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#649 Innocence Through Creative Expression

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Over the past few days you have given us three important words of guidance as we do our inner work: Patience, Perseverance, and Kindness. I see that these words apply equally well to the world outside of us, and that even as we do our inner work it is also up to us to change and act differently in the outer world. I believe there is a tremendous desire for meaning. I don’t know why now seems to be a more spiritually oriented time than ever before, but that’s the way I see the world, as full of people searching for meaning. I see the success of the film AVATAR as a perfect example of just how desperate people are to understand, perceive, and experience life as deeply spiritually interconnected and driven. I believe that everyone truly does seek a connection to energy beyond the self, whether it is called God, Goddess, or any name that, simply translated, means: unconditional loving compassion.

That being said, how do we, as spiritually seeking humans, no more connected than anyone else, do our inner work while we also spread our awareness of interconnected energy outside of us? How do we really connect, on a purely energetic level, without fanfare, ritual or hocus-pocus so that our world can more fully envelop and accept, without question, the kind of energetic interconnectedness exhibited in AVATAR? Many people already experience and tap into this energy, but how do we find what we really seek: a world interconnected, fueled by universal energy, spiritually based, everyone feeling, breathing, and acting from the same energy source?

We know it exists. We know it is possible. Why is it only in fantasy that we allow ourselves to accept such an idea? Why can’t we get beyond the veils that won’t allow us to cross over into speaking our beliefs? I know these are a lot of questions, but what they really come down to is this: Why are we so stuck?

My Dear One, your queries are fully accepted. Though you ask quite an array of meaningful questions, and I feel your frustration, I must boil it all down to one word. This one word is the reason for the dilemma that you describe in the world and this word is at the root of every human being upon that earth, but it has been lost to many. That word is INNOCENCE!

Until innocence can be revisited, accepted, made acceptable, and claimed as the most necessary aspect of life upon that earth (in balance with utter clarity of the reality of life of course), the great interconnectedness that you speak of and so desire will not arrive. This is the fourth word I give you as you do your inner work. Though you do not ask for it in quite that way, it is a most necessary component of your process. For, without innocence, how could you ever allow for the truth of energetic connection to be spoken? How could you admit that you have felt and allowed the self to explore the interconnected energy if you could not access your own innocence?

What is innocence? I do not speak of innocence as unknowing or as naive thinking or acting. No, not at all. Innocence is utter knowing. It is the inner voice, the stone-cold sober voice within each one of you that says, “Come on, you know what to do! You know the truth. You see the way things are and the way they will become! You see the truth!”

This voice is inside you. You were born with it. You have heard it your entire life. You have also probably chosen to ignore it for a great part of your life as well, to push it down and tell it to be quiet because you have not been ready to listen to it. You have perhaps responded to it by saying: “That’s ridiculous!” Or you have feared its straightforward talk, for it frightens you to have to confront the challenges it presents you with.

So, My Dear One and All My Readers, in order for your world to truly tap into the greater interconnected energy that your creative ones develop into elaborate films, books, artwork, music, poetry, and even expressions in physical form of movement and dance, you must seek what they have tapped into: their innocence! You must learn to trust it, to trust that it is real.

As an artist and writer I know what you are talking about. As a very young, extremely withdrawn child I was often afraid that I would be ridiculed for my art. It was, however, the only way I could express myself. Although I was often dismissed as strange, unusual and eccentric, far more often I received understanding and heart felt reflection in return for my young daring to express myself in words and pictures. People actually thanked me for my creative endeavors to express something that they were unable to tap into except through my work. I know that it is often hard for people who haven’t tapped into their creative side to find an outlet for their innocence. How can they do that?

They must first get beyond the idea that they have no creative energy or talent, for it resides in everyone upon that earth. It is the one hidden jewel, the gold at the end of the rainbow that all seek. It is the buried treasure and it is innocence itself. Denial of innocence is denial of creative energy, and that is the first great uncovering that must take place in order to tap into it. The very fact that you are human, that you are comprised of energy, means that you are a creative being. Your personal creative energy will be expressed in a very personal manner. Accept this truth of creative energy inside you: It exists!

The next step in releasing it, in accepting it into your life, is to remove all conventions of expression. There is no structure that houses your creativity, no format already in place, no barriers except those imposed by the world around you. Your creative energy burns inside each one of you, seeking outlet. You must ask your self: “How has my creative energy been expressing itself? In good ways or in destructive ways?”

You must ask your self what it feels like. Is it angry? Is it happy? Is it known, or unknown? Is your creative energy a part of your life in a large way or a small way? Is it so disguised that you do not recognize it, for it comes out in costume, sneaking out in the dark of night or in coveted secrecy? (I felt that Jeanne was speaking of dreaming in this statement, as well as any other meaning that might personally apply. -Jan) Does your creative energy push you to do outrageous things, simply to let you know it exists? Is your creative energy so stifled that it rumbles and makes itself known in disgruntled fashion? Or is it simply bored to death and has gone to sleep until you finally ask it to wake up?

You see, My Dears, none of you will live in an AVATAR world of spiritual awareness until you allow your creative energy, your innocence, to become a part of your current world; your inner world expressed in your outer world; and this is how you must seek to bridge the two worlds: through innocent creative expression. Know that all need this, that all have this, and that all will reciprocate your own daring expression with an inner awakening of their own creative innocent self, though they may not admit it or recognize it at first. Your creative expression, based in the innocence of truth and knowing, will awaken some recognition in others, and this is how your world can truly begin to change.

In order to turn from the darkness one must be able to find the light. The light is within each one of you. Your creative energy is stirring right now, seeking expression. Do not be afraid of it. It is your innocence seeking a means of communication with you and, through you, with all beings. Become a conduit of this creative energy. It is what will connect you to the greater energy outside of you, not separate, but the same.

You are all creative beings and you are all innocent. Every one of you. Seek it within and you will find it. Express it without and you will achieve connection. And with such connection you will enact change, but it will be change based in spiritual energy, universal and personal at the same time. This is how you will change the world.

NOTE: I realized, as I typed this message, that this channeling is my creative innocent self in full expression. I sometimes feel afraid of putting it out there, even as I once did my early art work and poetry, but mostly I have gotten beyond that. So, I offer it to you, some of my creative energy in expression, so that you too may dare to find your means of expression and connection. Imagine how different the world would be if everyone was out there being creative, in a positive way! From personal experience I know that creative expression really does work as a means of changing who we are and how we connect with the world. Tomorrow, look for Chuck’s creative expression in his next blog! And good luck with your own!

A Day in a Life: What is Fear?

Dear Readers,

I thought this portion of a message that I received from Jeanne today might be interesting and perhaps helpful as you do your inner work. She says the following:

As fears pop up to challenge you, take a look at them and know that they are just that, fears, and nothing more. And what is fear but an old habit of emotional baggage. But if you look into that bag you will see that it is empty because fear is invisible! It does not exist unless you attach to it and make it be important. The process of letting go is taking away the importance of that which has conjured itself before you. These can be many things that, in reality, do not exist unless you attach meaning and significance to them.

She went on to say that by letting go of fears and detaching from the conjuring mind, you free your energy to understand why you had the fears to begin with, and that the mind itself cannot fully achieve clarity because its habit is to focus on what it has conjured. She says:

As you learn to detach, to really let go of the conjuring mind, you will discover what has always been present in your life and in your self and in your destiny. But such clarity only truly comes when you are ready for it.

More from us tomorrow!
– Jan and Jeanne

A Day in a Life: Everything will be all right!

I found this quote from Jeanne among my papers, from February 2004. I think it goes very nicely with today’s message of being kind to the self:

Stop trying to figure everything out. You know what you need to do. Face the fear and expel it by allowing for things to happen. Allow the magic to happen. It is all around you. Be open to it. Listen and you will hear it. Be quiet and still and you will feel it. Go deeper and you will find the answers. Everything you need is inside you.

At the time, Jeanne was encouraging me to trust my experiences of inner work, to keep going deeper, to trust the messages I got, that they were leading me where I needed to go. The words still ring true. The journey never stops, we just get to new levels if we dare ourselves to go beyond our limitations, if we keep moving. The same truths and guidance that I paid attention to six years ago still work now, in fact they will always work. The challenge is to remember our experiences so we can dare ourselves to keep having more of them, without fear. As Jeanne always said to me in my darkest moments: Don’t worry, Jan, everything will be fine, everything will be all right.

Don’t worry, Dear Readers, everything will be fine, everything will be all right!

#648 The Voice of Kindness

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
I am going to ask you again to give us one word of advice, a third word of guidance as we do our inner work. What is the next thing of most importance for us to consider?

Be KIND to the self as you do your inner work. It is appropriate when doing inner work to take it seriously, to push the self to go beyond your limitations, and to ask the self to be strong and persistent, but it is also imperative that you treat the self with kindness.

In offering kindness to the self you allow for something else to begin to grow within, and that something is love. Love is your ultimate goal: love of self, of your environment, of your life, and of all that it encompasses. Begin learning about true love with conscious measures of kindness, directed at the self.

Your usual critical voices underlying or overriding your thoughts, desires, and attempts at change must be silenced, pushed aside and overridden by another voice underlying those old favorites, those old voices that you know so well. Call this underlying voice “the voice of kindness” and ask it to whisper its words of encouragement and praise, of note and worthiness, of love and compassion to you, My Dear Ones. Allow it to speak of you, for you, and about you in the terms that you desire from another. Allow the voice of kindness to gently and softly whisper in your ear its heart-centered words of wisdom and truth, of knowing and hope. It does not intend you harm but only to tell you some long -buried secrets of the self that you have not dared to accept or even entertain.

The voice of kindness within is your most central balancing voice, the one that can pull you out of your deepest despair, your loneliest moments, and your most desperate hours. It is the voice of connection to all things, to Self, to God, to Universal Love, to all things, no matter what you choose to call your greater universe.

You must find this voice of kindness within the self or you will not grow. You must listen to what it says or you will not change. You must trust it or you will not evolve. You must allow it to speak clearly and lovingly or you will not gain the perfect balance that you so desire.

Ground your self next in this inner voice of kindness. Its tone may be loud and brassy, calling to you quite clearly. Its tone may be soft and whispery, or it may be mumbling and sleepy, as yet not quite awake. It may be so far distant that it is but an echo on the breeze or a murmur of something that you recognize but can’t quite place. It may be nearby or far away, within reach or difficult to access, but either way you must find this voice within in order to truly change.

This is my advice for today: Know that the voice of kindness exists inside you and intend now to allow it to be part of your life. Invite it to participate. Ask it to speak to you, even as you ask me and your other guides to speak. It knows us well. It will answer. You just have to listen for its special approach, its personally significant characteristics that belong to you alone, though it speaks the universal language of love: all compassionate, interconnected and energetically bound.

#647 Perseverance

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Once again, I am asking you to give us one important word to guide us through the next two days as we enter a new work week, a new month, and new energy. What word of advice and guidance do you suggest?

My Dear Ones, I have already instituted the idea of patience and that must remain your overall secret weapon as you do your inner work, reside in the world and seek evolution, spiritual and otherwise. It must be your ready weapon of choice, no matter what you encounter or what accosts you. The next word of advice, and also a most necessary component of personal and evolutionary growth, is: PERSEVERANCE. Without perseverance, no matter what presents itself, you will eventually find your self sitting patiently by the wayside. But to what end?

To persevere means to continually pick your self up, dust or dry your self off, pick up your heavy feet and take another step. Perseverance encompasses turning your eyes always forward to the light at the end of the tunnel, to the horizon, or to the inner sense of knowing that you are on the right track. Perseverance, in tandem with patience, will afford you the steady calmness that you crave in order to take a journey that is always anchored, though you may not always see clearly or feel that you are gaining ground. These two important aspects of growth-oriented individuals and seekers, of pursuers of truth and goodness, will remain constant once you invite them to travel with you on your personal journey.

In perseverance will you find strength. In perseverance will you find fuel. Even if it is only enough to take one step forward, so will it be enough for one day. Patience and perseverance, one on either side of you as they take your arms in theirs, will give you what you need for the inner journey and the outer journey alike. Trusty and steady companions, with the forces of nature imbued in them, they will reconnect you with your own forces of nature. For you will recognize this natural energy inside you once they trigger its awakening, and then you will flow calmly and steadily once again.

Patiently persevere in your inner work, in your outer work, and in your pursuit of all that is offered as you live your life upon that earth, tapping into the greater interconnected energy of all things, one step at a time. Don’t give up; keep going!