#386 Allow Your Unfolding Life to Guide You

Dear Jeanne,
What message of guidance can you offer us today?

Achieve your stable balance and your inner knowing that your journey is both necessary and significant in all ways. Do this centering of self each morning as you awaken. Remind your self that you are an energy being, a unit of energy comprised of vibratory molecules in expression, in momentum, and in complete alignment with intent to grow and evolve on many levels and in many worlds. Your intent of self and purpose for that life will evolve as you pursue your path, wherever it may take you.

Do not harbor fears of annihilation or loss of self, even as you are confronted with the gravest of circumstances, for you remain embedded in your bodily encasement, though you may at times feel far away. Your presence in that life, in that world, is based on intent, and this you must keep in mind at all times.

Once you have grounded your self each day, even for a minute of self-adjustment, so are you prepared for the next aspect of your journey to unfold. After that first step of groundedness, must your intent shift outward as you ask for awareness, for clarity of vision, and understanding of the meaningfulness of your encounters and your prospects that lie ahead. Do not hold your self back from expression, or from experiencing that life, for it is waiting to be played out. Though you may be afraid of some aspect of your life, still must you remember that this is your challenge to overcome.

Allow your unfolding life to guide you. Do not proceed on your journey with too many firmly laid plans, for then do you lose your ability to flow. Make plans for living with an openness to adjusting, as you encounter what you must. I suggest that you work this flow aspect into your daily intent too. It will serve you well to be open to whatever may come your way.

Though you may be steeped in sadness, in regret, in caution, in fear, or in inhibitions regarding the outer world, so do I ask you to turn outward to the world, each day, and look at it now differently. Notice that a turn of intent to acceptance of experiences in life as necessary for growth may aid you in stepping over those barriers that hold you back.

Now is there a need for compassion among you, as the energy may hold you caught in your old ideas of self and others. This is a temporary glitch in the energy, present to remind you just how far you have come. It is important to ground your self in the present each day now, so that you do not get pulled back to a former time and believe that you are back there again. You are not! You are simply being offered the opportunity to view it from a different perspective and move forward in a new manner.

Although this may feel like a time to rehash old ideas of the self, so is this time really about noticing just how far you have advanced, how differently you think and feel now, and how open you are to taking your journey now as a flowing energy being, rather than a muddling-along unaware being.

Keep in mind now, over the next few days, that this time of reconciliation with an old self will pass, as do all times of confrontation with self. This time is very necessary, for it is also a time of shift and transformation underlying what is at first being shown to you. So do not forget to look for the underlying truths being revealed. Do not fall for what is presented, but look deeper for the true motives and true reasons for actions, decisions, and pictures of perfection that may appear to entice you to choose one way or another.

Both in your own life, and in the world around you, are you certain to find that things are not really as they appear. Keep that thought in mind as you work your way through this time period of conflict and confusion. If you take the few steps each day to reconcile with your true energy self, your intent to remain balanced, aware, and clearly alert to your inner world and your outer world will serve you well.

Question motives, ideas, and packages of intent that appear to be too good to be true. This is a time when you do indeed have personal power to change, to heal, and to evolve in a new direction. Don’t give up that power by staying caught in an old rut. It is up to you to shift direction in your own life first, before the world around you will be able to gather enough energy to shift too.

Support that world shift by doing your personal part to shift your own energy in a new direction. That is where your focus and your intent should be directed over the next few days. Keep going! You are all doing very well, My Dears. Don’t get caught in old ways. Remind your selves often that you are energy first!

#385 The Energy Crisis is Twofold

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance about the energy that we are now experiencing? It feels complicated and tricky, difficult to get a handle on.

My Dear One, do not get caught in thinking too much, but allow your self to feel more often what your body is trying to tell you regarding the energetic components of the times. In order to most effectively interpret and utilize the energy, your physical self’s awareness must be allowed to participate and determine the nature of the forces you call complicated and tricky. That interpretation is quite correct, but be also aware that your mind can create confusions regarding how to act if you stay focused on those two aspects. In reality, the force of energy surrounding you, that unseen awareness, is well to tap into, for it is also a proponent of the self, the energetic compilation of being human upon that earth.

By this statement, I mean that what is happening outside of you, what you are noticing and interpreting, is also happening inside of you because you are also energy and are affected by outer energy quite a lot more than you think.

I ask you first to use your body to learn about how energy feels, while at the same time I must also request that you remove your self from your body to also understand what energy is. This may be quite a complicated feat, but in reality do you do it quite often. Now however, I ask that you do it with awareness.

When you feel not quite present; when you feel unaware and removed from your surroundings, almost at a distance from even your physical self, so are you in an energetic mode. Often can this appear to feel numbing or slightly off-kilter, when you are not quite present, yet not asleep or in a meditative state. This process of slight disconnect from reality is your ticket to deeper connection, to understanding your energetic self, and your consternation over the outer energy.

During this time now upon that earth is there conflict and conflict resolution simultaneously swirling in tornadic energy. This produces confusion, and conflicting issues will arise as a result. It is necessary to notice that conflict is most naturally pointing out to you where your energetic tendencies lie and where your truths lie. This is good energy to use in recapitulation for it asks for you to determine what you truly believe is right for you to do to proceed on your journey.

In conflict resolution is there confrontation with truth. You see? Then your process becomes one of choice. Do you do what you energetically know is truthful and right? Or do you elect to stay in the numbing track where you do not truly interpret and invest in the truth of what your own energy is telling you?

You all reside in your bodies. You all have feeling. You all have moments of clarity. You all have moments of confusion. Your emotions play games to alert you to your energetic self, whether in consciousness or in a state of disconnect, but all of you feel and use the energy self whether you choose to understand this idea or not.

So My Dear Ones, now during this time of uprising (for that is truly what it is) do I ask that you stop your heady and conflicting conversations and resort to feeling what your energetic self knows. In your energetic self, do your truths lie waiting for discovery; your calmness and balance reside there as well. And your earthly progress is relying on your learning to connect to this aspect of self.

As you progress in energetically truthful fashion, so will you find that the issues in your own world will resolve, simply because you will be doing what is so right for you to do. As you make choices that are energetically right, so will you learn how to trust your self, as you see how things in your life become more balanced, and more in alignment with the intent of your spirit.

I do not anticipate that the energy will let up on you. For it asks now, most forcefully, for participation in solving the energy crisis upon that earth. And that energy crisis is twofold. It is an outer problem and an inner problem. If you begin by resolving your own inner energy problems and do what is so right for you to do in your own life, then will you be in a place of alignment with the outer energy. You will also be in a place of awareness, open to what the world around you needs in order to resolve issues that are now most important to the evolution of mankind.

It is truly an energy issue that is the biggest issue now on the world’s table. But first must you recognize that this is also displayed, quite openly, upon your own table. Own your part in the energetic revolution by focusing your attention not on the conflicts, the confusion, and the dilemmas in your life, but on your own energy and what it is trying to tell you in order to guide you to make the decisions and choices that will benefit you most truthfully, and most progressively.

Do you seek calm? Well, that is a good place to start. Go to your inner place of quiet and balance, removed from head and body, just being and feeling your energy. Start there each day, and see where that takes you! We will discuss this more later. Go now!

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#384 A Warrior Must Cut Through the Tangled Web of Conflict with Self

Today, a Reader asks a question about breaking negative patterns of behavior and resistance to the journey, etc.

I have, in the past several years, embarked upon a healing journey deeper than ever before and am striving to heal my body, mind, and spirit, and to hold them in congruence with my deepest purpose on heaven and earth. My progress is in fits and starts and I find that the closer I am to a negative pattern breaking, the more it almost strengthens its hold and I “act out” in my life with “symptoms” of resistance toward the growth and healing. Primarily my struggles right now are in trusting the universe that I am divinely protected and secure, and do not need external reassurance or safety to feel whole. This struggle shows up most in my intimate and work relationships where I experience much insecurity, jealousy, envy, and fear regarding my position, importance, role, etc. I sense that my healing work is in my grief, in facing my fear of my deepest loneliness, and I feel stuck. Any advice or direction would be much appreciated.
Thank you,

My Dearest Nancy, your dilemma is not one of inconsistency or resistance per se, but is, in fact, one of breakthrough. You get to the point of breakthrough, yet do you not have the strength or the guts to climb over the wall before you. But you do not, in fact, always need to climb over the wall. Often is there a better way, and that is what I will address today, at least in part. For your conflict is most greatly within, and the walls, though looming strong and potent, do not in fact exist.

So, that is where we will begin. Your walls do not exist. Your blockages and your places of misstep do not exist, but are placed there for your growth anyway. So, they do not exist, yet they do exist! See? What a conundrum we have here!

Your growth is based on your intent to evolve. Your inner you is tired of confronting the old issues and is tired of finding that the same patterns of behavior are often repeated. So the inner you shows them to you over and over again, until you no longer need them or find them attractive. But mostly, the inner you will show you these things until you no longer notice them, and that will be the point of clarity. When your walls no longer exist, then will you be able to move on.

Take now another scenario. You speak of negative patterns of behavior, of reverting to sadness, loneliness, and incarceration of spirit in those old patterns. But what are they really except energetic patterns, and in fact do not either exist, except for as long as you need them.

Your spirit does want growth and evolution. Your spirit does seek reconciliation with your past, with your outer self, and with your reactions to what life presents you with. But your inner spirit also knows that you must confront your dilemmas for as long as your need to, and that means until they no longer hold any enticement, power, or cures for you.

Your inner spirit knows that these stumbling blocks, pits, walls, and encasements that you find nearby to wrap your self in are necessary, until they no longer work for you. I think that, energetically speaking, are you at a breaking away point, and this is also a breakthrough point. Just as you are about to release your self from your old behaviors they return to confront you again and again, saying, “Of course you need us. We are your best friends. We are your comforts, and your oblivion. We are your way of dealing with your problems, and we work so well together!” They entice you to them, and you go, not because you are weak, or needy, or obsessive and soft, but because you are a warrior who must cut through the tangled web of conflict with self in order to grow.

Your first new sword must be a new view, and that is what I seek to offer you today. Do not look upon your struggles in the same way now, but visualize them as but energetic guidance that seeks to point out to you your most vulnerable aspects of self. Once you know, for sure, that these aspects of self are real, and very necessary to address, so can you learn to accept them. Of course you are vulnerable and afraid. Of course you wish to be more than those aspects of self that you keep so deeply buried inside, pushing them down as far as possible so that you can appear to be in control, confident, smart, and totally in command of your self, your life, your work, your relationships, and your inner and outer selves. But underneath do we know that you struggle greatly, and this is good!

Now, at these times of breakthrough, which you experience as break downs in your progress, so are you being asked to acknowledge not only that this vulnerable self is real, but also that the outer self has too much control. You have allowed your outer self to have too much power and your little inner self must come to the rescue, and drag you back into feelings of familiarity by presenting you with your old comforts.

So look upon your battlegrounds, upon the weapons you have chosen in the past, upon the armor you have chosen to wear, and upon the stances you have taken. Are any of those things truly you? Or are they just readily available and naturally easy to take on, simply because they are accessible and fit you so well? I think you are finding that they do not in fact fit you so well any more, and that is wonderful. Your own swords are prodding you to grow. They are sticking their points into your old body protections and saying to you, “Look we aren’t able to do the job any more.”

So, do you see what I am pointing out to you, My Dear Nancy, fighting warrior woman? You are fighting a losing battle if you continue to reach for the same old swords and the same old facades of presentation of self.

It is time to go to your vulnerable one and accept her. It is time to put down your fighting weapons and put your arms around your inner self and accept your vulnerabilities, which you seem to refer to as faults, but are in fact more real and truthful than the weapons you have chosen to break through life with. Now is it time to break inward, to slice through your armor, your self, from the outside in. Find the little girl who resides behind the masks and allow her to be seen, to be accepted, and to be invited out into the air.

You do not need your weapons and your armor, your facemasks, and your attitudes of the old warrior self. Now it is time to acknowledge that beautifully real inner self who suggests that your spirit potential lies in the truths spoken from within. It is time to be real.

When you now feel your self beginning to react in your old fashion, when you feel your outer self reach for an old idea, an old tactic, an old word, an old activity, or old comforts, go instead to your little girl self and say, “Yes, I know. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to be angry, frustrated, lost, confused. And it’s okay to cry. It’s okay to be lost for a while in those vulnerable feelings. But it is not okay to stay there.” Just as it is not okay for you to stay in your old places either.

Now must you restore your balance too. As you comfort your inner child self and acknowledge and accept her truths, so must your real adult self be the comforter, but also the listener, priestly and safe, godly and right knowing, objective, and utterly present at all times in order to grow. This balance of innocence and grace must now become your inner truth and your outer truth. For you are, in fact, an adult. You are, in fact, quite worldly, capable, intelligent, and worthy of living this life you have worked so hard to achieve. You must acknowledge and accept this outer self too. You must promote your qualities of good, of power, of strength, and of prosperity. But you must do so only in relationship to your inner truths and not some outer untruths that constantly present themselves to you in order to prod you along on your journey.

So you see My Dear One, your journey does not entail a simple answer, as you well know, to your question of getting caught. Your journey has led you, thus far, to your patterns of behavior in order to point out to you that it is time to reject them, to turn inward and acknowledge why you have had to repeatedly confront the same dilemmas, and to ask you to acknowledge that they have stood you well for so long, but that you are ready to acquiesce now, to your inner child self and your adult knowing self, in truthful balance.

That is where your struggle will now shift to as you take your next steps. You will now be confronted with keeping your child self truthfully speaking truths and your adult self also truthfully speaking truths. You will be confronted with the two of you learning how to have a better relationship as you soften and accept that you are a human being, but that you are also an energy being who can take steps of reconciliation, confrontation, and growth in a different manner now.

Find your security in this new balance of self. Your energetic self is ready to flow in the energy of life. Your inner self is asking you to accept the vulnerable truths of the self as accurate assessments of who you truly are, but they are also just new starting points to finding your inner/outer balance as you learn to truly love your self. Only then will you be able to heal, to love your place in the world, and to be able to acquiesce to what your journey has in store for you, as you continue to grow, evolve, and become whole.

#383 How Can We Reconcile the Mother We Have Chosen in Light of the Journey We Must Each Take

Today, a Reader asks a relationship question about the mother figure.

Hi Jeanne,
In regards to relationships, I understand that all relationships are opportunities to understand one’s own self, to look inside of who we are and not project onto another the things we like or don’t like. As in your channeling message, “Relationships Can Be Tricky,” you were answering a question from a woman who was speaking of a man, what seemed to be a romantic relationship. What if the relationship is your mother? That the person you deem to be your supporter, encourager, nurturer, is the person who seems to be holding you back?

In my situation, my mother would give you the shirt off her back, but remind you of it later. She is very generous and loving, but also thinks much of her own self, her needs and wants. She is devout in her religious beliefs, but seems to live in hypocrisy of true faith because she has a need to control those around her. She is either the tyrant or the victim, and her communication with me is sprinkled with “shoulds” and “what I would do.” She yells when she doesn’t get her way, and I get scared. I usually give in, as do those around me, but recently I have stood in my adulthood, and that was met with insults and hurtful words.

My question is this: In my life, there are things that I want to do that go against her wants. I want to move away from home with my husband and baby, and that is very hurtful to her. I am clouded by disloyalty and guilt, as well as the idea of how this will affect my daughter, not having her extended family in her life growing up. It seems “mother” is such an important role on this earth plane. So how do I extract myself from the enmeshment of my relationship with her and do what I want in my life and not repeat it with my own daughter? How do I separate the idea of LOVE and doing what’s right for myself is OK?

My Dearest Reader, your desires for completion are strong as you rail against this icon, this stalwart presence, whom all must one day depart from in order to truly grow. Your question revolves around your own growth, separation, and preparation to become a truly great mother in your own right. You question also your own existence in this question, for all do we come from mothers, but for what reason? And how can we reconcile the mother we have chosen in light of the journey we must each take as individuals upon our own process of completion?

So, I pose these questions on top of your own, hoping to aid you to not only take your next step toward independent living, but also to the completion of this lifetime as an evolving being connected to past lifetimes.

To begin with, your process upon that earth is not contained only in your present life, but is truly connected to the life you lived before. If you can accept that fact, so can you find within your present situation reason for why you “got” the mother you got. I say that word “got” lightly and with loaded significance at the same time. For in your choosing of this lifetime so did you “get” the mother you needed.

Your first step is to acknowledge that this mother is perfect for you, for she offers you access to your own potential by pointing out to you what you are most sensitive to. In her hurtful words lies some truth you must reckon with. In her own untruths does she point out to you your own truths as well. You notice her fallibilities, but can you own those as well? Can you allow that she holds truths in her barren words that do not nurture your soul? Can you acknowledge that she points out to you what you must learn? Can you understand that she is your earliest teacher?

She did at one time protect, nurture, and allow you to grow, for you have come a long way. You are now a mother who is confronted with a child you too must protect, nurture, and teach independence to. You have already taken back much of your own energy from this mother as you have begun to disagree, to see her more clearly as a struggling being, and as a daughter who knows she must hurt this woman who has stood by her through much of life. Yes, separation at birth is painful for the mother during that birthing process. And then again and again is there painful separation, reminding us that as mothers do we give birth many times in a lifetime.

This your own mother is confronting again and again, yet does she not wish to be reminded that she is always in process of female detachment. Her own process must be viewed differently from your own, but know that you too will one day have to birth your own daughter again. Life is not ever simple, straightforward, and easy, but full of many steps that lead to fulfillment of our destinies and completion of our lives.

But to return to your current situation, must you turn to your self now without casting aside your mother, by compassionately allowing her process to proceed alongside yours, as she once allowed you to grow alongside her. In compassionate growth is there recognition of nurturing guidance. Must you now teach your mother? I think you must. But you must do this as you would teach your own daughter, for I think this is who she once was, in your previous life.

Do not deny your trust in your own journey either, for now is a time of reconciliation of a mother who must learn to trust a daughter and a daughter who must learn to trust a mother. You see? This is a reciprocal process overlapping your lives, each in present confrontation and then also in reverse confrontation, simultaneously.

What kind of mother are you seeking to be? What lessons do you want your own mother to teach you? What truths do you want to hear? What truths will you accept, acknowledge, and acquiesce to? So are these questions also viable for your own mother to ask, and your own daughter who resides inside you and outside you.

For you have within you your inner child who looks to that mother for comfort, for direction, and for love. Yet must you part, and place distance between you, if you are to proceed and truly live your dreams. In my own life, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, did I part from my mother at birth. I lived a life of unknowing of that birth mother, yet did I transpire and grow, nurtured by her at a distance far greater than truth, for it was nurturance by intent. And this is what true love is, energetic intent to trust that your love, your maternal love, can bridge all difficulties, trials, teachings, and even distance placed before you by happenstance, or on purpose by your own desire to grow and have your own life, separate from your mother’s needs.

Question your own needs now, even as you question your mother’s needs to remain in control. For her control is but her own shield against truths that do not awaken her spirit yet. Has you own spirit alerted you to your own truths? Are you accepting of them? Are you daring enough to acquiesce to them, and deal with all that may come your way as you adventure out into the world? Are you ready to face you disconnected self? For you will be placed in uncomfortable situations, even as you venture forth, even with your intent strong, your love tethered, and your inner self learning to trust your journey.

This is the next step you must reconcile with, your own journey. What is your own journey? Where is it leading you? What is this time of transition suggesting you do? What is it proposing that you have not quite gotten yet? For with transition and change is there always an underlying discovery about the self that must be encountered or ignored. It is your choice. Do you choose to encounter something about your self now as you encounter your mother’s anger and seemingly insensitive disregard for your own desires? What is she showing you about your self? As she subjects you to her hypocrisies, her questions, her proclamations, and her skeptical behaviors, what truth is she speaking?

Do not brush her aside as too troublesome. For even in her meanness does she present you with an underlying truth. Does your inner child know what it is? I think she does. But are you ready to allow her to process it and look now at YOU for mothering and nurturing?

Your time of transition now turns to you as mother. You have the opportunity to truly turn the mother in the mirror to your self now and not look back at the mother behind you. Look at your self in the mirror. YOU are a mother. Your role is as mother to your child, but also to your self. You are at a time of separation, rebirth, and the struggle that comes with nurturing your own inner child, even as you must nurture your baby who needs you so deeply.

Does your inner child accept this baby at your breast? Does your inner child respect you for your growth into adulthood? Does your inner child look to you for continued growth? Or does she wish to remain your baby, your inner baby? What is your concern regarding her growth away from your mother, for this you must truly encounter in order to keep growing and live your own life.

I realize that I have perhaps presented you with more questions than you asked me! This is a very complicated issue, which you address, and I will say this: I had great issue with this in my own life, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, and it is not easily resolved. It can take many lifetimes. But I see in your awakening that you are truthfully seeking resolution, and that is good!

Do not fall into feelings of sadness for your mother as you seek to take your own journey, but send her your nurturing compassion, even though you may not feel it being reciprocally sent along with you on your journey, as you make your choice to grow. That may be your challenge, to send compassionate love, even when it is not sent to you.

Do not harbor anger, or the fears your mother harbors inside her. Show her, by your actions, that you can be a loving daughter/mother and mother/daughter even though you are far apart. By your example may you be guided to free your own daughter. Your inner child/daughter requests this of you.

Good Luck with your life choices, My Dear One. You are at a crossroads. You are at a point of truth. You are at a fork in the road. The signs are being spoken, but do you understand the language? Look to your inner child for the unscrambling of the truths of those words. She knows all the answers. And then look to your baby’s innocent face, and trust the journey you have before you as her mother.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR