Soulbyte For Friday January 29, 2021

When change comes rushing at you without forewarning, go inward and ask the self how you got in alignment with such change. How did you meet it? How did you prepare for it? For the truth is, no event is unplanned, for everything is always a possibility. What you decide to do next is also a possibility, another choice. Who has not had to make hard choices in life? Sometimes a path is chosen, other times a path is thrown down in front of you, but always you have a choice, even if it is only what attitude to take. Let your heart be the deciding factor, for your heart knows more than you do.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte For Thursday January 28, 2021

The New Year of Intent has barely begun. Remember your healing intent and stay upon its steady path of change. It’s so easy to forget and yet so necessary to change, for change is the agent of transformation. Envision yourself each day transformed. See yourself as you dream of being. Tell yourself each day, “I am that,” and walk onward in the direction of change. No matter how many times you forget, change is always ready to meet you once again and guide you along. Take the hand of change and travel on another day with your healing intent firmly in mind.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte For Wednesday January 27, 2021

Remain upon your path of heart without the past intruding, and if it does, face it and dismantle its power and desire to follow you. Contend with it so that it no longer holds sway, and carry on knowing that you did what you could. And without regret, blame and shame, move on. If you take the past with you there will be no future. Leave the past in the past and be in the now, for that is the gateway to change and a path of heart is all about change. When all is said and done, and you ask yourself, “What have I done in this life?” may your answer be, “I have changed. I have taken a path of heart.”

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: Self-Psychokinesis

Energy in motion…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Psyche is the mind, a producer of thought. Kinetic energy is energy in motion. Psychokinesis is the intentional use of thought to influence physical matter.

When we have a thought, our mind entertains it as a solid unit. When that thought is imbued with the intention of emotional energy, it assumes a wavelength form, that flows beyond the mind and body and is sent out to the universe-at-large, or to a specific person or object, who may be impacted by its energetic charge.

What we commonly call a synchronicity—thinking of someone just prior to them calling, for instance—is actually an example of unintentional psychokinesis. That person’s thought of contacting us assumed its wavelength form, with its energy reaching our attention before it fully materialized in the actual call.

When the emotion of intention is applied to thought, its wavelength impact can be quite impressive, as is evident in intended remote healings and casino winnings. Recognizing the power of collective intent, many organizations, such as The Monroe Institute, organize virtual gatherings for individuals to join their healing intent for the greater good of the world.

The power to influence the material world via mental intent extends to one’s own physical body. The body is governed by complex evolutionary programs garnered over the vast past of human history. These programs operate autonomously, through the subconscious mind, with little need for conscious input to function.

So evident and uniform are the unfolding of these programs that few question their unalterable validity, nor their inability to be impacted by conscious intent. Thus, for instance, most people assume that the diseases and physical challenges typical of old age are inevitable facts. These beliefs become reinforcing thoughts to the unchecked tendency of these physical programs to automatically unfold throughout the life cycle.

These beliefs are further reinforced by the institutions that support human life, such as the medical system that predicts and diagnoses, based upon the uniform findings of science, which bases its knowledge upon the study of the inherent programs in nature. Conscious intent is not seriously considered as a factor capable of influencing the natural programs in the human body.

However, as the placebo effect aptly attests to, what we believe—that is, our thought in wavelength energetic form—can vastly change the condition of the matter, the physical stuff, of our body. However, to achieve actual results, we must truly believe that anything is possible.

If we can accept the hypothesis that something is possible until proven otherwise, we can allow our thoughts, imbued with the kinetic energy of intention, to target a change in our physical body. Thus, freed of limiting beliefs, our thoughts assume their energetic wavelength form, that can solicit a potential resonant body program, to activate and effect the desired bodily change.

The program activated would be a potential for a change in the body that would not have automatically happened without the suggestive impact of the psychokinetic intent. Evolutionary programs, though capable of innovation, are slow to change. The impact of consciousness upon these programs speeds up adaptive change.

The crux of believing is the ability to suspend judgment. Judgments merely mimic the collective consensus, which is derived from nature’s automatic programs. By suspending judgment, the true scientist puts these natural prejudices on the shelf and finds out what actually might be possible. We can all be that scientist in relation to our own bodies via the thoughts we intend for it.

What can undermine these psychokinetic intentions are pre-existing hidden intentions that, in fact, remain attached to current body conditions for defensive purposes. For instance, if one moved beyond a body limitation, one might be challenged to enter a life one longed for but was also terrified of approaching.

This hidden intention cancels the energy of the conscious positive wavelength intention, and the result is that nothing changes. What’s more, one’s conscious ego can become demoralized in feelings of powerlessness and failure, further reinforcing blocking beliefs. One must find the courage to acknowledge the existence and function of these blocking intentions to successfully mitigate their resistance to change.

Sometimes, blocking intentions result from punishment for felt transgressions to immediate or remote ancestry. To move beyond the limitations of one’s family history can feel like disloyalty or survival guilt. In these instances, reframing one’s intentions, as healing to one’s ancestral line, can aid in the release of ancestral limitation, dysfunction and disease.

Once one has cleared oneself of hidden blocking beliefs, one is freed to practice self-psychokinesis with conscious intent.

Allow oneself to visualize intended change, aided by clearly worded description. Access the kinetic energy of self love, and combine it with one’s intention for change. This energized wavelength of energy is freed to do its magic. See what happens! But again, no attachment to the outcome. Suspend judgment and let the games begin!

Intending the greater good, within and without,


Soulbyte For Tuesday January 26, 2021

Find your calm center within and get to know it well. Learn how to return to it throughout the day, in moments of stress as well as in moments of calm. This practice of inner work will soon become natural and easy and your inner balance, as a result, will be more steady and reliable. Begin with a calming breath, then a physical release and relaxation, and then a quiet mind. Breathe, relax, quiet. It’s that easy.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne