when a very dear friend died. She has been guiding me since, which in the beginning I was a little resistant to, but once I started to flow with it, many wonderful things started to happen and, as a result, I have been able to tackle many, many issues that in the past were insurmountable. She has also led me into a relationship that has forever changed my view on love and what being in a “relationship” is all about. Letting go, trusting, and flowing with the signs that are presented, have been some of the greatest challenges I have faced, but it seems that the more I trust, the more I am available. When I stop and think about this, it seems so unbelievable, but my experiences have proven over and over again that it is real. I am constantly in awe, but at the same time I also wonder, how does this happen, how does my friend so cleverly interact with me, sometimes in ways that I don’t see at first, but know later to be her “working”? Recently, I felt her energy move inside me, merging with mine, and for just a brief few moments, I was conscious of this happening and allowed her to use my physical body to connect and touch someone that she loves very much here on Earth. The most amazing thing is that I was not afraid or fearful; it was with complete trust. Her loved one immediately felt something, but not knowing exactly what had transpired, asked, “What just happened here?” How does this happen? How did she do this and why?
Thank you for your wonderful guidance.

Mergence of energy is possible through purpose of intent. This I speak of often, but you, My Dear Reader, have actually experienced this. I have also spoken of this as pertains to evil intent, and perhaps that is more understood or believable to consider; that yes, evil intent exists and takes possession of the unaware and the available. But likewise, those of us who work on the side of light and good have such strong connection, as you do with your friend, and she with you, similar to that which binds Jan and I. Your friend’s purpose of intent is to connect with you, and to teach you what it means to be an energy being. This is what Jan and I have worked together on these many years. I do not exclude My Loving Chuck from this description because he too is part of this mergence and has had valuable experiences as well. But I will speak today on the direct experience that you My Reader are having, as the female channel in this case.

You have, through your trust and experiences of this good being of light, now gotten to such a place of awareness that transmogrification* (see note below) can take place, with full participation on your part, with the ability for her to give energetic experience to her loved ones through you. This is energy working its wonders in you, and with your permission, because you are resonant energy; available, trusting, and in the position to offer not only your physical presence there on Earth, but also your place of trust and love with another human being. Both you and the receiver of the experience are available.

Even your own energetic intent can travel and change in such a fashion. Energy is viable. It is free to move outside of the physical confines of the body. This is what we have been talking about. It exists separately, yet does it stay within your body until you learn that it is possible to use it in other manners as well, beyond the body.

An out of body experience has been exhibited to you, but the mergence of energy has also been shown. I’m sure you would not have felt so good about a mergence if the energy was not so resonant, and if you had not been so trusting. This is a good example of learning to trust your guides, learning how they work, and learning what your own energy is like. You are fully capable of sending your own energy outward in similar fashion.

Such activity is based on the fact that we are all comprised of energy. Even though we no longer reside in human form, so are we (your friend and I, and many others in this evolved state) still active and alive in our energy bodies. You have now been trained by her, in a process of growth, based on knowing trust of her good intent, with your own reciprocal agreement to learn and evolve. You set your own intent to grow a long time ago. You became ready to finally have meaningful experiences, and she was an available teacher. Now is there connection, available and vibrant connection of energy that offers the opportunity for more energetic work to transpire.

So, you had an energy experience, My Dear! You have been granted this experience because you were ready for it. You were in a position to have it, share it, and now understand it and continue growing with it. This is what I speak of when I say that all have this ability to connect, this innate ability to comprehend what it means to be comprised of energy, to have access to your energy body, and to have experiences of such energy in action.

Do not look now to make this happen. Allow such energetic intent to become a natural aspect of your discovering of life as energy, and your further awakening to feeling what resonance means; what love, compassion, and relationship truly mean in a world that may at times seem to have little spiritual experience to offer. These are the anchors in your evolutionary growth that are being offered to you, as you continue your work on the self, your inner work, and as you continue allowing your friend of resonance to teach you what she has to offer.

This act of transmogrification is awareness at a very high degree, being made available to you, as you have learned to recognize now what energy feels like. You have learned to identify it as such, rather than some peculiar fault, or physical malady. To identify energy as energy, pure and simple, is quite an accomplishment. Then to allow it, to flow with it, and to trust the good of it, is just where you want to be.

Good work, My Dear Journeyer. You are doing the work of the inner self. You are learning what it means to trust the resonant guidance being offered. And you are gaining now, by allowing experience, real experience of energy, to activate in your own energy field. Recognize and accept that this is what I speak of all the time. It is at the crux of my messages; that you are energy, we are all energy; and as such do we all have the capability to merge, and work together; to connect energetically.

Welcome to the world of energy, My Dear One. You and your friends are quite a group! Keep doing the work, and see what else happens. But most of all, continue to feel the energy. You will know when it is right resonant energy, and you will know what it is trying to tell you. This is awareness training, so be aware of it, of the energy around you, and in you, at all times.

*Transmogrification: the act of transmogrifying or transforming. This is a word that Jeanne spoke to me once several years ago. When I asked her to define it, she suggested I go ask Chuck because he would know what it meant. Alas, he was as stumped as I was. Here is the definition we found then in Webster’s Ninth: transmogrify: to change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect syn see TRANSFORM.

The word transform was much more to our liking. But this strange and vague definition of transmogrify still left us wondering why she had presented this exact word to us, so we looked it up in the Oxford English Dictionary. Here is that definition: to alter or change in form or appearance; to transform, metamorphose (utterly, grotesquely, or strangely). b. to astonish utterly, confound.

At the time, I was beginning to have experiences of her energy in my own body, similar to the experience of this reader. I could actually physically feel my own molecular structure vibrate and shift, transforming me into a semblance of Jeanne that Chuck could recognize. We now understand that the word transmogrify allows us to grasp the greater meaning of the ability she has to use her energy or her intent to transform or transmogrify. She has since used this word often, once noting the ability to transmogrify at will, to suit situations as they arise, “a sorceress of change.” She seems to like the pliability of the word, the shaping, amorphous quality of it, similar to that of energy.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR