Soulbyte for Friday February 26, 2021

Reset your intentions, your hopes and your dreams each morning. Breathe in the first light of dawn and breathe out the darkness of the night. Breathe in your conscious awake mind and breathe out your unconscious asleep mind. Stir your heart with each breath in, awakening your love, compassion and kindness, breathing out your fears, disappointments and losses. Fill your mind with new dreams, with positive affirmations, and an attitude of determination. Begin each day anew in a new way and reach out for what you desire now in this life you are in. Everything is within reach.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday February 25, 2021

Lessons come in many forms and many ways, served up covertly or directly, subtly or profoundly, slowly or quickly. But however they come they are meant to aid you on your journey, helping you to face the key issues in your life, helping you to remember who you truly are, a spirit self in a human body who knows you fully and has a dedicated plan for you, and that plan is for you to evolve. No experience is any greater or worse than another, for all experiences have this same intent in mind, all are for your greater good. Remember this and your journey through life this time will evolve you another step along on your spirit’s journey, for it is your spirit’s journey that matters as much or more than your physical body’s journey. Entwined as they are, the spirit’s journey is by far the more important.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday February 24, 2021

Be your own agent of change. Find what it takes to attract what you want or to let go of that which no longer serves you. You have the power to do anything. Use your intent, ask for help, and point yourself in a new direction. Keep in mind that you are an energetic being and as a being of energy you have the power to manipulate that energy. And don’t forget what every energetic being knows: that everything is possible!

Sending  you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Why We Fragment

Fragments & Wholeness
-Photo by Jan Ketchel

We are living in a time of great splintering. The energy of the many fragmented voices is fast and furious. The single-mindedness of independent parts, warring against any challenge, vying for supremacy at any cost, is the energy of now. We are a world that has dispersed its wholeness, and those independent parts are not presently interested in finding their way home.

Ironically, when wholeness is achieved boredom eventually sets in. It’s as natural as the fullness of an inhalation alternating with the dispersement of exhalation. When fullness reaches the condition of completion the spark to adventure splinters the wholeness, as points of curiosity launch to scout out new possibilities.

We live this process individually every day. When we close our eyes to our solid waking dream of daylight, our constrained wholeness splinters into a host of adventures in the infinity of our nightly dreams. When we awaken in the morning our nightly indiscretions from the limits of rationality dissolve quickly from memory, as waking consciousness clothes us for another day in the limits of solid time/space reality.

Nonetheless, the gifts of our nightly adventures innervate our daily lives, as synchronicities of knowing seek to jar our consciousness to remember; to remember the dreams, to remember the lessons, to integrate the nightly knowledge gained that opens up a broader perspective of who we really are and all that is possible.

It’s all about remembering. Remembering is the technology of wholeness. Trauma fragments, yet also sends scouts of us out into infinity. Recapitulating, retrieving the parts of our fragmented whole, brings us into greater reality. That greater whole restores innocence, but a greater reconditioned innocence, tuned to navigate the dark, as well as the light of reality.

The goal is hardly the restoration of lost innocence; it’s the birthing into matured innocence, prepped for new adventure. Like the flip side of a divorce that on the one side shatters the security of the archetypal family, on the other side launches all members of a family into a new world of knowledge beyond the myths of the nursery.

The blank slate of our birth is just another nursery myth to securely swaddle our awakening, alienated scout into a new life. When will we awaken to the deeper truth that our longing for soulmate is actually a protective cover from the impact of the accumulated love of our many lives, those whom support us from behind the veils of this earthly sojourn.

Jan, in her recently published final book of her five-volume Recapitulation Diaries Series—Dreaming All The Time—takes us even deeper into the mystery of our birth, as she discovers that she’d agreed to the challenge of her life before she arrived in her blank slate innocence of birth. Why would anyone agree to such a traumatic life?!

When I ponder Christ’s knowing fully of, and agreeing to, the traumatic fate that awaited him when he fragmented from the Mothership to be born in human form, I ask, why? Really? And then the answer comes: What was his greatest message? Love! Love thy neighbors, whoever they may be, whatever they have done to ye! Love thy petty tyrant and you will truly refine love, the prerequisite to advance into the greater wholeness of infinity.

When will we be ready to drop those veils and bring to our wholeness the discoveries of this fragmented life? Once again, it’s all about remembering. Remembering is the road to wholeness. Remembering is the great inhalation.

But, to answer the question, as to why we fragment? We fragment to explore whole new worlds, to satisfy our deepest curiosity, to learn, to discover, to adventure, to grow, to augment our wholeness, to change, to deepen our love, and yes, at times to avoid the challenge of integrating all of our selves, all of our experiences. The list is endless, the challenge great.

But do remember to breathe! Completely exhale, then breathe in a full inhalation. Hold for a few moments, deeply appreciating the wholeness encased within. Then let go, in exhalation, freely releasing the wholeness of the breath to disperse and travel freely, until we meet again, new and renewed, imbued to the fullest with the prana of the journey.

Breathing in and exhaling outwards, ever outwards,


Soulbyte for Tuesday February 23, 2021

It’s never too late. Change happens constantly, from minute to minute and day to day. Nature is a perfect example of how quickly change happens. Notice how quickly clouds form, how the wind kicks up, how the grass grows and a flower blooms. Don’t lose hope. Keep change in your heart and with a positive approach to life instill your hopes and dreams with change in every breath you breathe, keeping in mind the truth that change is happening all the time. Why not jump on the bandwagon? With intent, determination and right action bring the change you so desire into your own life. It’s really up to you.

Sending you love,
The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne