#181 The Light to Come

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today, any guidance for the coming week?

My Dear Ones, it is time now to be alert to the signs of change as the culmination I have spoken of is soon upon you. Do not fixate on or judge your progress as this time approaches, but instead be alert and aware that signs are all around you, showing you your path, pointing out what you need to know in order to make the choices that will lead you unencumbered through this time of turmoil.

Even as darkness does descend in blackness before dawn, so may it seem that your life may accumulate its own last dark struggles before this time of culmination soon arrives. Do not get caught in the contemplation of this darkness, but look forward, through it, to the light to come. Peer through the darkness, avoid attachment to the old habits, and sweep aside the hands of desire and attachment that seek to grab on and feast upon your growing energy. Allow focus to remain on growth, on the light at the end of the tunnel that will bring purity and calmness to your inner spirit, yearning for this growth experience.

For this culmination bears within its energetic configuration much possibility, much to aid you, but much to satisfy you as well if you remain steadily focused, alert, and clearly aware that this is a time that, if utilized properly, does carry within it all means of enlightenment to enable you to step up to a new and calmer level. All energy and energetic potential is individually available, and your acceptance or rejection of it is relative to your own journey. Your step up to the next level may be a giant leap of clarity and knowing that will transition you to a new phase, and this will be good if taken with awareness of the fragility of such success, for your attention must remain steady upon your path for such abrupt growth and clarity to have long lasting and sustaining victory. In other words, you must continue the dedication to such a path, or this leap will have little impact. It is up to you.

In similar fashion, if this time of culmination allows you to gain but a small measure of awareness take this also in as a treasure to be accepted, studied, and held with utter respect for the ability you have learned, and the progress you have earned. But in likewise terms, is it up to you to utilize your treasure of growth and accept the responsibility of learning what to do with your new knowledge.

This time of culmination may also slip past, slip right past your awareness if you are too heavily steeped in your daily world. You may feel the energetic tension seeking to alert you, pressuring you to notice it, to shift you, to ask you to turn away from your distractions and go innerly. But the choice will be up to you. Your awareness, and your focus on your inner journey must remain a part of your daily life in order to hone these skills of knowing. Even if you miss this coming time of great shift, do not become disheartened, do not punish, or degrade your self in any fashion. For even in such times of unawareness will you be affected by the energy, and a subsequent growth spurt of some sort will take place in your life.

So look now, over the next few days, for your energetic calm to guide you. Use your skills of awareness daily. Allow the moments of calm, and of lull, to energetically re-charge you. Use quiet contemplation to re-balance you, and practice your turning-away method that I suggested you prepare for your self; a useful tool as you journey. By honing this skill during even the times of lull will you have it viscerally memorized so that it automatically appears to aid you when necessary. Make such tools appear when necessary by practicing them until they become your new habits, habits suited to growth.

Be alert, My Journeyers. Be calm and considerate of your humanness, but also be alert to your inner spirit’s fierce attempts to awaken you to your true potential. Your moment of culmination will come now, in one form or another. What are you preparing your self for? Are you ready for what may seek to overwhelm you? Are you ready for what may sneak up and pinch you? Are you ready for both; the knock-you-over-the-head kind of culminating knowledge, or the sly, and sneaky, needling kind that you may prefer to dismiss, much like a pesky mosquito? Do not dismiss these attempts to alert your inner spirit, though use your skills to brush aside the distractions. How will you know which events are which? Ask your self, your inner self, to guide you in resonance, in calm, and in inner answers.

Perhaps your time of culmination has already arrived? What did you learn? Allow for much time of self-study this week. It’s important.

A Note from Chuck on Message #180

Learning to Physically Shift to Change Worlds

Here Jeanne is giving us another skill, a physical shift that everyone can do in some way. By physically turning in another direction, with the intent to go calm, you leave behind everything that you were just experiencing. Physical turning, shifting, is a powerful energetic movement that will change your perception, shifting you right into another world, instead of staying attached to the one that is drawing you. Use your own specific focus to stay in calm, even saying to yourself as you turn, “Go calm.” Practice it often to access the calm inner world where everything is different. Turn, pivot, walk away, and you will abruptly change your perceptions and your world. This physical action is a very useful skill, and can be utilized in many situations, even when alone and feeling off balance. Turn and go calm. It really can be that easy.

#180 Turn and Go Calm

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for today and during the weekend for all of us who read your messages?

Do not be frightened by my admonishments regarding the high energetic state that now resides upon that earth plane. This energy seeks to aid you in your growth, in spite of its devastating potential. Do not get caught in fear of it, but do stay grounded in your own inner state of turning away from it. Use this method now more often as you go into the weekend, and the next few days will result in a good time of incubation as you free yourself from the outside attachments and distractions and allow you inner focus to aid you. By turning away, even in simple gesture of movement, by, in fact, physically turning, will you invoke inner calm. Turn and go calm whenever you are approached by energetic forces that seek your attention, that seek to disrupt, or feed from your energy. Turn, pivot, swing away, and plant yourself solidly on the new ground of the inner self, calling upon your own calm to descend, and protect, and nurture you in this much more desirable state of being.

This is the practice you should attempt to master now as the time of culmination arrives on the horizon. As this time approaches must you seek this firm stance, this inner calm, and utilize this turning ability to its greatest potential, for it will be your most useful tool as the culmination approaches.

As I have continually said, do not be afraid. Do not lose your self as the tensions arise and the breaking point nears. Do not allow your old self to sabotage your good place that you have worked so hard to achieve. Remain firmly planted in your adult self, with your newly honed awareness ready to perceive and guide you; and utilize all the skills you have trained so hard to become your instinctual reactions. Allow your calm and balance, your innocence and gentleness, your compassion and love, to be foremost in your heart as you proceed now into the coming culminating force, the fracas that has potential to erupt, and the last ditch effort of this potent energy to affect you.

You know what to do. You know what your own goals are. It is up to you to protect yourself, to be in control, and to evade the invaders. Place your intent firmly in your being. Close your outer doors to the wind that grovels and the energy that seeks inroads to your inner center. Guard your sanctuary, your inner sanctum, and remain innerly focused, even if wars of one sort or another rage on about you. Decide now how you will weather the storm, and visualize your release from the fury of it. Turn your back, sweep the energy from your nearness, and stay focused on your path and the journey to come. This is good for the next few days. Look upon this time with excitement, but do not lose your focus, or your calm, they are vital skills that must be maintained. Use them to pull you back from the door as you listen to what is attempting to grab your attention on the other side.

Do not be pulled by the tantalizing sounds of the cries of big babies, or the sounds of dying and pain that will scratch and weep at your door. These are but temptations and desperate, hungry attempts for your energetic sustenance. Allow yourself the tools of detachment to be now most useful: turn away, go calm, maintain your balance, your moderation, and your focused intent upon the path that is right for you. Use these skills, and the groveling and weeping at your door will eventually slink away, seeking easier prey.

Be aware. Be calm. Be true spirit warriors, protective of all that you have thus far gained. See what happens!

A Note From Chuck:

Here Jeanne is giving us another skill, a physical shift that everyone can do in some way. By physically turning in another direction, with the intent to go calm, you leave behind everything that you were just experiencing. Physical turning, shifting, is a powerful energetic movement that will change your perception, shifting you right into another world, instead of staying attached to the one that is drawing you. Use your own specific focus to stay in calm, even saying to yourself as you turn, “Go calm.” Practice it often to access the calm inner world where everything is different. Turn, pivot, walk away, and you will abruptly change your perceptions and your world. This physical action is a very useful skill, and can be utilized in many situations, even when alone and feeling off balance. Turn and go calm. It really can be that easy.

#179 Be Prepared for Anything; Be Prepared for Everything

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of humanity today, at the beginning of a new month?

This is not only the beginning of a new month, but also the beginning of newness on many levels. Be preparing now for change, the great change that has long been anticipated. Although you have been utilizing your skills to weather your way through the energetic forces that have permeated life upon that earth recently, so have you also been preparing for the coming change that has been brewing in the distance, awaiting your arrival on the horizon where it stands to greet you, and deliver an ultimatum, offering change and the opportunity to choose new growth, a new path; or the opportunity for swift and abrupt change of plans.

Your time of preparation, if you have been paying attention to the energetic forces in your own life, has been preparing you for this. Your time of self-study, what you have recently learned about yourself, will also aid you in your decision-making. Be prepared for change. It may be abrupt; it may be unreasonable at first glance; and it may be confrontational. Or, it may appear as a glimmer on the horizon; a glint in your eye; a simple wish granted, and you may miss the opportunity to engage it if your awareness is not kept to a preciseness that will aid you on your journey.

Be prepared for anything. Be prepared for everything. Watch the signs that appear in your life, and await your challenges. Which one is the real one? Which confrontation is offering you real change? The one with some other, or some thing? Or the one within your self? Or, are you being offered the opportunity for swift growth and swift change in how you live, and think, and act? All of these things are possibilities, but it is up to you to keep your awareness honed, to remain alert, and clear, so that you do not miss or misinterpret the gifts that are being offered to you.

Challenges are offered as gifts of growth, and it is up to each of you to determine if you are ready and daring enough to embrace these challenges of growth and change, and in what manner. Do you go kicking and screaming like a big baby? Or do you go now in your mature evolving adult state, clearly aware that you are electing, by your own choosing and knowing, to change and grow, in spite of what others may think or perceive. The only thing that matters is the truth, and this I cannot stress enough.

Base all choices, all decisions, and all changes upon what is right, based on the truth of the self. If you choose a path because someone has pointed it out as a good path, does that mean it is the right path for you? There are many paths, and they crisscross the universe in an endless array of patterns, each one offering something interesting, something of growth, and something of intrigue and possibility. How do you choose when there are so many paths? How do you know which one to take, especially when you are at a phase in your life where there may be an intersection with many directions to choose from? If they all look pretty good, and you feel resonance at the start of each of those paths, how do you possibly know which one will offer the most growth? Which one will fade out after a few steps, and which one will offer many challenges, but little resonance? What do you base your decisions upon? That is the question to ask yourself as you stand at such a crossroad. And this is what you have been learning and training for. The only thing that you must learn to base your choices on are spirit resonance, and your inner knowing of truth and rightness.

So, take plenty of time now to prepare yourself for this inner resonance and recognition of direction. Your path awaits. Your job is to figure out which one it is. Use all that you have learned to guide you. Take your time, study the possibilities, determine if you are ready for a big change, or perhaps just a small change. But at all times, keep your focus on what is right, what resonates, truthfully resonates, and what does your inner spirit most desire, now. Use your calm, your balance, your inner quiet and contemplation, and your resonant energetic self to determine your direction. When the time comes, will you then be ready, if you practice and prepare in this manner.

Stop running around in frantic circles now. Sit down and study, study, study; your inner truths, your outer life, your inner life, and your challenges. React from this calmness, speaking only true words to yourself and others; using gentleness, compassion, and love as your study guides. In this manner will your way be revealed, your vision clear, and your resonance felt. If caught in indecisiveness, anger, resentment, old habits, and darkness will you only cause dizziness, and utter collapse; and that is not how your inner spirit works, that is but your ego, your big baby, and your interferers having a grand time with your energy. Take away the attraction to your energy by going quiet, by going innerly, and by going into calm spirit energy. From this place will your way be easier; and your resonance will guide you.

Don’t be afraid. It is just life that awaits, a life of much growth, and much adventure. If you allow it to become your life, so will you have much to be grateful for, and thankful for as you step down that path that reveals itself as your own true path. It is but the opportunity for change, and that, my dears, is what life is all about: change. I advise you all to take this seriously, for the energy continues to build to a point of culmination, and it is an opportunity for growth that should not be missed, if you are indeed ready for it.

And, if you are not? What will happen then? Don’t worry; continue to practice. The energy will return with such opportunity, as it always does, but you may have to wait a while, for such energy as this does not appear but every few years. Can you wait that long? It’s up to you. The choice is always yours. As I have said, this is a time of coming out; of uncovering, of removing your own masks, and revealing your own inner truths, first to yourself, and then presenting your new self to the world, living your truths. Unafraid, daringly, and gracefully accepting the challenges that will arise as a result of the choices you elect, living now in your wholeness, seeking always completion. This is good for today. Go now, do the work of the self.

#178 On This Day of Halloween Are There Many Who Seek Change

Dear Jeanne,
Your messages have been getting very long again. Any possibility that you can shorten them? I know you like to drill your point over and over again, but I wonder, sometimes, if they become too lengthy for people to want to read them every day. We’re trying to attract people to your mission, not turn them away. What do you think about that?

Are you editing me? Think I’m too boring? Well, I accept your critical concerns, but remember also that repetition is often the necessary method in allowing knowledge to be absorbed. Although I do generate long, and sometimes wordy missives, so do I not skirt the true points at all, but simply state them from many angles, so that those who may not receive them in one way may be receptive in another. That being said, I do see that conciseness is appreciated for your busy lives. But, you have also chosen to be my partner in this mission, Jan. Do you complain?

No, I only have concern for the mission and in how it is being accepted or rejected. I have no idea what happens once we send out the message each day. I know people are reading them, but I wonder what happens from there.

Allow the messages to carry their own energy. Those who seek, who wish for guidance, and who are interested in the far greater aspects of life upon that earth are certainly taking in my many words, though I do tend to go on. Our work is not forgotten, for even if read but once does it enter the knowing of the reader and have impact. The inner knowing does not easily dismiss or forget that which resonates. And if it doesn’t resonate, then so be it. Another day, another message, perhaps, will have resonance. Your participation is key, and I do not wish to dismiss your concerns, yet do I also urge you to consider that there may be necessity in repetitive stances, for the many who may need such introduction to this phenomenon.

All right, that being said, what would you like to discuss with your readers today?

The likes of me, should be the place to start today, for on this day of Halloween are there many who seek change by dressing up in costume and presenting themselves clothed in new attire, and as new personality. For the presence of masks, or disguises of any sort, allows the truth to sneak out and be observed without self-concern. Since I am but pure energy is there no possibility for you to observe me as any creature, for in reality am I not one. At one time I held my energy encapsulated in human form, and I imagine you, and your readers, continue to see me as such.

But observe what happens when the costumed individual becomes someone else, do you now know who stands behind that costume? If they are in complete disguise, you feel only the mysteries of that being, but you may observe and feel their energy. This is the mystery of all of you, that you are pure energy. If you remove your costume, your daily wear, and the body you inhabit, the only thing that would exist is pure energy. As pure energy do you have access to far more than you will ever have clothed in that body. And this, my dears, is what my mission seeks to alert you to.

Notice the truth that emerges when the known body, the known personality is allowed to disguise itself and offered the opportunity to change, not only its looks, but in so doing become totally new. Does not the energy of that person emerge more fully, playfully perhaps, or even darkly?

As energy emerges, so do the problems associated with that physical embodiment get carried along with it, to invade new territory. Until those problems are dealt with, will they remain attached to that energy. This is what you carry with you, from life to life. With each reincarnation are your issues recycled, awaiting discovery and resolution, so that, eventually, your energy may emerge pure and free without the burdens of the past, and you may completely remove all disguises, and live as a fully integrated energy being.

That is what I seek now, and the other members of my group seek to aid you in accomplishing. So, on this day of earthly wanderings in disguise think about what else you use in your life to disguise the true self. What costume do you wear every day that hides your truths? What covering do you take on in order to be able to live in that world? Are not those coverings and disguises but untruths, that burden your every step, slowing down, and keeping you from your true energy?

Our mission is all about resolution of issues, now, so that mankind may, in great numbers, evolve; allowing for a movement of unblocking to occur, so that, even as a dam bursts, so may many access their truths, their energy bodies, and be ready to evolve in infinity when their time upon that earth is done. The earth requires this of you now, it pushes for the extinction of man, for man has refused to take responsibility for his soul’s journey and, instead, has stagnated. And now the earth itself has become clothed in disguises, placed on it by man’s over usage, so that the truth and beauty of it are burdened with the smogs and poisons of unevolved beings.

Find your own reasons for being there. Find your own deepest issues and resolve them. Remove all your own disguises and reveal your truths, first to yourself; and with full acceptance of your spiritual, energetic, self forge ahead in your life, now, without the covers hiding you. What are you hiding behind your mask? Who are you really?

Tomorrow will be a new day, all the masks and disguises in a heap on the floor, and you will be your naked self again. Will you put back on your usual disguises again, your daily garb that you hide behind, or will you begin to reveal who you truly are? Begin with your self, revealing your truths to your self alone, and accept your most humble human self. Then will it be easier to acknowledge that beautiful energy that awaits discovery, and then awaits your skills of exploration.

Another long message, I know, but keep in mind that we have a lot of work to do in a very short period of time. The world will no longer wait. So why do you?

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR